From next year, the sojourn tax will increase by 25%

first_imgDespite strong opposition from the entire tourism sector, at today’s session, the Government, as previously announced by the Ministry of Tourism, increased the amount of residence by 25 percent, except in camps.According to the new Decree, in the A-class tourist resort in the main summer part of the season in hotels and similar accommodation, the fee increases from HRK 8 to HRK 10.Tourist tax from 01.01.2019.Also, sojourn tax for persons providing catering services of accommodation in the household and on the family farm increases by 15% ie it is determined in the amount of HRK 345,00 per bed and camping unit., in B class HRK 293,25, in C class places HRK 241,50, and in D class HRK 172,50. The new Decree on the amount of the sojourn tax enters into force on 01 January 2019. How is the income from the sojourn tax divided?The paid means of the sojourn tax are delivered to the users according to the following schedule: 1% The Red Cross, 2,5% it is paid into a special account of the Croatian Tourist Board, intended for development projects and programs for creating new tourist programs in underdeveloped tourist areas, 65% the tourist board of the municipality, city, town, 10% the county tourist board and 25% Croatian National Tourist BoardThey are all AGAINST and everyone is obviously FORThe Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia, Gari Cappelli, pointed out that the sojourn tax is not a tax or parafiscal levy and that the funds are not transferred to the state treasury, but to revenues that are returned directly to destinations through redistribution, cities, counties, CNTB and the Red Cross. . “The sojourn tax is stated on a separate invoice and can in no way be part of the price of our accommodation offer. The amounts have not changed since 2005, when it was calculated at the level of 35 days of occupancy and the average price of 100 kuna in private accommodation. When you look at how many millions of people have searched our country these days thanks to the strong promotion for the historic success of our footballers at the World Cup, it is invaluable. I am sure that all our dear guests would be happy to contribute to the beauty, infrastructure, offer and promotion of destinations in the Republic of Croatia that they have chosen as their vacation spot.”, commented the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia and the President of the Croatian Tourist Board Gari Cappelli. Representatives of the Croatian tourism industry gathered in the Croatian Tourism Association, the Croatian Hotel Employers ‘Association, the Hotel Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the Croatian Camping Association and the Croatian Employers’ Association do not support the new proposal for the 2019 Sojourn Tax Regulation.”In principle, we do not oppose a possible increase in the amount of the sojourn tax, but we believe that the increase is not acceptable without a thorough analysis of the entire system of tourist boards. Only the increase of income without redefining the role and tasks of individual levels of tourist boards and without assessing the real financial needs is a new unargued imposition on tourism”, Said Veljko Ostojic, director of the Croatian Tourism Association.The system of the Croatian Tourist Board from year to year “collects” higher revenues based on increasing capacity and traffic. Thus, in 2015, HRK 410 million was earned, in 2017 HRK 463 million, and in 2018 it is planned to “take” HRK 540 million. However, even that is not enough, so new increases in the sojourn tax are planned for 2019, Nedo Pinezić pointed out and wonders: “How is that money distributed? How does he return to the guest? Which of these money has a real function of “improving the living conditions of tourists”? Numerous unanswered questions arise. On the other hand, eVisitor’s records lack more than 100 non-commercial tourist facilities – apartments and holiday homes, “cottages”. With this title alone, the system loses more than 000 million kuna in fees annually”Concluded Pinezić.The unique position of the tourism sector is that the Ministry of Tourism should pass a new Law on Tourist Boards and the Law on Tourist Tax. But on the other hand, it is interesting how everyone was against raising the residence tax, but at the public hearing that lasted until July 21, there were no less than 7 comments. Make your own conclusions.Side dish:eSavjtovanje Comments / REGULATION ON DETERMINING THE AMOUNT OF RESIDENCE TAX FOR 2019DOCUMENT / Decree on determining the amount of sojourn tax for 2019 RELATED NEWS:MINISTER CAPPELLI: RESIDENCE TAX IS NOT A TAX OR PARAFISIC TAX CROATIAN TOURIST INDUSTRY AGAINST RAISING RESIDENCE TAX BEFORE RESTRUCTURING THE TOURIST BOARD SYSTEMANNOUNCEMENT OF INCREASE IN RESIDENCE TAX AND TAX CAUSED AN AVAILABLE OF DISSATISFACTIONlast_img

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