GPL’s never-ending power outages

first_imgDear Editor,School has just reopened, and we are already having power outages (blackouts) around the clock, non-stop. I am very annoyed at this, and it does not make any sense why we are having a lot of power outages now, of all times. A lot of time was given to the Guyana Power & Light Inc to fix the issues of the numerous power outages. For the two-month break, we had less power outages that were bearable enough, given that the company fixes the problem. Now that school has reopened and power outages are on every day for long hours during the day and night, sometimes even continuing into the next day, it is very frustrating.Why is it that we have to have power outages, especially on the first day back at school? Businesses and schools are depending on the electricity to carry out their daily tasks. The students, most importantly, depend on the internet to get their research assignments and homework finished. The constant power outages are making our simple activities even more difficult, and are throwing more time off for us. We need to address this situation, and have it fixed for once and for all.I am very surprised that this isn’t a headline on the news and on the radio. We need to put more focus on this situation, and not let it slide away every time. It is time that we make a change in this regard. This is very sickening. Not every Guyanese can afford a generator, and it is very torturing at this point.From what I personally overheard on the radio, the announcer was saying so proudly that when we do have blackouts, the young generation should count themselves lucky and use it as a lesson for us to go to the library more and do research, and use candles to shed some light on our studies in the night. I am not nothing is wrong with that, but what message exactly are you trying to send to the young generation? We are not trying to head backwards, we should be progressing and have these major issues fixed. The younger generation is progressing, and technology plays a big role in our lives today. We cannot head back to those days; our elders certainly wouldn’t want it that way.Why hasn’t the Guyana Power & Light ever given a proper explanation to the public as to why we get power outages consistently? Is there a reason so major that it has to occur several times? There has to be a way for us to tackle this problem once and for all, and find a permanent solution that benefits all. We cannot let this matter be tucked away easily every time, and sit back and do nothing about it. We need to speak up, as Guyanese, and have this matter fixed. It is time enough that the Guyana Power & Light should stop playing these games with the citizens of this country, and get the problem resolved.Sincerely,Crystal-AnnRamrattanlast_img

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