Benkirane Announces New Program to Encourage Vocational Training

Rabat – The Moroccan head of government, Abdelilah Benkirane, announced on Wednesday that a proposal he made that would grow the country’s vocational training programs in order to address imbalances in the educational system has been approved by King Mohammed VI.During a symposium dedicated to the launch of the National Strategy on Vocational Training 2021, Benkirane announced a new program that would allow students to spend half of their time learning concepts in classrooms and the other half in the field learning aspects of their chosen craft or trade.In order to secure the future of Morocco, its citizens must spend time learning practical and productive skills for economic growth, according to Benkirane. “A society cannot just consist of employees in public offices, lawyers, judges, and writers because only a minimal number of them will be enough in the community,” he said, noting that the specified fields are not directly productive for the economy in the way that manufacturing and vocational jobs are.The program has been allocated MAD 65 billion over five years so that it can be implemented, Medias24 reported.The head of the government also pointed out that vocational training has always been a part of the North African country’s culture, citing an old Moroccan proverb that states, “Learning a craft will protect you, and if it does not enrich you with money, it will increase your time on earth.”Vocational training will make Moroccans a “hard currency” inside and outside of the country, he added, as international demand for skilled vocational workers is currently high.“Morocco has a strategy that will allow Moroccans to raise their heads up high in front of the world,” he said.

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