Benkirane Announces New Program to Encourage Vocational Training

Rabat – The Moroccan head of government, Abdelilah Benkirane, announced on Wednesday that a proposal he made that would grow the country’s vocational training programs in order to address imbalances in the educational system has been approved by King Mohammed VI.During a symposium dedicated to the launch of the National Strategy on Vocational Training 2021, Benkirane announced a new program that would allow students to spend half of their time learning concepts in classrooms and the other half in the field learning aspects of their chosen craft or trade.In order to secure the future of Morocco, its citizens must spend time learning practical and productive skills for economic growth, according to Benkirane. “A society cannot just consist of employees in public offices, lawyers, judges, and writers because only a minimal number of them will be enough in the community,” he said, noting that the specified fields are not directly productive for the economy in the way that manufacturing and vocational jobs are.The program has been allocated MAD 65 billion over five years so that it can be implemented, Medias24 reported.The head of the government also pointed out that vocational training has always been a part of the North African country’s culture, citing an old Moroccan proverb that states, “Learning a craft will protect you, and if it does not enrich you with money, it will increase your time on earth.”Vocational training will make Moroccans a “hard currency” inside and outside of the country, he added, as international demand for skilled vocational workers is currently high.“Morocco has a strategy that will allow Moroccans to raise their heads up high in front of the world,” he said. read more

Fans of Sesame Street TV show to get lesson in peacemaking from

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO OF PROGRAMME On Thursday, the Secretary-General visited Sesame Street studios in New York City to tape a segment in which he arrives on the scene just as the show’s characters – Elmo and his friends – get into an argument over whose turn it is to sing the alphabet song. Stepping in as a mediator, Mr. Annan brought the dispute to an end by showing the value of compromise and they all agreed to sing the alphabet song in unison.After the taping, the Secretary-General was asked by a reporter about the reasons that prompted him to make time in a very demanding schedule – especially under the current circumstances – to appear on Sesame Street.”I think it is wonderful to be able to reach the young, and reach them very early, and try to give them the spirit of the United Nations – a spirit of understanding, sharing and working together,” Mr. Annan said. When Elmo broke in to add, “and love,” the Secretary-General agreed, stressing, “and love, and peace.” Asked if children had to be aware about world events, including war and terrorism, the Secretary-General said: “I think it is important for kids to know what was going on in the world, but we have to explain it to them. We have to get them to understand why these terrible things are happening, and what we have to do to avoid them, and be sensitive to what we should teach them, so that when they grow up they don’t make some of the mistakes that we all consider are abominable and awful behaviour.” The Secretary-General taped the Sesame Street segment – which is expected to air in February – as he was preparing to leave for Oslo, Norway, where he will accept the Nobel Peace Prize on Monday. read more

UN nuclear agency chief discusses Irans programme with US Secretary of State

“I believe that it’s very important for Iran to take whatever measures required for the international community to have confidence that its programme is peaceful in nature,” International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Mohammed ElBaradei told reporters after a meeting yesterday with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.“I believe also it’s very important that Iran goes back to the negotiating table with the Europeans,” he added, referring to European Union (EU) efforts to reach a diplomatic package solution to the issue. “My preferred solution, obviously, to the Iranian issue, is a negotiated solution.”Earlier this year, the IAEA referred the issue of Iran’s nuclear programme to the Security Council, which can impose sanctions, after Mr. ElBaradei repeatedly reported that although the Agency had not seen any diversion of material to nuclear weapons or other explosive devices, it was still not able to conclude that there were no undeclared nuclear materials or activities. Iran says its activities are solely for energy purposes but the United States and other countries insist it is clandestinely seeking to produce nuclear weapons. Last August, Iran rescinded its voluntary suspension of nuclear fuel conversion, which can produce the enriched uranium necessary either for nuclear power generation or for nuclear weapons. Mr. ElBaradei called the India-US pact on nuclear cooperation “a win-win agreement,” voicing the hope that the US Congress will approve it and that the deal can ensure that India becomes a partner in the non-proliferation framework.Earlier this year, Mr. ElBaradei said the agreement reached was a milestone that could consolidate efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear arms and combat nuclear terrorism, by satisfying India’s growing need for energy while bringing it closer as an important partner in the non-proliferation regime. On sensitive nuclear technology, Ms. Rice thanked Mr. ElBaradei for work on “some innovative non-proliferation ideas like fuel assurances that would allow the proliferation risks associated with civil nuclear programs to be minimized.” Mr. ElBaradei said that the IAEA was “trying to look at the big picture in making sure that we have innovative measures to ensure that sensitive proliferation technology, like enrichment or reprocessing is contained.” read more

Groups write to Trudeau asking him to shut down NEB process pending

Groups write to Trudeau asking him to shut down NEB process pending reforms MONTREAL – The current federal review process of energy projects needs to be shut down and overhauled immediately, say more than 50 environmental and activist groups in a letter sent to the prime minister.No pipeline projects should go forward until Justin Trudeau reforms the National Energy Board (NEB), says the letter, which was also addressed to Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr.That means the current review of the Energy East pipeline proposal for Eastern Canada and the NEB’s decision to accept the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline in Alberta and British Columbia need to be annulled, they argue.“If the government wants to restore public confidence in the (review) process and they want a fair, objective and evidence-driven analysis they need to overhaul this thing,” Patrick DeRochie of Environmental Defence, one of the letter’s signatories, said in an interview.The activists say the NEB board members are in a conflict of interest and that First Nations communities are not being properly consulted.Moreover, they argue the review process doesn’t properly explain to citizens how Canada can build pipelines and expand Alberta oilsands production while also respecting the country’s greenhouse emission targets.The groups that signed the letter include Greenpeace and the Sierra Club Canada Foundation.Trudeau campaigned in 2015 on the premise that Canadians had lost confidence in the NEB process after what he claimed were years of Conservative government meddling that made pipeline approvals foregone conclusions.The Liberals put in place interim measures at the NEB — such as increased consultations with aboriginal groups — to give more legitimacy to the Energy East and Trans Mountain reviews while the government reforms the federal body.“It’s inconsistent to say the process is flawed, create interim measures, and then review these pipelines without going through the entire modernization process as they had promised,” DeRochie said.The NEB review of TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline is on hold after protesters forced the cancellation of public consultations in Montreal at the end of August.Protesters demanded that two of the three board members overseeing the proposal resign after it was revealed they had met with former Quebec premier Jean Charest when he was a paid lobbyist for TransCanada (TSX:TRP).Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline was approved by the NEB in May and the federal government still has to make a decision on whether to proceed with it.DeRochie acknowledged that several First Nations groups accepted the Kinder Morgan proposal but pointed out that many opposed it.While he stopped short of declaring that First Nations communities should have a veto on all energy projects going through their territory, Patrick Bonin of Greenpeace Canada was unequivocal.“We have to respect the right of refusal on the part of (First Nations) communities,” he said. “If projects go against their interests and opinions we cannot impose them. They have suffered enough from the impacts in Alberta and British Columbia.” by Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press Posted Sep 8, 2016 6:00 am MDT Last Updated Sep 8, 2016 at 9:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Social inclusion central to 2030 Agenda UN Social Development Commission hears as

“You can enhance your work in promoting progress in social development in the context of the new Agenda. You can integrate your work related to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, including persons with disabilities, youth, older persons and families, into ensuring that no one is left behind,” said Lenni Montiel, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs.While “enormous” gains were made since the World Summit for Social Development had resulted in the Copenhagen Declaration in 1995, progress remained uneven — both within and among countries — with millions of people still excluded from access to the very rights, services and income-generating activities that underpinned a sustainable future for all.As such, the Commission’s work is indeed vital to implementation of the new 2030 Agenda. Further, it is critical in providing a platform for Member States to deliberate social policies, share experiences, raise awareness and mobilize action. While more than one billion people since 1995 had been helped out of extreme poverty and the proportion of undernourished people in developing regions was down by almost half, progress had been uneven.The Commission’s session, which runs through 12 February, will conclude the 46-member body’s 2015-2016 review and policy cycle under the priority theme “Rethinking and Strengthening Social Development in the Contemporary World.” As the first session held after the adoption of the 2030 Agenda, it is marked by a new overall context, with discussion focused on the role of social policy in achieving people-centred, inclusive sustainable development for all. “We need to create over 600 million new jobs by 2030,” he said, or 40 million annually to keep pace with growth in the working age population. Conditions for the 780 million working poor must be improved and rising inequality addressed,” Mr. Montiel said, noting that a lack of equal opportunity for women, youth, those with disabilities, the elderly and indigenous communities meant they could not realize their potential. read more

New Ethereum platform to fundamentally change the way minerals and metals are

first_imgBlockchain venture studio ConsenSys and cloud-based metal concentrates exchange Open Mineral, have established Minerac, a blockchain consortium set on changing the way mineral commodities trading and connected supply chains operate. A number of mining companies and financial institutions will also join as stakeholders and collaborators.Minerac notes that in current trading, “many operational and commercial practices remain inefficient and antiquated, leading to critical data omissions, security vulnerabilities, and even corruption. These inefficiencies can be eliminated with blockchain, an immutable and cryptographically secure archive of records stored on a distributed ledger, by using smart contracts built on the Ethereum platform. Minerac will allow stakeholders to securely exchange critical trade documents, such as bills of lading and letters of credit, via the use of smart contracts.”“Commodity trading transactions involve multiple parties, located in different jurisdictions. Logistics are complex, financing is difficult to acquire and the entire process is very paper heavy. Thus, the industry is primed for blockchain disruption to simplify the trading process, increase efficiency and profitability”. – Boris Eykher CEO Open MineralBeyond mining and metals, blockchain solutions are applicable to all stakeholders connected to the broader value chain, from ship operators and financial institutions to surveying laboratories, warehouses and many others. Joseph Lubin, co-Founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys said, “At ConsenSys, we are dedicated to building the Ethereum ecosystem and committed to supporting new use cases across all industries. We look forward to collaborating with Open Mineral to build blockchain solutions for mining and mineral supply chains. Minerac will offer a solution where all parties involved in the supply chain will benefit from digitization, secure data collection, the seamless exchange of data and immutability of their records, made possible by the Ethereum platform.”Minerac stakeholders will benefit from increased compliance, transparency and ease of auditability. Because the Minerac ledger will be shared, all parties involved in a transaction can be confident that all data is up-to-date, which will reduce errors and create greater overall transparency, eliminating the potential for bad actors to take advantage of loose record keeping.“Minerac will be structured within a private network and will offer the most sophisticated levels of encryption, ensuring complete privacy while also benefiting from the vast interconnectivity possibilities of the Ethereum ecosystem”.  – Max Weiland CEO MineracMinerac is also set on addressing key sustainability and security issues by creating processes that would require sealed bags or containers to be stamped with a unique, tamper-proof, identifying ID that will be logged on the Minerac ecosystem. The ID will contain specific information related to each parcel of ore and will also be continually updated with location details and movements. This will provide clients transporting high-value minerals with increased security and will also help validate that the commodity being purchased is from compliant and conflict-free regions.Minerac will develop its own enterprise platform based on the industry standards established by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). Minerac will also integrate Consensys’ cloud-based TMS logistics platform, a customizable solution designed to support the commodities logistics space by reducing the amount of data entry points and reconciliations during the supply chain process.The project will be incubated out of Consensys Energy and Natural Resources group, a team within ConsenSys Solutions, in partnership with Open Mineral.last_img read more

Nikola Karabatic Luka Karabatic and Samuel Honrubia arrested

bojinovickarabaticlukaMladen BojinovićnikolaNikola Karabatic According to, right after the match against Paris HC, the brothers Karabatic, Nikola and Luka have been arrested and taken to a police station. Another arrested is Samuel Honrubia. They are suspected that they have been fixing a game in the previous championship in order to have financial gain. A total of 10 people have been suspected.Montpellier lost the game to Paris HC with 24:38.source: ← Previous Story France (Round 3): Paris HC demolishes Montpellier, wins 38:24 Next Story → Bundesliga (Round 6): Flensburg with an easy victory against Grosswallstadt read more

Verglas prudence en ÎledeFrance

first_imgVerglas : prudence en Île-de-FranceLa plupart des axes de circulation ont rouvert ce matin en Île-de-France, après deux jours de grande pagaille due aux chutes de neige abondantes. Mais attention aux risques de verglas aujourd’hui.La grande pagaille, terminée ? Si les chaussées sont praticables ce matin et que les camions reprennent progressivement la route, les risques de verglas persistent et des difficultés sont toujours rencontrées sur les nationales. Il vaut mieux éviter les points noirs et rouler avec précaution.Selon le Centre national d’information routière, la circulation est délicate sur les N3, N12, N118 et A86, entre la N118 et l’A12, voire difficile sur la N4, à cause de plaques de neige compactes et glacées.Sur les rails et dans les airs : la SNCF et RATP font état d’un retour à la normale, de même que pour Roissy et Orly, dans la journée. En attendant, quelques retards sont à noter. Des milliers de passagers avaient passé la nuit dans les aérogares mercredi soir, alors que tout était bloqué à cause des chutes de neige très importantes.La capitale avait battu son record de précipitation neigeuse avec 11 centimètres de neige tombés en quatre heures et jusqu’à 20 centimètres dans les Yvelines. Conséquence : des milliers d’automobilistes sont restés coincés pendant des heures dans les embouteillages sur l’ensemble du bassin parisien, déplorant l’absence ou l’insuffisance du salage mercredi. Le premier ministre François Fillon, a alors accusé Météo France de n’avoir “pas prévu cet épisode neigeux, en tout cas pas son intensité” ; ce que Météo France a démenti : “Nous avons fait la prévision parfaite, dans un timing parfait”, a alors répondu hier soir sur Europe 1 Emmanuel Bocrie, ingénieur prévisionniste. Celui-ci a rappelé qu’une alerte orange avait été diffusée pour l’Île-de-France dès mardi après-midi, valable jusqu’au lendemain 22 heures, prévoyant des chutes de neige pouvant atteindre “une dizaine de centimètres”.Le 10 décembre 2010 à 09:23 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Pogba hints on change to penalty approach

first_imgPaul Pogba has admitted he was lucky to have scored after missing from 12 yards and suggested he may have to change his approach to penalties.The Frenchman saw his spot-kick saved by Jordan Pickford, only to calmly slot in from the rebound to give United the lead.Pogba also saw his effort saved earlier this season after Joe Hart thwarted him at Turf Moor earlier in the campaign.harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…And despite United’s 2-1 win over the Toffees, Pogba admits he will need to think about a change in his technique.“I was lucky,” he told the Mirror. “The important thing is it went in and I scored the goal, good for us and me. After we carried on and had other chances, most important thing was the win.“I always try and destabilize the keeper, maybe they know how I take penalties, maybe I should practice to change it, if the keepers know my step.”last_img read more

I205 southbound ramps closed tonight at Highway 500

first_imgFrom 11 p.m. tonight through 8 a.m. Saturday, drivers will not be able to get on or off southbound Interstate 205 at Highway 500.The northbound ramps will be open, said Abbi Russell, spokeswoman for the Washington Department of Transportation.Workers will be repaving the ramps on to and off southbound 205 at the cloverleaf interchange, Russell said.All Interstate 205 lanes will be open.Signs are posted to alert drivers of the closures.last_img

Frightened villagers run for life as cheetah goes on a rampage

first_imgKadthal: In spite of rising incidents of wild attacks by Cheetah against the cattle and other livestock in Ekwaipally village of Kadthal mandal in Rangareddy district, the Forest officials still remain mere spectators. Earlier a few weeks ago, the wild cat had devoured a cow calf of Yedla Yadaiah and killed it. And now once again it has attacked a Calf of a farmer Jengala Mallaiah in his farm land on Saturday. Also Read – Golden 90’s Music Superstars – Alka Yagnik & Kumar Sanu LIVE in Concert will be performing together for the very 1st time in the city of pearls,… Advertise With Us According to the villagers of Ekwaipally, during the past 2-3 months the wild cat had killed more than 300 domestic animals like Sheep, Goats, Cow Calves and buffalos. Even though the villagers had lodged their complaints with the forest officials no action has been taken yet and still the killer wild cat is roaming loose, causing fear among the villagers. Also Read – Warrant issued against Renuka Chowdhury in cheating case Advertise With Us “The Cheetah has been roaming in the surrounding hilly areas since past 3-4 months. We have earlier spotted it many times and also informed to the forest officials, but till now no action has been taken up. As many as 40 calves have been killed by the wild cat since past 3 months. We are demanding the forest officials to take action and capture the wild animal and protect us and our animals,” said Mallaiah. Advertise With Us The forest officials who are already aware of this, are also helpless as they have attempted many times to capture it but failed. “We are not able to spot the exact location and area of the wild cat. This is roaming from one habitat to the other, though we tried to capture it, it is not falling to our baits,” informed a forest officials. Not just in Ekwaipally, similar incidents of Cheetah attack are also witnessed in Ippalapally village of Nagarkurnool district. “A Cheetah is on the prowl in Ippalapally village, we have already lost a buffalo and we under fear that the Cheetah may also attack humans and we are not coming out of our homes during nights. We are seeking the protection of the forest department officials, however no one has come forward to assure protection from the wild life,” said a resident of Ippalapallly. However, the forest department officials said that the people of the village must be alert and advised them to keep their cattle and other live stock indoors so that no such incidents repeat again.last_img read more

Rumeen set to be elected BNP MP from reserved seat

first_imgRumeen FarhanaBNP assistant international affairs secretary Rumeen Farhana is going to be elected MP from a seat reserved for women in parliament, reports UNB.BNP got one reserved seat for women in proportionate to its five elected parliament members.Rumeen, a lawyer and daughter of late Language Movement hero Oli Ahad, submitted her nomination form to the election commission on Monday.Talking to UNB, Rumeen said she submitted her nomination form to returning officer Abul Kashem around 1:15pm as her party picked her as a lone candidate for the election to the seat.Once she takes oath as an MP, Rumeen said, she will place in parliament the demand for the release of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia.Expressing her gratitude to the party for nominating her for the seat, Rumeen said she will perform her duty as an opposition MP with sincerity and honesty.As per the election schedule announced by the EC on 8 May, today (Monday) is the last day for BNP to field its candidate in the reserved seat for women.The election is scheduled to be held on 16 June while the date for scrutinising nomination papers is 21 May and the withdrawal of candidature is 28 May.As BNP nominated only one candidate, Rumeen will be declared elected just after the expiry of the deadline for the withdrawal of candidature, said EC officials.The 50 seats reserved exclusively for women in parliament are distributed among political parties in proportionate to their number of seats in parliament.Since five BNP MPs-elect took oath at the last moment of the stipulated time, the EC is arranging the election to the seat the party got.The EC earlier completed the polls to the remaining 49 reserved seats.Among the reserved seats, 43 women MPs were elected from ruling Awami League, four from the main opposition Jatiya Party, one from Workers’ Party and one independent.last_img read more

Create dynamic 3D animated avatars with your smartphone

first_imgImagine a day when you could create a fully personalized 3D avatar just by using the camera on your smartphone. The technology isn’t too far away. Researchers at the Computer Graphics and Geometry Laboratory have developed a system (complete with demo) that would allow users to create true-ish 3D facial reconstructions, complete with dynamic expressions.The researchers report that this technology “facilitates a range of new applications in computer animation and consumer-level online communication based on personalized avatars.” Indeed, imagine going into one of BioWare’s or Bethesda’s character creators and having the ability to upload your 3D face. No longer would gamers spend hours fine-tuning their avatar.The researchers were even able to show how an actor could manipulate multiple 3D facial renders in real-time. In the reconstruction process, as you can see in the video above, the developers pay special attention to details, such as adding wrinkles and making sure the program captures the nuances in each participants’ facial expressions.It’s interesting to see how far 3D facial animations have come. I just keep thinking back to the amount of tech that was necessary to make the acting in the video game LA Noire look so real. The MotionScan technology used to create the facial ticks and tells that cued players as to when a character could be lying were some of the best animations gamers had seen. More recently, Nvidia pushed the envelope with its own demonstration of some new facial recognition tech back in 2013, called FaceWorks. The company managed to condense something like 32GB of data down to 300MB. Now, developers may just need a smartphone camera.last_img read more

Men women to celebrate gender equality in Berhampur

first_imgKolkata: More than 200 men from 11 districts of Bengal are gathering in Berhampur, Murshidabad to celebrate changes they have experienced in their perception and practices in their behaviour towards women.A two-day unique event will be held at Ganga Bhavan, Berhampur on Friday and Saturday with the aim to promote and celebrate non-aggressive, non-violent masculinity. The participants in the programme will explore issues like patriarchy, masculinity, gender and sexuality through games, debates, songs and other cultural forms. This festival is organised by five NGOs that work to establish gender equality. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeIt may be mentioned that for the past one-and-half-year these men have discussed many things individually and collectively, reflected on their privileges as men and are questioning societal norms that cause issues such as gender discrimination. “On a particular day when I was asked about the immunisation schedule of my daughter, I realized that I had no idea. It shook me up and now I take more responsibility for my daughter. I was wrong to leave all childcare tasks to my wife,” says Samar (name changed), from Bosepukur. He is working with 15 other men to make the club in his locality more inclusive for women. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedMany men are also doing more household chores and are participating more actively in childcare. Baburam, Sanjay, Banshi and many others are doing household chores and trying to lessen the workload of women in their households. Men are motivating others to change and challenge gender discriminatory societal norms. Ranjan, a young man from Jodhpur Park is trying to engage women in popular sports like cricket and football. “I have organised a cricket match between boys and girls and will organize a football match soon,” Ranjan said. The Forum to Engage Men, (FEM) West Bengal is also participating in this festival.last_img read more

Bitcoin The Swindle of the Century

first_imgSeptember 7, 2018 The frenzy around Bitcoin is at a fever pitch, and the reasons are obvious. Its value has skyrocketed over the past year, making millionaires out of early adopters. In its wake, thousands of would-be investors and coin creators are getting in on the action.Related: 6 Cryptocurrencies You Should Know About (and None of Them Are Bitcoin)A quick primer for the uninitiated: Bitcoin is the most well-known and highly regarded of digital assets known as cryptocurrency. It’s presented as an alternative to traditional paper money, with speculative investors buying and selling fractional amounts of Bitcoins (which, as of this writing, are valued at over $6,000 per coin, way down from last December’s high of $19,783) with hopes that their value will rise. Its blockchain-backed anonymity and rocketing valuations have inspired a mass of imitators, each hoping to be the one that truly breaks through and replaces traditional money.For such a recent phenomenon, it may surprise some to learn that Bitcoin has existed since January 2009, created by a (possibly fake) Japanese developer named Satoshi Nakamoto. The dubious reality of its creator is appropriate for reasons I’ll get into later. Whether Nakamoto is an actual person, it’s completely true that “his” creation has dictated the conversation about the future of money and investing in the post-2009 crash era.Possibly the most impressive thing about crypto is how heavily major banks, accounting firms and even consumer corporations have bought into the craze in the near decade since. These big-name endorsements certainly make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seem like a sure bet, but a cursory look beneath the surface reveals a lot of false promises and hype, with a need to dig a little deeper in order to see the real benefit of the crypto craze.Related: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain AnymoreThe BS of BitcoinIt’s not only the idea that Bitcoin will replace the existing currency system that’s extremely questionable. The entire idea of investing in cryptocurrency is where the real swindle happens.Investors, probably more so than any other group of people, are in love with the idea of getting in on the next big thing before it blows up. This isn’t breaking news: It’s how our money’s made. From VC to armchair investors, the idea is to buy in when prices are low and sell when they are high. So, it’s only natural that an unregulated and complex field like crypto attracts a lot of excitement for a certain type of investor, maybe someone who’s not as money-savvy but has caught on to the transformative power of the internet. The online aspect only democratizes it further: When anyone can buy in, anyone can profit.Which is where things get troubling. At the heart of it, cryptocurrency is a fraud. We’ve all been sold on Bitcoin as the official future currency of the internet, its evangelists painting a picture of a world where our spending is safely anonymized and no longer subject to the whims of international bankers and governments. A number of retailers have bought in as well, meaning Bitcoin can buy you anything from a hotel room to pizza delivery. Sounds great, sure, but at its essence, crypto has proven to be something else entirely.It’s not a true medium of exchange the way that government bank-backed paper money is. Bitcoin is an asset, and a particularly dangerous one to drop any amount of your investment money into. While it can be exchanged for goods, these transactions amount to barter deals with opportunistic retailers who are likely more eager for the publicity that comes with announcing they’ll accept Bitcoin. You don’t have to take my word for it: No less an authority than JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has identified crypto as a bubble just waiting to bust. When that does happen, good luck paying for your pizza with whatever’s left.Even outside of the volatility of the currencies themselves, that Wild West atmosphere has proven a fertile ground for scammers. Old fashioned Ponzi schemes have gotten a 21st-century facelift thanks to criminals taking advantage of the Bitcoin craze, collecting funds for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) that never materialize. Fittingly for a currency that got its start abetting anonymous drug and weapons deals on dark web trading posts, unscrupulous operators have flocked to Bitcoin as their latest medium for ripping off the uninitiated. Consider yourself warned.Related: How Digital Wallets and Mobile Payments Are Evolving and What It Means for YouThe real benefitWhile Bitcoin as an investment is radioactive and not to be touched, it’s not the case that the whole cryptocurrency movement hasn’t created something of real benefit. The dangerous part of Bitcoin is in the unpredictability of the human element in the form of deceptive labeling and scams. The technology underpinning it all, free of hype and deceptions, is surprisingly trustworthy.The “crypto” in cryptocurrency comes from cryptography: the encryption technology that makes bitcoin transactions secure. Not only that, but all secure online activity is safe through the use of encrypted lines of code that can’t be broken by third parties. The encrypted ledger of Bitcoin transactions, known as blockchain, represents the safest data transfer medium ever created online. Burying your gold coins in the backyard was never this secure.The blockchain works because it isn’t stored on one central server: To alter its code would mean compromising a number of machines across a wide network, a near-impossible task for even the craftiest hacker. This level of security in transactions makes blockchain useful not only for ethereal assets like cryptocurrencies but real-money movement by banks and individuals alike.Once the Bitcoin craze blows away, we’ll be left with a truly transformative tool: a new, safe way to conduct business online. The evangelists weren’t completely wrong, only misguided. The bitcoins themselves won’t be changing our world, but the blockchain built to host them absolutely will. Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 6 min read Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more

Road blocked due to accident

first_img (Image: Inrix) Get the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailUPDATE: The road reopened shortly before 10pm A road is closed in a Staffordshire Moorlands village following an accident this evening. Park Lane in Knypersley is blocked in both directions and there is slow traffic from Harlech Drive to Woodland Street. Traffic is reported to be getting heavy on A527/ Tunstall Road all the way back to Millhayes Sports Ground Northbound but has cleared Southbound. Inrix, the traffic data company, reports recovery has been called to the scene – with the accident thought to have taken place at around 6.30pm. A StokeonTrentLive reporter who went to the scene said: “I can see two police cars, there are no ambulances. “Cars coming from Biddulph Moor direction are diverting down Moorland Street.” One eyewitness reported police, paramedics and firefighters were at the scene earlier, although we are yet to confirm that independently. Read MorePolice warn cyclists not to ride on motorways in West Midlands Want to keep up to date with the latest traffic and travel news?Each day Stoke-on-Trent Live journalists bring you the latest news on the roads and railways across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire, South Cheshire and further afield to help keep you on the move. For the very latest updates on roads including the M6, A500, A50 and more, visit our dedicated traffic and travel news channel here. We also run a live news feed each weekday, which you can access on our website’s homepage from 7am to 9pm from Monday to Friday. And for more as-we-get-it updates on the roads across the region and beyond, join The Sentinel’s traffic and travel Facebook group here.last_img read more

SafeMessage An AIbased biometric authentication solution for messaging platforms

first_imgToday, ID R&D, the biometric solutions provider offering proprietary AI-based behavioral, voice, and anti-spoofing user authentication capabilities, releases SafeMessage, the industry’s first biometric authentication technology for messaging. ID R&D will be demoing SafeMessage, as well as its other award-winning voice and behavioral biometric products, today at FinovateFall. SafeMessage, offers multi-layer continuous authentication of verified users when integrated across messaging platforms (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Slack, and others) without impacting user’s experience. It combines voice, behavioral, and facial recognition, along with voice and facial “liveness” analysis to provide unmatched authentication and security. Requiring a mere 1-2 seconds of free speech, keystrokes, or facial scans, SafeMessage adds to ID R&D’s suite of comprehensive, frictionless biometric solutions. SafeMessage provides frictionless, yet continuous authentication, and can also differentiate between an authorized user and a voice recording or a computer-generated simulation (for voice input). Alexey Khitrov, CEO of ID R&D says, “ID R&D is thrilled to be the first to introduce frictionless authentication to messaging apps and platforms. Now secure and seamless communication is a possibility for all end users, whether over text, mobile app, instant message, chat, or the internet.” To know more about SafeMessage, visit ID R&D website. Read Next Microsoft Edge introduces Web Authentication for passwordless web security Machine learning APIs for Google Cloud Platform Google updates biometric authentication for Android P, introduces BiometricPrompt APIlast_img read more

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires 28 Comments   Share   Top Stories The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Ohio State defensive lineman Nick Bosa runs a drill during the NFL football scouting combine, Sunday, March 3, 2019, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings) Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The Arizona Cardinals are reportedly meeting with potential No. 1 overall pick and former Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa on Friday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.The Cardinals reportedly met with former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray earlier in the month on the campus of his old school.After Bosa was the predominant favorite to go to the Cardinals at No. 1 in mock drafts prior to March, Murray has now become the overwhelming top name mocked to the top spot. At the NFL Combine, Bosa told media that the Cardinals would be making a “big mistake” passing on him with the first selection.Related LinksESPN names Alford signing as Cards’ most impactful offseason moveCardinals have the most defensive production to replace in NFLList of former Cardinals players Arians, Bettcher brought to new teamsThe Cardinals, who selected quarterback Josh Rosen No. 10 overall a year ago, hired head coach Kliff Kingsbury this offseason before old videos surfaced of the former Texas Tech coach offering high praise for Murray.When asked more recently, Kingsbury clarified his comments on a former opponent.“I get we have the first pick and there’s going to be a million scenarios over the next three months that are going to come up,” Kingsbury said. “No — Josh is our guy. Kyler is a tremendous player. I said that, was being very complementary before playing an opponent. I understand the soundbite.”Bosa played in three games for the Buckeyes in his junior season after suffering a core injury.In 2017, a full sophomore season, Bosa recorded 34 tackles, 16.0 for loss, to go with 8.5 sacks, two passes defensed and a forced fumble.Bosa has a connection to the Cardinals new linebackers coach Bill Davis, who coached the position for the last two years at Ohio State.last_img read more

Audit chief hauls public broadcaster over the coals

first_imgAuditor-general Odysseas Michaelides hauled the public broadcaster over the coals on Thursday, even hinting that certain financial peccadillos within the organisation could potentially amount to criminal activity.Speaking at the House watchdog committee, reviewing the audit office’s 2017 report on the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC), Michaelides said that the pension fund’s reserves have “evaporated” over the years.Back in 2008, the fund’s reserves amounted to €53m; by 2016 they were down to just €3m.Michaelides said he has referred this matter to the attorney-general, who has relayed the information to the police for investigation.What’s more, the pension fund is currently in the red to the tune of €122m.The auditor-general sounded the alarm over hiring practices in the CyBC, noting the growing trend of hiring people on a contractual basis.It appeared that CyBC was increasingly shifting to hiring contract workers.“This looks like a precursor to scrapping full-time positions, which I don’t think is a sound policy,” Michaelides noted.At the moment CyBC employs 256 contract workers (associates) whose combined annual wages come to €7.9m; the state-run organisation also employs 85 full-time workers with combined annual wages of €5.3m.In his report, the auditor-general also flagged a problem with verifying the academic qualifications of staff.And there was the matter of ongoing lax conduct at CyBC, with managers failing to punch in and out.“What message does the manager convey to the rest of the staff when he does not punch in his card?”On the purchase of legal services, Michaelides said CyBC was no better than other semi-governmental organisations.The public broadcaster has been using the same law firm since 1957, without bothering to invite tenders for the best offer for legal services.You May LikeRelocation Target10 Of The Most Isolated Inhabited Communities On EarthRelocation TargetUndoLung Cancer | Search AdsStages Of Lung Cancer You’d May Just IgnoreLung Cancer | Search AdsUndoSwift VerdictInside The Real Estate Property Where Robbie Williams Lives NowSwift VerdictUndo Korkolis brings magic to the stageUndoTwo of serial killer’s victims buried in PhilippinesUndoRussian opposition leader Navalny hospitalised for allergic reactionUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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