Xining during the construction of six major livestock products market sales of 15 thousand tons

July 28th, reporters from Xining city of supply and marketing cooperatives learned that during the year, Xining city will build six large agricultural and livestock products market, estimated annual sales of 30 million yuan, sales of 15 thousand tons of agricultural products, so that hundreds of thousands of farmers in Xining city benefit. After the six major trading markets put into use, not only to solve the problem of agricultural products sales, but also to solve the employment of some farmers, while agricultural products directly with the supermarket docking, rich public food basket. read more

Xining investigated 28 cases of crimes from the same period last year rose by 17.6%

this year, anti-corruption Department of Xining City prosecutors focus on carry out the attorney abide by occupation morality, promoting impartial and honest law enforcement "theme practice requirements, further strengthen the work of measures to make the work of investigating crimes has made good progress. As of June 10th, the city’s total crimes investigation cases 28 40 people, compared with the same period last year increased by 17.64% the number of filing.

this year, the city’s procuratorial organs play an integral role in the investigation of duty crime investigation work, strengthen the organization and leadership of the superior Institute of district and county hospital work and supervision and inspection, handling progress timely to understand and grasp the hospital, while strengthening the clues Mopai, plus big nest Chuanan investigating efforts, for some the state-owned enterprises in tendering, procurement, construction and other aspects of strict supervision and management, key areas and key sectors of the initiative into the crime prone clues Mopai, broaden the source channels, such as the city prosecutor’s investigators of the anti corruption bureau according to the masses, to further expand Mopai clues found serious economic problems in our city a state-owned company, after a thorough investigation, the investigation of the company’s general manager, deputy general manager of Sun Yang, Luo, Deputy Branch book Ji Ma and Wang, accounting for 5 people suspected of embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds. read more

Provincial Department of human resources and social security leadership on the development and manag

Recently, the Qinghai provincial human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Song Lingwen and the Qinghai provincial organization office department staff to the city people club Bureau Public Welfare post development and management in Xining area were investigated for one day

recently, the Qinghai provincial human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Song Lingwen and the Qinghai provincial organization office department staff to the city people club Bureau Public Welfare post development and management in Xining area were investigated for one day. read more

Today, the province ushered in a new round of precipitation days

According to the latest meteorological data analysis, affected by the cold air from the north and southwest of warm air, the night of August 19th to 21, there will be a precipitation process in our province, heavy rain in some areas, all localities should guard against heavy rain weather brings adverse effects on agricultural production.

specific forecast: 19, Yushu, the greater part, Tanggula Mountain, Qilian mountain rain or rain, the rest of the province cloudy or sunny; 20 days to 21 days, the west is cloudy, the rest of the province more than rain or rain, which Xining, Haidong, Yushu, Guoluo, Haibei, Hainan, Huangnan southern Huangnan has moderate rain, heavy rain; 22 days to 25 days, southern Xining, Haidong, Huangnan, Haibei, southern Yushu, Guoluo cloudy with showers or thunderstorms, the rest of the province is sunny or cloudy. read more

Xining National Fitness Program (2012 – 2015) released

With the gradual development of the city of Xining, the local people’s physical exercise is also up, many busy streets and residential areas, fitness venues everywhere. In July 27th, a good news, in order to improve the participation awareness of national fitness and physical quality, "the implementation of the national fitness program in Xining city (2012 – 2015)" before the freshly baked. By 2015, Xining will use the park, green space, the conditions of the construction of sports facilities, sports venues at all levels will be increased to more than 2000, fully meet the needs of the masses fitness.

is calculated according to the number of existing population in Xining City, the 2000 sports venues will let Xining public sports venues per capita reached 1.08 square meters. The District of Xining city will be basically completed the national fitness center, outdoor fitness facilities in Xining city community sports facilities and the village coverage reached 80% and 48.1%, the Xining City National Fitness formed people, convenient and beneficial sports fitness service system. read more

Qinghai economy in action thrifty, young people in response

  in late February 5th 8, is located in Xining City Road 71 can store 100 can barbecue is Business Flourishes, waiting in line outside people dining in a continuous line, many "80", "90" after they are regulars here, or in knots, or paired together, barbecue shop for their arrival exceptionally prosperous, lively. After the University in Chengdu, Wang and after half a year did not meet the students to meet in a hundred can be a dinner, suddenly someone shouted in the class, refused to ‘leftover feast’! We have all signed up today!" Wang told reporters on the same day, the students have participated in the conservation, Qinghai in action signature activities, solemnly signed his name. An event is sometimes enough to change the concept of consumption of young people, change the concept of the birth of new fashion. read more

Since January 20th, Xining vegetable direct sales of vegetables and vegetables amounted to 368 tons

In March 27th, parked in front of the college Lane Community vegetable direct car front row of a long procurement team. Just bought the Song said Ms. song, every direct car to the community will be purchased, although there are long queues, but here fresh dishes, cheap, convenient procurement, attracting many residents.

reporter from the Xining municipal agriculture and commerce company was informed that since January 20th this year, vegetables direct cars into the community as of March 26th, spent a total of 30 varieties of vegetables, Vegetable & Fruit 368 tons, 74 tons of beef, 76 into the community. In the direct sales of vegetables car by the public praise, Xining agriculture and commerce company will be "guaranteed sales of vegetables, the maximum benefit to the people" for the purpose, to carry out long-term direct cars into the community activities, really let people eat fresh vegetables parity at home. (author: Jiao mi) read more

Xining environmental projects included in the world bank loan plan

days ago, approved by the State Council, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance in our province Xining environmental comprehensive control project of world bank loan plan included in the fiscal year 2013-2015 alternative project. The total investment of 1 billion 530 million yuan, of which the world bank loan of $150 million (equivalent to approximately RMB 930 million yuan), the domestic matching funds of $600 million. The construction of the project includes the reuse of reclaimed water, sewage treatment and sludge harmless treatment and resource utilization, sewage interception and sewage disposal, river bank environment regulation, channel management and so on. read more

Xining City, more than twenty thousand years of pre-school children will enjoy funding

"In the past, each semester to give the child to pay two thousand yuan tuition fees and expenses from the conservation of the spring semester of this year, the government every year," reimbursement "of $800, equivalent to reducing the burden for the family 1/3……" March 7th, the Xining public Zhang said happily.

the "Xining Municipal People’s Government on the implementation of the implementation of the provisions of" a year education and secondary occupation education funding policy of preschool: from the spring of 2013, Xining City, the full implementation of pre-school education funded inclusive policy, in the city at or above the county level administrative department of Education approval the establishment of nursery school year (kindergarten and schools preschool) in the garden (school) in children, according to the town (city and county) kindergarten students each year not less than 800 yuan (including township), rural kindergarten every year not less than 1200 yuan, by the government to provide conservation education fee subsidy. read more

Promote popular science knowledge, improve the quality of citizens of Xining City Health Bureau to p

in order to further implement the "law" the popularization of science and technology in People’s Republic of China, the implementation of the national action plan for scientific literacy, improve the quality of science and culture, people in September 18th, according to the Xining municipal unified team led the scientific quality of the arrangements, I Bureau of municipal hospitals, health education and other units in the development of low-carbon economy and promote low-carbon life "as the theme of science promotion activities on the square in the center to carry out.
  read more

Yan village overall urban and rural integration project acceptance by district level

September 18, 2012, acceptance group consists of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Finance Bureau, Construction Bureau, audit bureau, Supervision Bureau, procurement center and other departments, the integration of urban and rural construction of Yan village project conducted a comprehensive inspection. Baoziwan town government, the construction units and supervision departments respectively on the implementation of the project made a report, the inspection group through the live view, access to information and comprehensive analysis, achievements and shortcomings made in since the project was evaluated, agreed to acceptance of the project.
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The second batch of urban and rural subsidies allocated

September 28th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department to actively coordinate the provincial finance department, issued around the 2014 installment of the minimum amount of subsistence allowances in second. 2014 of the province’s urban and rural subsistence allowances and subsidies to raise funds have been completed. It is understood that the provincial Civil Affairs Department and the Provincial Department of Finance on guaranteeing fund management and distribution of the proposed specific requirements as soon as possible all over the allocation of funds allocated, timely cash to implement low premium low object hands, to ensure the basic living of urban and rural residents. At the same time, strengthen the management of funds, is strictly prohibited misappropriation of funds to ensure the safe operation of urban and rural subsistence allowances. Strict implementation of the requirements of social distribution, and do a good job in the distribution of funds, the timely implementation of the funds and the distribution of the situation reported to the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of finance. The total issued 353 million yuan of funds.   read more

Xining City Trade and ndustry Bureau hundred law enforcement special action is solid and effective

City Industrial and commercial bureau "100 day law enforcement special action team to carry out" the dens, habitual brand "work, according to the clues, in the cultural street, Changjiang Road, in one fell swoop seized 22 sales of counterfeit" mutual aid "brand red star tianyoude" cigarettes liquor stores.

According to the

method at present some fake molecular idiomatic and prevent psychological, branch to inspect some stores suspicious clues. Through the efforts, identified the suspected counterfeit "mutual aid" eight Workshop 12 bottles of wine, "mutual aid" Red Star "tianyoude" 20 bottles of wine, "wuliangchun" 7 bottles of wine, "the Yanghe River blue classic" 12 bottles of liquor, "Shanghai wine old kilns" 3 bottles of liquor, "Jiannanchun" 4 bottles of wine, seven varieties of "Great Wall Dry Red Wine" Wine 260 bottles, "China", "Lanzhou" 39 smoke box 94 smoke box, smoke box, "furongwang" 10 "after the smoke box, Furong" 10 "Double Happiness" 10 smoke box, smoke box, "Jin Xuchang" 10 "plum" 10 smoke box, "Hongta mountain" smoke box 10. (author: Chi Ping) read more

Xining north of the city set up 9 vegetable parity shop price is lower than the market parity of 15%

The Mid Autumn Festival and National Day approaching, North District of Xining City, set up 9 stores in Hui Hakka supermarket vegetable shop, Qaidam Road, Bridge Park, Xiyuan District Huang biological water lots, each store every day to provide more than and 30 varieties of fresh vegetables and grain, oil, meat, poultry, eggs and other necessities, price lower than the average price of 5% similar market, vegetable prices lower than the average market price of more than 15%. About 52 thousand of the residents to go to the nearest place to buy cheap food. (author: Su Jianping, Li Mingshan, Zhao Chao) read more

Hundreds of people riding green travel advocate

On the morning of September 22nd, hundreds of fans and roller skating enthusiasts gathered in the central square, in the Provincial Sports Bureau under the initiative for this year’s car free day to promote environmental travel. We start from the central square, from the main city has been riding to the new lake district. Along the way, attracted the general public to stop watching, and said it would actively support green travel.

in roller skating team in an old man who has attracted the attention of people, his name is Wei Ruqi, 68 years old this year, he was injured in the leg skating team is not unique, the protection of professional equipment to let him extra spirit. Wei Ruqi told reporters that he has been playing for more than four years, through the roller skating to make bad body gradually better. He also said: "now people go out not just drive the car, I want to tell you their way through the healthy way to travel is beneficial to the society, but also beneficial to the family, I hope more people can travel health."
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From August 31st to September 6th, Xining social security system upgrade

Reporters from the Xining Social Security Bureau, Social Security Bureau in Xining on August 31st 16:00 to September 6th 7:00, the upgrade of Xining City medical insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance "golden insurance project" business information system switching, the original information system needs to shut down the data conversion and switching system, in the meantime, will stop the following social security business:

nsured people affordable maximum number of indicators of social security in Qinghai forefront of th

2011 to 2015, the province’s fastest growing pension insurance, urban and rural areas to achieve a major breakthrough, the insured people get the most affordable 5 years. In October 28th, the reporter learned from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that, in the provincial government to actively build a powerful guide people’s livelihood "upgrade", "12th Five-Year" period, Qinghai social security was a historic breakthrough, a number of indicators at the national forefront. A wide area of social security network in the highlands of the earth covered layers, so that people have more access to the government to win more trust".

"12th Five-Year" period, the old-age insurance system for urban workers in our province more perfect. The provincial level to further consolidate the coverage expanded year by year, the continuous improvement of the level of treatment, the sustainability of the fund significantly enhanced. 5 years, the cumulative increase of 1202 yuan per month, the monthly per capita pension level reached $2910, for the end of 11th Five-Year, the times, ranking the forefront of the country.

five years, our province has established a unified pension insurance system for urban and rural residents, a major breakthrough in system construction, improve the urban old-age insurance system for employees of enterprises on the basis of established a new agricultural insurance, the city ranks system, unified and merged into urban and rural pension insurance system, the establishment of endowment insurance system in institutions. The formation of the enterprise workers, urban and rural residents, organs and institutions of the three parallel system of pension insurance system. Increase the payment level, improve the government subsidy standards, the implementation of the basic pension system, the establishment of urban and rural residents funeral subsidy system, improve the payment of subsidies for disabled people, walking in the forefront of the country.
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Comprehensively implement the policy effect of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) prev

6 1 day 8:40, value-added tax in our province four pilot industry business tax declaration in the first successful IRS in the city of Xining City District, marking the full implementation of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) steady through the pilot "newspaper good tax" mark.

it is understood that since May 1st, the national tax system reform is the "key" of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) completely in my province since landing, further through the chain upstream and downstream enterprises of the value-added tax, effectively reduce the burden on enterprises, and promote the optimization of industrial division, extend the industrial chain driven by demand for our province economic optimization provides a strong support to the rapid development of transformation industrial structure. read more

The four gift for the people of the province Beizu special purchases for the Spring Festival

10 key commodity circulation enterprise organization 30 thousand kinds, this winter and spring, transporting 100 thousand tons of vegetables on the Xining market, the state will be to the market in our province from nearly 1000 tons of frozen beef and mutton…… The advent of the business system arrangements, to increase the reserves of important commodities transport organizations, meat and vegetables, to carry out a series of activities to promote consumption, for the people of the province reserve "this is December 30th, special purchases for the Spring Festival" reporter learned from the Provincial Department of commerce. Gift one: local commerce departments in accordance with the characteristics of the two sections of consumption, guide enterprises to increase the supply organization, at present, the province’s holiday market is fully prepared, adequate supply of goods, the price is basically stable. Xining Wangfujing department store and other 10 key enterprises to organize more than 30 thousand kinds of commodities. Major supermarkets, grain and oil merchants to strengthen contact with suppliers in a timely manner to increase supply, increase the supply of rice, flour, oil market. Qinghai Xinyuan meat food companies and other markets to provide cold meat and fresh pork about 2000 per day, Xining Roca Bay livestock market and other enterprises can supply the market every day, cattle and sheep head (only) about 3000. Xining city this winter and spring plans transporting 100 thousand tons of vegetables. Golmud, the average daily transportation of vegetables, fruits and other more than and 100 tons from Dunhuang and other regions. Gift two: the province’s commerce departments to actively apply for the use of price adjustment fund to accelerate the establishment of local vegetables and meat reserves. During the two sessions, Xining set up 50 frozen beef and mutton points, plans to put meat reserves of 1400 tons, vegetable reserves of 15 thousand tons. Recently, the state plans to release nearly 1000 tons of frozen beef and mutton reserve market in our province. Three gift: the local commerce administrative departments by increasing direct efforts to set up cheap vegetable area, and actively cooperate with the development and reform department, give full play to local agricultural and sideline products stores the exemplary role, and actively take effective measures to stabilize prices of major necessities of life. Xining City, 10 stores in the establishment of the lowest price of vegetables in the District of 20 stores, with an average of more than 15 kinds of vegetables. The four gift: the local commerce departments coordinated development and reform, industry and commerce departments, without intervention in the pricing of goods, without affecting the normal business activities of enterprises and operators, and actively guide enterprises to establish the "honest management, puerile business philosophy, through the development of discount let profit, reduce food, merchandise and other related commodity prices, give full play to the exemplary role of large circulation enterprises, to play a positive role in stabilizing prices.   read more