Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Aug. 31

first_imgFocus on the danger from cars, not gunsThe Daily Gazette is spending a lot of time on mass shootings, which affect only a handful of people. Why doesn’t the headline of tomorrow read “100 people killed in the United States today in motor vehicle accidents” and what are the politicians doing about it? Why don’t you do some research on how many children are killed each day in car accidents and put that on the front page of your newspaper?Today while driving, I did not see one person pointing a gun at me; however I did see many distracted drivers and sloppy driving. I fully support local law enforcement and would like to see more traffic enforcement in the Schenectady area.Most people stand a great chance of being hurt or injured in a motor vehicle accident, and just today I saw a man nearly hit by a car in a gas station.Guns are necessary for protection for us as an individual and as a state. There are not enough law enforcement or military personnel to protect us if something unusual happens, and it’s part of our Bill of Rights to protect ourselves. Gov. Andrew Cuomo should try harder to keep New York state from going bankrupt and stop offending sportsmen all over the state. He’s an embarrassment and lacks any foresight necessary to guide us in the future.The limo accident that happened around here affected more people that any shooting incident. Don’t minimize the real danger that motor vehicles represent.Donald ReaSchenectadyBridge needs alarms and flashing lightsFifty-six times in 10 years.I doubt very much you can fix stupid with signs.Signage assumes the driver will read the sign and that he knows the height of his truck. Both assumptions have been proven wrong 56 times.What is needed is an automated system that alerts a driver with flashing lights and audible alarms that his vehicle exceeds the safe height.Marc DuquetteGlenvilleTrump achievements outweigh other flawsTrump’s name calling aggravates his conservative base and helps divide the country.  I too, dislike his tweets, his comments about fake news and his constant wanting the last word against his critics, as well as his criticisms of our allies. He would be a more effective president if he ignored his critics and learned only to speak about the people’s business. However, I realize how impossible that would be.At one time, I had problems with CEOs making millions of dollars, with which many liberals will agree. However, I don’t care how much a CEO makes, as long as their company makes a profit and creates jobs. Bernie Sanders calls them the “greedy rich,”  which seems odd, when he himself is a multi-millionaire.  The key word in discussions about global warming, free education, free health care and free pre-kindergarten can all be contained in one word: jobs. And Trump is a job creator.As much as I dislike Trump’s statements, when I look at his opponent’s socialists’ solutions to a capitalistic system, I say unequivocally, “God bless Donald Trump.”Vince AlescioClifton ParkLicense plate plan another money grabWell, it looks like our extremely narcissistic governor has blown up another molehill into a mountain. I refer to the change-the-license-plate brouhaha now going on by the man who basically is only the governor of New York City. It seems like most he does or doesn’t do is beneficial to the wasteland at the end of the Hudson River.As may people in the city do not have cars, this new tax fee charge will not affect them. By a form of magic, a good bit of it will end up in New York City and never be seen again.They want serious money for the new plates. Yes, I have seen some plates in bad shape, but the majority have a lot of life left. As for the items he wants displayed on the plates, of course, one of them is keeping the Cuomo name up in lights. Let me ask you, do we need a logo at all on those plates? I have a vanity plate that uses all 8 spaces and does not have the state symbol embossed on it. We don’t need two plates. Nineteen states have a single plate, and the cameras and other devices they use to make money and surveil us work out OK on just one plate. By not forcing us to have two plates, they could save a good amount of money. You know they won’t reduce the price to us, just have more to pocket.David G. DemarcoHadleyTrump is losing it and needs to be replacedSo, Trump declares himself the “chosen one” while looking up into the sky. He actually states he wants to award himself the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to which his staff has to tell him, uh, no, that’s not a good idea. And after all of his crazy name calling of practically everyone, including leaders of allied countries, he takes issue with the prime minister of Denmark? She simply said his offer to buy Greenland was absurd, which it was. His remarks are proving he’s a danger and unfit for the highest office of this country. He’s unraveling before our eyes.Mary BakerPerthAnyone who sides with Trump must goWhite nationalist and Grand Wizard Donald Trump and the GOP are morally bankrupt, particularly Moscow Mitch McConnell.The former is a documented racist and divider-in-chief who does not believe we have a domestic terrorism problem, while the latter is blocking important legislation to move our country forward. Sensible gun control that even NRA members support is going nowhere in the U.S. Senate. Bipartisan bills just collect dust on Moscow Mitch’s desk. And speaking of Russia’s intervention in the 2016 election that is continuing now and likely in 2020, McConnell and other Republicans are blocking legislation to provide funding so states can protect their election systems.The GOP is rooting for the Russians to blanket social media with their propaganda opposing fair elections. Putin wanted his loyalist friend Trump to win, and it worked.How anyone could call themselves a Republican and watch what Trump and McConnell are doing to this country is astounding. Their gullible supporters accept substandard behavior and subscribe to Trump’s war on minorities, the poor, immigrants, women, health care, etc. Besides all of Trump’s personal and professional shortcomings that we see and hear every day that diminishes the office of the presidency, he has his corrupt and ruthless administration of immigration haters (Miller), environmental saboteurs (EPA and Interior Department heads), war mongers (Bolton, Pompeo) and incompetents (DeVos, Carson, Ross, et.al.).They all need to be eliminated in the next election, and if there are Democrats who are siding with them, they should go, too.Raymond HarrisGlenvilleTrump followers have lost moral compassRegarding Bill Denison’s Aug. 17 letter (“Left is not objective when judging Trump”), I would characterize it as an unsubstantiated rant.The author makes the broad claim that Obama nearly broke our country without providing any word as to what Obama did to justify that criticism. Next, he states that most of us can see the amazing progress that Trump has made for our country without citing a single example of what Trump has done to justify that claim.One can, on the other hand, point out dozens of things that Trump has done that I believe are very bad for our country, including dismantling the laws protecting our environment and the inhumane treatment of immigrants involving separating children from their parents and detaining them in deplorable conditions.I find it depressing and incomprehensible that anyone with any concern about morality can support such an incompetent bully, inveterate liar and moral leper as Donald Trump I don’t know what moral compass Trump supporters are guided by, but I fear that the needle has completely fallen off of it.John VohrNorthvilleNRA positions hurt legit gun ownersRed flagging — more bricks on the road to hell. Necessary, yes, but who decides by what means. Former Bishop Howard Hubbard would tell you that once accused, you are guilty for life. Due process cannot get out of its own way. Burn, witch, burn.The NRA is an albatross hanging around the neck of politicians accepting handouts. The NRA is entitled to its opinion, no more.Registration of firearms is a slippery slope. Politicians fearful of citizens owning guns need to look inward to what they are doing that ticks people off. Self-correction is called for, not fascist nostrums.Background checks are good; a record of an applicant’s transaction is bad.‘Paramilitary arms’ have no place in civilian’s hands. Shotguns (non-semi-automatic), bolt-action, lever-action, single-shot long guns provide adequate fire power for hunting or target practice.Guns that resemble military arms provide emotional reinforcement to a person with issues. “Looking for love in all the wrong places” is more than a lyric. In the absence of love, a void will be filled with pain.Handguns, that is another letter.The NRA feeds off the fears of legitimate guns owners.Edmond DayRotterdamSchroeter left legacy of helping and caringIt is with great sadness to me and many others to hear of the passing of Helga Schroeter. Helga was such an important figure in Schenectady and well beyond.I moved to Schenectady in 1980. At that time, I was only familiar with the schooling system and General Electric. I immediately joined the League of Women Voters, and the first person I got to know was Helga Schroeter.She encouraged me to join several committees that she chaired, including the Justice system, court monitoring and alternative courts.Through Helga, I learned all about Schenectady, its policies, politics and Schenectady in general.Over the years, I was absolutely amazed regarding her wealth of knowledge regarding the United States and its laws and policies, citizenship, the Constitution, human rights, voting and more.Helga helped so many people, particularly new citizens, in navigating the sometimes overwhelming system in acquiring the information needed in solving a situation.  She always assisted people with a smile and calming disposition.Besides her work with the LWV, Helga showed her overall love for the United States and its citizens with her activities as a member in other organizations that advocated for justice for all, equality for those whose needs were neglected, women’s rights and basically the downtrodden.Helga was not only known in Schenectady, but also throughout the Capital Region and as far away as New York City and by members of its court system.Though she will be missed, may Helga’s family members and all who knew her take warm comfort in the fond memories of such a gracious person.Flora L. RamonowskiSchenectadyEnough evidence now to impeach TrumpTrump is a threat to our democracy. Given the overwhelming evidence Mueller documented, and the willingness of the Trump regime to let foreign powers interfere in our democracy, it’s past time Congress began formal impeachment hearings.The Mueller investigation found extensive criminal activity committed by Trump and his team, led to 37 indictments and at least seven convictions or guilty pleas, uncovered over 10 instances of obstruction of justice by Trump himself, and revealed over 100 secret meetings and communications between his campaign and Russians.If any other American had obstructed justice as Trump has, they’d be in jail.And he continues this with his contempt of Congress, disobeying subpoenas and witness tampering by forcing his people to claim a non-existent executive immunity to avoid giving damaging testimony.Add to that his conspiring to violate campaign finance laws, profiting from the presidency through emoluments, violation of his oath of office, abuse of power, human rights abuses, economic malpractice, attacks on the free press, pathological lying, racism, misogyny and abdication of America’s role as a leader on the world stage, and you’ve got a laundry list of impeachable offenses.Congress needs to step up now, before it’s too late. Doing nothing sets a dangerous precedent.As Trump defies the Constitution, it’s time for the House to exercise its sole power of impeachment.Kevin DobiesAlbanyMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the census Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionShooters are to blame for shootingsIn Ms. Donahue’s Aug. 23 letter (“Put blame on guns, not mental illness”), she took Dr. Barlyn to task because he dared to defy liberal logic and blame the shooter, not the gun.The following is from an article in the New York Times on December 18, 2018: “According to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 39,773 gun deaths in 2017, nearly two-thirds were suicides.”Unfortunately, they did not break down the number by type of weapon, handgun vs. rifle.But an article from BBC News on August 5 used FBI data from 2017 to indicate that 64 percent of homicides were by handgun, 4 percent by rifle, 2 percent by shotgun, 2 percent by other and 28 percent by unknown. I wonder which category assault weapons fell into.From that, I get about 26,500 suicides, 13,270 homicides and accidental shootings. If the person committing suicide is guilty of the act, why isn’t the murderer guilty as well? No, the liberals blame the gun for that statistic.  Not the knife, the hammer, the sharp spoon – just the gun.How about death by automobile, ban cars? You can ban every object that can be used to kill and you won’t stop murders.If the Democrats were serious about gun deaths, they would try to eliminate the gang killings in Chicago, which they have controlled for decades with very draconian gun regulations. A shame it doesn’t fit their narrative. Besides, it’s not about the guns with them; it’s all about control.Jeffrey A. Falace    SchenectadySeek out fact-based news programmingWe must have a free, unbiased news media and must also recognize the difference between facts and opinions — also the important difference between journalism and entertainment.Mr. Trump is the consummate entertainer. He entertains all day, every day. Unfortunately for us, his best tools are hate, anger and fear. He rarely if ever avoids using them. Why not. The stage is his 24/7.All of you out there in TV news land, we’d be better off and probably better informed if four times a day, you provide an hour of unbiased news from experienced journalists, a short commentary, and then just fill remaining time with old movies.For 24/7, the chatter never ends. Even the talk shows do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching Hannity on Fox or Behar on The View, it’s opinion not fact. And both, by the way, are entertainers, not journalists.Recently, we watched Mr. Trump look to the heavens and declare himself “The Chosen One.” Has the messiah arrived? Are we now a theocracy instead of a democracy, or is it entertainment? Perhaps in this twilight zone, we find ourselves in the Academy Award is in order. In any case, isn’t that an impeachable offense in a government that claims to be a democracy?Do you still think Mr. Trump is harmless? He isn’t. Our democracy is fragile. There are many unbiased fact-based new outlets, and it’s our responsibility to find them, and soon.Livia CarrollSchenectadyWhen paving, raise manhole levels, tooI applaud the area paving projects I have noticed while driving around the Capital District this summer.What I don’t understand is why manhole covers and drains are not brought up to the repaired surface of the road. The point of repairing a road is to make the surface compatible with a smoother ride, safety and hopefully avoid costly auto repairs. I still find myself trying to dodge these man-made potholes. Why bother paving?Jack HamScotialast_img

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