ASA hosts world soccer tournament

first_imgTeams representing Notre Dame’s cultural clubs shot to score on Stepan Fields in a soccer tournament Saturday to raise funds for relief through the Haiti Fund and the Chilean Red Cross, African Students Association (ASA) president Brigitte Githinji said. “A soccer tournament was just a great way to fundraise without necessarily placing a cloud of sadness over everyone,” Githinji said. “At the end of the day, the purpose of the tournament was to bring people together in celebration of the World Cup.”The tournament was the kickoff event for Africa Week 2010, and the tournament entry fees as well as T-shirt sales throughout the week will form the basis of fundraising efforts for victims of natural disasters.The theme of world unity promoted both by Africa Week and the World Cup inspired the ASA and other multicultural clubs to serve others in the global community, African Students Association vice president Odara Omusi said.“With unity comes solidarity,” Omusi said. “I think that is something that is important for countries like Haiti and Chile that have been affected by earthquakes in recent times.”The organizers also hoped to spread awareness of the options that students have to join cultural clubs on campus. By promoting these organizations through the tournament, they believed they could expand membership and interest.“The event was inspired by a vested interest in soccer as well as a desire to see more collaboration among clubs and organizations that otherwise don’t interact,” Githinji said.As South Africa prepares to make history as the first African nation to host the FIFA World Cup this summer, Githinji that a miniature World Cup was a natural project for the ASA.The African Students Association, German Club and the Italian Club collaborated to plan a world soccer tournament in order “to raise awareness and participation in each of the cultural clubs,” Italian Club president Kathleen O’Connor said.Githinji and O’Connor worked with German Club president Aaron Steiner to bring teams representing Germany, South Africa, the Philippines, Italy, Spain and India together on Stepan Fields. The Spanish team emerged as the gold medalist after the final match with Italy, O’Connor said.“There were also several students not involved in cultural clubs who played,” O’Connor said. “Hopefully the tournament will inspire these students to join a cultural club in the future.”After Saturday’s success, the organizers would welcome plans for another tournament in the future.“Italian club would definitely be interested in continuing the tournament in the future,” O’Connor said. “Given the success we had this year, I think we will have even more participants next year and in years to come.”Githinji encouraged students to participate in other Africa Week events, including the World Unity Banquet on Thursday with international food, multicultural performances, and an address from Executive Vice President John Affleck-Graves.“Hopefully, we can keep that enthusiasm and collaborative spirit going as we continue with the rest of Africa Week 2010,” Githinji said.last_img read more

Georgia Weather Update

first_imgSeptember was hot and dry in Georgia, with many locations setting daytime temperature records. Several locations had the hottest April-through-September period on record. Rainfall across the state was very spotty. Severe drought returned to southeast Georgia, which missed the rainfall.Temperatures were warmer than normal everywhere in Georgia. In Atlanta, the monthly average temperature was 78 degrees F (4.7 degrees above normal), in Athens 75.8 degrees (3.2 degrees above normal), Columbus 80.7 degrees (4.5 degrees above normal), Macon 77.4 degrees (2.9 degrees above normal), Savannah 79.4 degrees (2.5 degree above normal), Brunswick 80.7 degrees (2.6 degrees above normal), Alma 78.9 degrees (1.6 degrees above normal), Valdosta 80 degrees (3.3 degrees above normal) and Augusta 76.7 degrees (2.9 degrees above normal). Sweltering conditions set many new daytime temperature records. Atlanta set new records Sept. 11 with 96 degrees, breaking the old record of 95 degrees set on that date in 2002, and again Sept. 25 with 93 degrees, breaking the old record of 92 degrees set on that date in 1993. Columbus broke daily highs Sept. 11 (99 degrees), Sept. 12 (98 degrees), Sept. 18 (98 degrees), Sept. 19 (97 degrees), Sept. 20 (98 degrees) and Sept. 21 (98 degrees), breaking records from the 1990s and 2002 by 1 to 3 degrees. Brunswick also set daytime high records Sept. 9 (98 degrees), Sept. 10 (97 degrees), Sept. 11 (98 degrees) and Sept. 20 (97 degrees). Daytime high temperature records were tied at many other locations across the state.Several airport locations recorded their warmest April through September ever, including Savannah, Athens and Columbus. Columbus had its warmest and Atlanta had its second warmest September ever due to the very warm daytime temperatures. Atlanta reported the second highest number of days above 90 degrees after the notorious summer of 1980. (The old second-place record was 84 days above 90 degrees set in the summer of 1954.)Many areas experienced extended dry spells punctuated by a few heavy rainfalls. Generally, the central part of the state was the wettest with above-average rainfall. Border regions were well below normal, particularly the southeastern coast.The highest monthly total from National Weather Service reporting stations was 7.32 inches in Valdosta (3.52 inches above normal). The lowest was in Brunswick at 1.47 inches (4.77 inches below normal). Athens received 5.35 inches (1.82 inches above normal), Alma 3.31 inches (.03 inch below normal), Atlanta 1.60 inches (2.49 inches below normal), Columbus 3.17 inches (.10 inches above normal), Macon 5.45 inches (1.82 inches above normal), Savannah 3.01 inches (2.07 inches below normal) and Augusta 1.89 inches (1.70 inches below normal). Columbus got 1.85 inches of rain Sept. 26, breaking the old record of 1.55 inches for that date in 1953.The highest single-day rainfall from Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network stations was 6.33 inches reported in Lexington, Oglethorpe County, Sept. 27. An observer in Taylor County received 6.07 inches on that date. The highest monthly rainfall total from the network was 9.57 inches at the Lexington site, followed by 9.06 inches in Oglethorpe County and 9.04 inches in Lowndes County.Scattered wind damage hit somewhere in Georgia on three days during the month. Moderate-sized hail was reported at several locations in northern Georgia Sept. 27, including golf ball-sized hail in Fulton County. No tornadoes were reported.The dry conditions affected the development of peanuts across Georgia in non-irrigated fields, leading producers to harvest early. Pastures were severely affected by the lack of rain.last_img read more

Australians jump at Kiwi marriage 24 January 2014Almost a third of the same-sex couples married in New Zealand since the law was changed last year are Australian, official figures show.There were 361 same-sex marriages from August 19, 2013, when the law change was enacted, to December 19, figures from the Department of Internal Affairs show.That included 202 New Zealand couples, registrar-general of births, deaths and marriages Jeff Montgomery said.“We are seeing continued national and international interest by same-sex couples in getting married in New Zealand,” Montgomery said.“We expect the number of same-sex weddings to increase during the summer wedding season.”The Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Act enabled couples to marry regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.Marriage is now defined as “the union of two people, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity”. read more

Town of Palm Beach police gets de-escalation training simulator

first_imgThe Town of Palm Beach Police department is taking police training to the next level with a training simulator.The $300,000 training system arrived after two years of the department looking into it and just in time for public calls for further police training.The Virtra 300 training system allows trainees walked through 284 real life scenarios in which they experience stressful situations and will attempt to de-escalate them without using force.“If they can better control that physiological response, they can better control the encounter,”  Palm Beach Police training manager Michael Ogrodnick said.As the trainee is going through the simulator,  the instructors closely monitor the officers and then give them tips on how to better respond to stress and the situation.“Their respirations are going to go up, their breathing is going to go up,” said Ogrodnick, “If the officer does not respond accordingly to the stimuli on the screen, one of the instructors can then change the dynamic, and either bring it up and escalate it a little bit or de-escalate including making the floor vibrate under their feet.”Ogrodnick says the idea of the program is to teach officers how to respond to resistance situations and not have them end tragically:“So hopefully we have scenarios that end well and don’t escalate into a use-of-force or response-to-resistance situation,” Ogrodnick said. “Because we do want our officers to respond appropriately to any resistance, if they need to use force. But our goal is to de-escalate.”last_img read more

CRICKET: Professor Ampofo elected African Cricket Development Director

first_imgThe President of the Ghana Cricket Association, Professor William Ampofo has been elected to the board of the Africa Cricket Association (ACA) as Development Director.Professor William Ampofo who was voted unopposed takes over from Zulfikar Rehemtulla of Tanzania during the 17th African Cricket Association Annual General Meeting held in Johannesburg on 21st March 2015.Mr Kwesi Sagoe of Nigeria was retained as the chairman of the Africa Cricket Association (ACA).Meanwhile, the national senior cricket team clinched victory over Eastern’s Cricket Academy in their trail match ahead of their T2O Africa Division 1 opening game with Namibia.Eastern’s Academy who won the toss elected to bat in the first innings leaving no option for team Ghana to field. With a top bowling approach from team Ghana’s, the bowling prowess of Godfred Bakiweyem ,David Ankrah ,Vincent Ateak ,Obed Harvey ,Isaac Aboagye and Kofi Bagabena restricted the high fancied Eastern to a score of 121 runs for 9 wickets in 20 overs of the first innings.The second innings saw Team Ghana’s opening batsmen James Vifah and Simon Ateak taking the the game to the Easterns from the first over. Their spirited performances put pressure on the Eastern bowlers and were punished by James Vifah who made 73 runs at the end of the innings. The game was wrapped up in 19.1 overs with 5 balls to spare.  Team Ghana made 125 runs with the loss of 2 wickets. Ghana won the game by 8 wickets.Ghana plays Namibia, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda and Kenya in the tournament.–last_img read more

Any disrespect for the laws of our country will be totally rejected

first_imgDear Editor,Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan made all the right noises at the recent Noise Management Training Programme for police officers. He vowed, yet again, and in public, to ensure the enforcement of the laws governing noise nuisances, to reduce discomfort caused by noise pollution, and to build “a culture of law and order across the country”.Well, much can be said about the current state of law and order in Guyana where double standards, hypocrisy, bullyism, bribery, corruption and favouritism make up much of the accepted culture. The Minister is not unaware of this.However, I will take him at his word and I am, therefore, looking forward to spending a peaceful Mashramani and Carnival come 2020 at my Queenstown residence by which time I and most other citizens expect that Guyana will be viewed around the world as a democratic country where law and order are respected and upheld by everyone including the Government.To reduce the discomfort of the long-suffering residents of Queenstown and Kitty – I have written about this ad nauseam and will not go into the facts again – I expect that the Government of Guyana will ensure that the noise level of the music accompanying the respective parades will be within the legal limits, that the Mayor and City Council will not allow their vendors to pollute the environment with ear-splitting levels of noise, that all the police on duty will ensure the laws are upheld, and that lawbreakers will be charged, including the large corporations which add considerably to the pollution.Noise pollution is not only about the small bars and restaurants and the wedding houses with their deafening music but some of the main offenders come from officialdom itself and if a Government itself is disrespectful of the laws of a country, it is the utmost hypocrisy that it should expect its citizens to comply with any regulations at any level whatsoever.It is the primary duty and responsibility of a Government to uphold the country’s laws as stipulated by the Constitution which must be honoured as an inviolable document in which resides the rules that govern the very civility and moral accord of a nation. Without that respect, as Minister Ramjattan full well knows, all is chaos, confusion and discord.He is also aware that complying with the country’s laws is not a piecemeal affair whereby he or any of his colleagues in Government have the authority to decide which laws to enforce and which ignore.As citizens, we continue to hope that the double standards and corruption that prevail, and that any disrespect for the laws of our country will be truly and totally rejected. Then we will be able to move forward as a nation.Sincerely,Ryhaan Shahlast_img read more