Saskatoon police clarify comment about investigation at FSIN

first_imgFederation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations in Saskatoon says ‘business continues as usual.’Dennis WardKathleen MartensAPTN NewsAfter a number of back and forth emails, the Saskatoon Police Service has confirmed that it is investigating an individual – or individuals – at the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) but the focus of the investigation is not known.The information was confirmed in an email response to questions posed to police by APTN News starting Wednesday night.“I can tell you that the Saskatoon Police Service is investigating an allegation which was reported to us, but as it is a file that is still being investigated, we will not be commenting further,” said Kelsie Fraser, senior public affairs consultant for Saskatoon Police Service.But on Thursday Fraser contacted APTN to clarify her original statement.“I need to clarify that it is not the FSIN that is under investigation, but an individual(s),” Fraser said.The news caps a strange period at the FSIN where an election is currently underway for a new chief, first vice-chief and third vice-chief on Oct. 25.On Monday Sept. 24, police were called to FSIN headquarters because of a disturbance.No charges were laid.When informed late Wednesday night that the police were investigating the FSIN, APTN was sent a short statement.The FSIN executive “Has become aware of a report of an alleged police investigation against the organization from the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network,” the statement said.“The FSIN has retained legal counsel to address these false allegations. The FSIN also cannot comment further on any matters pertaining to issues that are now under litigation.”No one at the FSIN has spoken to APTN after this correspondence.Last Friday, the FSIN had a similar response when contact by APTN about a different story.“We want to clarify and confirm that the FSIN is not under criminal investigation and business continues as usual,” Vice Chief David Pratt said in a statement. FSIN chief Bobby Cameron is seeking another three-year term.The FSIN says “until the election on October 25th and the position of Chief is filled, no Interim Chief will be appointed at this time.  The administration will continue under the Executive Operating Officer, Dawn Walker.”last_img read more

Moroccos Foreign Minister to sue Annas newspaper

Rabat – Foreign Minister, Salaheddine Mezouar decided to sue arabic-speaking paper “Annas” for “publishing false information and undermining his honor and dignity,” his defense said on Tuesday. “Upon his return from his working visit in Peru and the Dominican Republic and following a meeting with his lawyers on the case of false allegations against him by Annas newspaper, Foreign Minister, Salaheddine Mezouar, decided to sue the paper, given the dangerous nature of the accusations that were published, including misleading information that Mezouar is the holder of a French passport,” said the minister’s defense.These accusations, the same source added, are “an affront to the dignity and honor of the minister of foreign affairs and cooperation.” Annas the newspaper has alleged recently that Mezouar holds the French nationality.The Moroccan official denied in a statement the information that he described as “false and devoid of any credibility.” read more

Algeria Tops NonTransparent Country in The World US State Department

Rabat – Algeria ranks as the top “non-transparent” country in the world, according to the U.S. State Department’s 2017 report on government fiscal transparency.Although Algeria made significant progress publically publishing its budget documents and obligations, the public information did not provide “comprehensive treatment of allocations to and earnings from state-owned enterprises.”  Nor did it publish an executive budget proposal or end-of-year reports within a reasonable period of time, stated the U.S. State Department.Algerian government kept a number of off-budget accounts, and while they were subject to audit with the results made public, the government apparently made “efforts to reduce the number of off-budget accounts,” according to the report, which assessed the practices of 140 governments. Natural resource contracts or licenses awarded by the Algerian national government “were specified in law and appeared to be followed in practice.”The State Department report indicated that Algeria’s fiscal transparency would be improved if it were to publish its executive budget proposal and end-of-year reports within a “reasonable period of time,” and if “the government provided detailed debt obligations and revenues and expenditures in the budget, including those for state-owned enterprises.”Algeria ranked at the same level as Iraq, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Maldives, Lesotho, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Yemen.In contrast, Morocco is ranked by the report as among “the countries that have met minimum requirements of fiscal transparency for 2017.”Edited by Elisabeth Myers read more

Greater regional integration can build more resilient African economies – UN report

25 June 2009Deeper regional integration is crucial for building stronger and more resilient African economies, particularly in light of the current global financial crisis which has hit the continent hard, the United Nations says in a new report released today. Economic Development in Africa 2009: Strengthening regional economic integration for Africa’s Development, produced by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), argues that regional integration, which would address the long-standing structural weaknesses of African economies, is essential for sustained development.“Better links between countries, ranging from paved roads to banking cooperation, are needed to spur mutual economic growth,” the agency says in a news release. “Indeed, weak physical and institutional infrastructure is the key obstacle to increasing intra-African trade and investment.”The report recognizes the progress made in Africa over the last 20 years in creating subregional institutions dedicated to economic integration. They include the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).However, these groups have not “substantially” increased intra-African trade, investment and mobility of people as expected, says UNCTAD. In fact, the report finds that relative to other regions, Africa has by far the most fragmented market.“The result of intra-African trade is still quite insignificant,” UNCTAD Secretary-General Supachai Panitchpakdi told a news conference in New York yesterday as he launched the report. He added that the cost of transportation is a major factor hampering intra-African trade.In addition, intra-African investment is “quite small,” amounting to about 13 per cent of total foreign direct investment (FDI) into Africa.Mr. Supachai said that Africa has been enjoying some benefits of the 5-6 per cent economic growth experienced between 2002 and 2007, and several nations have made progress in reducing poverty and achieving some of the other targets that make up the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).But these achievements are under threat because the drops in external demand for exports from Africa, remittances from migrant workers, FDI and official development assistance (ODA) will mean that Africa will have less resources for growth, he said. He added that the report comes at the right time, as Member States discuss the global financial crisis and its impact on development at the three-day high-level conference that began at UN Headquarters in New York yesterday. In a related development, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has informed the General Assembly of his intention to confirm Mr. Supachai as head of UNCTAD for a further four-year term beginning on 1 September 2009 and ending on 31 August 2013, according to a spokesperson for the world body. read more

UN inspectors land in Iraq Blix tells Security Council they will go

In prepared remarks to a closed-door meeting of the Council, Hans Blix, Executive Chairman of the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), stressed that inspectors would go anywhere at any time without prior notice. There are 11 inspectors from UNMOVIC and six from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) now in Iraq.Some 100 inspectors plus support staff should be in place by Christmas, while logistics are being strengthened, he added, predicting that by the end of the week, the UN could have the first of eight helicopters in Iraq. A plane is already in place to ferry inspectors and equipment to Iraq from the field office in Larnaca, Cyprus.Reporting on his recent talks with Iraqi officials, Mr. Blix said they had pledged full cooperation with the inspections process. The UN side had emphasized the importance of the declaration by Baghdad – due by 8 December – concerning its weapons of mass destruction, and the Iraqi delegation voiced uncertainty as to how to prepare the text. Mr. Blix, along with IAEA chief Mohammad ElBaradei, declined to interpret the Council resolution that mandated the declaration, but stressed that all proscribed items must be acknowledged.The UNMOVIC chief also made a number of proposals during the talks, including calling for the adoption of laws prohibiting citizens from engaging in programmes related to weapons of mass destruction, according to the text. He also sought Iraqi assistance in setting up a field office in Mosul and in expanding UNMOVIC premises at the Canal Hotel in Baghdad.Commenting on the heavy media interest in the UN’s work in Iraq, Mr. Blix emphasized that no reporters would be allowed at inspection sites. The Iraqi side said it might invite the press to sites following inspections.Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Mr. Blix was asked about Iraq’s contention that it has no weapons of mass destruction. He replied that during talks with officials in Baghdad, he had suggested that “they should look into all their stores and stocks.” Pressed further on the question, he said, “The production of mustard gas is not exactly the same as the production of marmalade – you do expect those who produce chemical weapons to keep some track of what [they] have produced,” he said. “That is in their own interest, and I’m sure they do.” In order to be believed, Iraq must provide either the weapons that remain or full accounts, he stressed.Concerning presidential sites, Mr. Blix said the UN had emphasized that it would inspect all locations on an equal basis. “The Iraqis said they are content to cooperate in all respects under the resolution; they did remark, however, that ministerial buildings and presidential sites are not the same as factories, and that is undeniable,” he reported.To a question as to whether UNMOVIC faces pressure from Washington, he said, “We get recommendations and advice from all countries, including the United States, but I’d like to say that we may not be the brightest in the world but I can tell you we are in nobody’s pockets.” read more

Security Council decides to release Iraqi arms declaration to some members

In a press statement released late Sunday night, the Council Presidency – currently held by Colombia – said the review will be conducted in close coordination and consultation with the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspections Commission (UNMOVIC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and will assist them “in producing a working version of the declaration as soon as possible.”Responding this morning to questions about the Council’s decision, the Secretary-General told reporters as he entered the UN complex that he had “no problem” with it. “I think the Council is the master of its own deliberations,” he said. “If the Council decided to do that, it is their right and I will not quibble with that.”The Secretary-General also counselled patience with the process, saying the UN weapons inspectors should be allowed time to go through the text before any comments are made about it. “The documents have just arrived, and as you all know, the inspectors will have to review them, analyze them, and report to the Council,” Mr. Annan said, noting that the process “is going to take a while.”The Iraqi declaration, which had been handed over to the UN on Saturday evening in Baghdad, arrived on Sunday in New York at 8:40 p.m., a spokesman for the world body reported. “Both experts from UNMOVIC and IAEA have started going through the material,” Fred Eckhard told the press.Interviewed by UN Radio, UNMOVIC spokesman Ewen Buchanan said the initial examination would focus on assessing how to handle the 12,000-page document, including “what is the amount of [text in] Arabic, what is the amount of electronic material, paper material, and how long we reckon it will take us to deal with it.”Meanwhile, Hiro Ueki, a spokesman for the inspection teams, said in Baghdad that an UNMOVIC team returned to the Falluja II site of the Al-Tariq Company, which includes a factory area. “Two separate chemical plants are in the factory area and their major activity is the production of phenol and chlorine,” he said, noting that the chlorine plant is currently inoperative.“The site contains a number of tagged dual-use items of equipment, which were all accounted for,” the spokesman noted. “The objectives of the visit were successfully achieved.”The IAEA inspected Tuwaitha, where five teams used “a wide range of inspection techniques, ranging from visual inspections to sampling for detection of any potential radiological activity using Gamma surveys, water sampling and swipe sampling techniques” and “started to take a physical inventory of nuclear materials” from the site, Mr. Ueki said.At Ash Shakyli, “all buildings were inspected and sampled for the detection of radiological materials,” he added, while the IAEA team at Al Qa Qaa began “inventorying known explosive materials from the past nuclear programme” that had previously been under the Agency’s control. Video of Secretary-General’s press encounter read more

There Were 35 Plays More Costly To The Patriots Than Stephen Gostkowskis

40:12Stephen Gostkowski kicks onside 6 yards, recovered by Shiloh Keo and returned for 3 yards-16.4% 42:303rd & 6Tom Brady pass incomplete short middle intended for Danny Amendola (defended by Kayvon Webster). DEN challenged the incomplete pass ruling, and the play was upheld.-7.3% 27:463rd & 3Tom Brady sacked by DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller for -6 yards-6.4% 32:484th & 11Britton Colquitt punts 53 yards-4.6% 413:393rd & 1C.J. Anderson left tackle for 30 yards (tackle by Devin McCourty)-9.7% 42:332nd & 1Tom Brady pass incomplete short left intended for James White-4.2% Did you hear? Stephen Gostkowski, FiveThirtyEight’s Football Player of the Year,1Who actually uses his feet missed his first extra point since his rookie season, and it cost the New England Patriots a chance to win the AFC championship game and repeat as Super Bowl champions. For shame.Yes, Gostkowski was an important part of getting them there in the first place. Yes, he went 2 for 2 on 3-point field goals and sent all four of his (non-onside) kickoffs for touchbacks. And yes, the miss did come in the first quarter. But see, if he’d made that kick and everything else in the game played out exactly the same way over the next 47 minutes, and the Patriots — down 1 point after their counterfactual final drive — decided to kick an XP instead of going for two, and Gostkowski made that one as well, and the Patriots won in overtime, on the road, they would be getting ready for the big game right now. And in case that logic wasn’t proof enough, Gostkowski himself confessed!To some extent, this line of thinking is natural. Holding people who commit minor sins accountable for major negative results that flow from them is deeply ingrained in modern society. For example, if someone runs a red light and nothing bad happens, he may be cited and fined. But if he hits another car, he may incur civil liability and be sued for damages. If he hits and kills a pedestrian, he may open himself up to criminal liability and be prosecuted. In all three cases, the person may have committed the same sin, but its consequences would stem from the results.But if this were actually a tort case, there is no chance Gostkowski would be held responsible. Even if we presumed he did something wrong — which is a dicey proposition because some amount of human error is built into the expectation for kickers — it could never be considered a proximate cause of the Patriots’ loss, because from the perspective of expectation, things that happen early in games are all pretty fungible.For about the first two-thirds of a game, a 1-point lead is worth about the same as 20 yards of garden-variety field position. The following chart looks at game situations where both teams have all of their timeouts and an equal chance of winning before the game started. One team is at first and 10; the question is: Would that team rather have a 1-point lead and be on its own 20-yard line, or be in a tie game on the 40?2This chart uses an expected wins model created by Brian Burke of ESPN’s Stats and Info Group. 15:051st & 10Steven Jackson middle for 5 yards (tackle by Derek Wolfe). Penalty on Bryan Stork: unnecessary roughness, 15 yards-6.0% 40:213rd & 4Tom Brady pass incomplete short middle intended for Julian Edelman-5.6% 39:011st & 10Peyton Manning pass complete short right to Cody Latimer for 13 yards (tackle by Logan Ryan)-3.8% 112:543rd & 10Peyton Manning pass complete short right to Emmanuel Sanders for 11 yards (tackle by Malcolm Butler)-6.0% 47:301st & 10James White middle for -1 yards (tackle by Shaquil Barrett and Danny Trevathan)-5.1% 17:372nd & 11Peyton Manning pass complete deep middle to Owen Daniels for 21 yards, touchdown-7.7% 214:412nd & 10Tom Brady pass incomplete short right intended for Rob Gronkowski is intercepted by Von Miller at NWE-20 and returned for 4 yards-12.7% For the most part, early in games, points and yards are practically interchangeable, and 1 point — even when it’s the difference between having a lead or not — isn’t really a big deal.3In fact, even the difference between being up 1 and up 2 early in the game is almost identical to the difference between being up 1 and tied. Aside from its point value, having the lead early just doesn’t matter much.To that end, here are the 36 plays that most hurt the Patriots’ chances of beating the Broncos, sorted by how much of an impact they had on the Patriots’ expected win probability, from’s play-by-play:4Note that their win probability model may vary slightly from Burke’s (i.e., PFR suggests Gostkowski’s missed XP hurt the Patriots’ chance of winning by 3.3 percentage points, while Burke’s model says 3 percentage points). Also, ESPN and PFR don’t always agree on the exact times when plays took place. E.g., Gostkowski’s kick appears to have taken place with 1:49 left in the quarter, but PFR records it as 1:53 — the time of the previous play. However, on the field goal by Brandon McManus in the second quarter, ESPN records the time left as 33 seconds, when the clock had been stopped at 38. Rather than going through every discrepancy, this table reflects PFR’s version of events. 111:352nd & 11Peyton Manning pass complete short right to Jordan Norwood for 13 yards (tackle by Logan Ryan)-4.5% 16:563rd & 3Tom Brady pass incomplete short right intended for Rob Gronkowski-4.5% 42:303rd & 1Penalty on Marcus Cannon: false start, 5 yards (no play)-6.2% 10:463rd & 4Peyton Manning pass complete deep left to Emmanuel Sanders for 34 yards (tackle by Malcolm Butler)-10.5% 19:473rd & 6Peyton Manning pass incomplete short left intended for Demaryius Thomas. Penalty on Logan Ryan: defensive pass interference, 14 yards (no play)-6.0% 19:032nd & 3Peyton Manning pass complete short middle to Andre Caldwell for 15 yards (tackle by Justin Coleman)-3.4% 313:254th & 15Britton Colquitt punts 53 yards, returned by Danny Amendola for 1 yard (tackle by Cody Latimer)-5.1% 213:513rd & 6Peyton Manning pass complete short right to Owen Daniels for 12 yards, touchdown-7.6% 20:384th & 3Brandon McManus 52 yard field goal good-6.3% 46:512nd & 11Tom Brady pass incomplete deep right intended for James White-4.7% 40:124th & 4Two Point Attempt: Tom Brady pass incomplete intended for Julian Edelman, conversion fails-35.4% 36:421st & 10Tom Brady sacked by Von Miller for -6 yards-3.6% 113:173rd & 8Tom Brady pass incomplete short middle intended for Rob Gronkowski-3.6% 46:034th & 1Tom Brady pass complete short left to Julian Edelman for -1 yards (tackle by Chris Harris and Aqib Talib)-9.1% 48:231st & 10Tom Brady pass incomplete deep right intended for Rob Gronkowski-3.4% 22:344th & 14Britton Colquitt punts 48 yards, fair catch by Danny Amendola-4.3% 310:353rd & 10Tom Brady pass incomplete short middle intended for Danny Amendola (defended by Chris Harris)-4.0% 39:493rd & 10Peyton Manning right tackle for 12 yards (tackle by Logan Ryan)-8.5% 30:492nd & 10Tom Brady pass incomplete short right intended for Julian Edelman-3.4% 30:453rd & 10Tom Brady sacked by Von Miller for -4 yards-5.8% 42:254th & 6Tom Brady pass incomplete short middle intended for Rob Gronkowski (defended by Aqib Talib)-9.7% QTRTIMEDOWNDESCRIPTIONWIN % CHANGE 24:153rd & 5Tom Brady pass incomplete deep left intended for James White is intercepted by Darian Stewart at DEN-36 and returned for 8 yards-11.1% 11:53Stephen Gostkowski kicks extra point no good-3.3% The blame game that inevitably follows close outcomes in sports (and elsewhere) can be infuriatingly good fun. But people favor easy-to-score counterfactuals over murky ones and in general don’t create ad hoc narratives along the lines of, “Wow, that incomplete pass in the third quarter cost them a chance to win that game,” even though it may have been much more consequential than an early extra point. read more

After HandballPlanet award Anna Vyakhireva is Rio 2016 MVP

Anna Vyakhirevario 2016 handball As the women’s handball competition at the 2016 Olympic Games wraps up, the All-star Team, Most Valuable Player and top scorer are announced. The MVP is Anna Vykhireva, who won the Adriatic Handball Planet Young WORLD PLAYER 2015/2016 title only three months ago.Obviously, handball journalists around the Globe now their job…MVP: Anna Vyakhireva (RUS)All-star TeamGoalkeeper: Kari Aalvik Grimsbo (NOR)Left wing: Polina Kuznetzova (RUS)Left back: Allison Pineau (FRA)Centre back: Daria Dmitrieva (RUS)Right back: Alexandra Lacrabere (FRA)Right wing: Nathalie Hagman (SWE)Pivot: Heide Loke (NOR)Top scorer: Nora Mork (NOR) – 62 goalsPHOTO: IHF, Stephane Pillaud ← Previous Story Mikkel Hansen is MVP of the Olympic tournament 2016 Next Story → Youth French team conqueres Europe read more

Hadopi 3 F Mitterrand nen voit pas lutilité

first_imgHadopi 3: F. Mitterrand n’en voit pas l’utilitéNicolas Sarkozy a annoncé vouloir mettre en place une nouvelle loi Hadopi pour lutter cette fois contre le streaming illégal. Mais pour le ministre de la Culture, cette option paraît inutile.Frédéric Mitterrand, Ministre de la Culture a récemment réagi aux propos de Nicolas Sarkozy le 18 novembre à Avignon sur la création d’une loi Hadopi 3. Ce dernier souhaitait lutter contre le streaming illégal, qui remplace sensiblement le téléchargement peer-to-peer dans le piratage d’œuvres culturelles. Pour le Ministre, écrire et proposer au vote une nouvelle loi est inutile, et il serait plus pertinent de renforcer la Haute Autorité en place pour qu’elle puisse mieux comprendre et combattre ces usages rappelle Génération NT.À lire aussiSpotify s’installe enfin sur BlackBerryInvité du Buzz Média Orange – Le Figaro, il a déclaré: “Non, pourquoi il y aurait une nouvelle fois. Enfin, pour l’instant je ne vois pas pourquoi il y aurait une nouvelle loi. Il y aura peut-être un jour une nouvelle loi, peut-être qu’il y aura un jour une nouvelle révolution. Mais compte-tenu de l’évolution actuelle des technologies, il est certain que Hadopi sera appelée à élargir son champ de réflexion, à modifier peut-être quelques-unes des méthodes et des procédures.”Eric Besson, Ministre en charge de l’Economie Numérique avait lui-même émis de légères réserves, en indiquant que le dossier était une commande du Président de la République mais que pour le moment la technique ne permettait pas de stopper le visionnage illégal d’œuvres. “Nous trouverons”, avait alors conclu M. Besson.Les Ministres semblent aujourd’hui embarrassés par la déclaration du Président, eux qui sont en charge du sensible dossier du téléchargement illégal.Le 22 novembre 2011 à 18:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Les premières cartes mères Thunderbolt dévoilées

first_imgLes premières cartes mères Thunderbolt dévoiléesMSI et Asus ont dévoilé les premières cartes mères Thunderbolt. Elles devraient être présentées en détails lors du prochain Salon Computex.MSI et Asus ont chacun annoncé l’arrivée prochaine de leur première carte mère équipée d’un contrôleur Intel Thunderbolt Cactus Ridge 2C. La carte MSI Z77A-GD80, tout d’abord, utilise le chipset Intel IZ77. Cette carte mère est équipée d’un port USB 3.0, huit SATA, et un ethernet. Cette carte MSI peut résister à des conditions de températures extrêmes, ainsi qu’aux vibrations et à l’humidité.Asus propose, pour sa part, la carte P8Z77-V Premium qui s’impose comme son nouveau haut de gamme grand public. Elle est dotée du chipset Intel Z77 et d’un socket LGA1155. Elle dispose de quatre slots PCI-E, compatibles Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0 et 32 Go de mémoire cache. Celle-ci devrait coûter 430 euros et être disponible en juin prochain.La technologie Thunderbolt n’en est qu’à ses balbutiements et ne fonctionne qu’avec Apple pour l’instant. Elle devrait se développer à l’avenir et le prix des équipements baisser progressivement.Le 24 mai 2012 à 20:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

White House delays key element of health care law

first_imgWASHINGTON — The sudden delay of a major part of President Barack Obama’s historic health care overhaul is raising questions about other potential problems lurking in the homestretch. The requirement that many employers provide coverage is just one part of a complex law. But its one-year postponement has taken administration allies and adversaries alike by surprise.White House officials said Wednesday that the delay was firm and won’t be extended after a year — and that the overhaul will still be fully implemented by the time Obama leaves office. But the officials, who were not authorized to discuss internal deliberations on the record and spoke only on condition of anonymity, wouldn’t rule out delays or tweaks to other provisions. The White House action means that some companies that would have offered health insurance next year to avoid fines will not do so now. They’re mainly firms with many low-wage workers, such as restaurants, hotels and temporary staffing companies. The workers, however, will still be able to get coverage. Many may qualify for subsidized insurance through new marketplaces to debut Oct. 1, less than three months away. The fact that new problems are popping up at this late stage could be a sign of additional troublesome issues ahead. It underscores a recent warning by the Government Accountability Office that the “timely and smooth” rollout of the new insurance markets can’t be guaranteed, partly because much of the technology to run them hasn’t been fully tested.last_img read more

ASAEs Associations Now Magazine Set to Relaunch in October

first_imgASAE, The Center for Association Leadership, has announced plans to relaunch its publication, Associations Now, which will also coincide with the launch of a mobile app, a dedicated online news site, and a daily email newsletter. The relaunch is slated for October, and ASAE has aligned with TMG Custom Media to assist in development and strategy. ASAE is targeting a 360-degree approach for offering its association members relevant content. Editor-in-chief Julie Shoop describes the changes as “an extension of a really strong brand.” While the publication is redesigning its print product, Shoop indicates that what is significant is the addition of digital products. She says that, “Like every other publisher out there, we understand that the world has changed, as has the way we consume information. We were not in the digital space as a magazine, so the expansion into the digital world is a big step here.” In addition to the new digital products, organization was also vital in the relaunch. “In the past, people found it hard to find what they were looking for in the magazine, so we are going to have five standing sections, in addition to features, that cover major topic areas—leadership, technology, membership, money and business, and meetings. All of that content was in the magazine before, but it wasn’t organized,” says Shoop. She also says that organizing content in this manner will work well in the digital space. “The strength of the content is what brings people to it. Our current audience will find this really engaging and easier to use,” she adds.Associations Now previously did not have its own website, separate from the association. Shoop hopes that this new offering will not only enhance the existing reader’s experience, but also attract a new audience. “This is truly a launch, it didn’t exist before” Shoop says, adding, “[The site] will offer fresh online content every day, and is a new kind of content that ASAE has never provided.” For the time being, Associations Now’s app will be a digital replica of the print publication. However, Shoop suggests that the technology does allow for interactivity within the content and for adverters. She describes the app as “pretty basic,” and states that, for now, they “are not putting a lot of bells and whistles in it.” Associations Now is still finalizing its relaunch elements before the October release. However, Shoop discloses that the preliminary “buzz is good,” from those who have seen design mock-ups and strategy plans. She describes the ASAE community as “very engaged” and thinks the audience will embrace the publication’s new methods for delivering content.last_img read more

Transforming perspectives on trauma through paintings of hope

first_imgVideo by Joey MendoliaThe Solutions Desk looks beyond Alaska’s problems and reports on its solutions – the people and programs working to make Alaska communities stronger. Listen to more solutions journalism stories and conversations, and share your own ideas here.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>Tarah Hargrove stands before a massive painting. One side is dominated by grey cinder blocks and stencils of guns. The other by a yellow sky filled with birds. And in the center is a giant portrait of Hargrove, herself. Her chin is lifted, and she looks defiantly at the viewer, magenta radiating from her hair.“So my inner narcissist was like, ‘Yay! My face!” Hargrove said, laughing about her first impression of the four-panel mural painted by University of Alaska Anchorage students. Though she’s light-hearted, she knows that sharing he story – her truth – through the artwork is essential.Last fall she was invited by a professor, Steve Gordon, to tell a group of beginning art students about her life. She started with her unstable childhood: her abusive stepfather had substance misuse problems, she was raped and she attempted suicide. Despite that, as a young adult she did well in school, started her own business and helped raise her younger sister.Tarah Hargrove poses in front of the mural depicting her story created by students at University of Alaska Anchorage. (Joey Mendolia/Alaska Public Media)Things got rocky again in her early 20s and eventually she started using and selling street drugs and ended up in prison. Hargrove said she feels like being open and honest about her decisions, both good and bad, has ripple effects.“When we’re being honest, and we’re being vulnerable, and we’re being intimate — Intimacy is the key to having connection,” she said. And through those connections people are more likely to care about others and take time to stop and help people. To engage with them.Hargrove wasn’t always so willing to engage with others or with herself. She said her turning point is illustrated on the mural with the overlapping, seemingly endless images of guns. Before going to prison, she was violently beaten by her ex-boyfriend.“Like I got my ass beat so bad it changed my life,” she explained. “And my gun was involved. It was my gun that they used on me, on my head. So it was I mean, it’s kind of pinnacle (for me).”She permanently lost hearing in one ear and realized she needed a dramatic change in her life. When she went to prison she participated in different programs that helped her deconstruct the way she looked at the world and start her path to recovery. She said she started removing the layers of dishonesty and bitterness she used to justify her actions. She wanted to be candid and straight-forward.A mural created by students at University of Alaska Anchorage about Adverse Childhood Experiences. (Joey Mendolia/Alaska Public Media)And those are some of the traits that struck Arlitia Jones when the two women first met for the mural project. Jones is a playwright who took the nighttime art class at UAA because she wanted to learn to paint. She thought she’d be painting flowers and still lifes, not someone’s intimate story of trauma. It made her nervous because she wasn’t sure someone could be truly open about their difficult past.Jones said Hargrove was not what she expected. “My first reaction to Tarah was when she walked in and I saw this woman, I was like, ‘Wow. That woman doesn’t look like she’s had anything happen. She’s very physically beautiful, and so strong.’”And then Hargrove opened up about her story and laid out all of the details.Meeting Hargrove made Jones re-evaluate some of the assumptions she makes about people and their life experiences.“Now walking around, I’m not going to say that, ‘Oh, I never judge people anymore,’ because I do. Every day,” Jones said. “But just there’s this little voice in the back like, ‘Wait a minute, you know, you don’t know that whole story and how we cover up.’”Jones said she hopes that when people see the mural, they’ll see Hargrove’s strength and determination. That she has to work hard every day to keep her relationships strong to and care for her daughter, but that she’s doing it. Her story, like the painting, has moved from dark to light.A mural created by students at University of Alaska Anchorage about Adverse Childhood Experiences. (Joey Mendolia/Alaska Public Media)Hargrove wants people who see the piece to think about all of the young people they meet.“So you’re going to Christmas and there’s like that one kid who acts like an assh*le, and you’re like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ There’s probably something really wrong with them,” Hargrove said.She asks that people don’t just write the kid off – like adults did with her.Hargrove never says her life was hard. She likens her experiences to special access to extra information about the world that helps her connect with others.“I’m not trying to be like, ‘The quality of my life is better than other people’s,’ but the quality of my life is better than other people’s,” she said, matter-of-factly. “Because I’m aware, and I get to love people for real. I have no qualms about that.” She said she’ll take extra steps to help people, even if others judge her for it.The two women hope this mural and the six others that will be on display around town will change perceptions about the effects of childhood trauma. Because if people receive love and support, their stories don’t have to end with more pain. They can begin again – with hope.The murals will be on display from February 8 to March 8 by the Downtown Transit Center in Anchorage. In April they’ll be at the Loussac Library before moving to the Mat-Su Health Foundation in May.last_img read more

Pedal for the Planet

first_imgWWF-India, in association with Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance hosted Pedal for the Planet 2017, a Cyclothon and Walkathon to celebrate the world’s largest grassroots environmental campaign – Earth Hour 2017 on March 25.Earth Hour 2017 celebrates a decade of climate action with people from more than 7000 cities across the globe set to take a stand against climate change. In the last ten years, Earth Hour has gone from being a token switch-off event to becoming the largest voluntary movement ever witnessed in history. As the planet continues to witness climate records being broken and the need for greater ambition and commitment accelerates, Earth Hour is mobilising individuals, communities and organisations globally to do their part to help change climate change. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe Earth Hour India campaign focuses on the need to inspire individuals, corporates and other organisations, schools, colleges, RWAs and housing societies to become Earth Hour Superheroes, undertake five simple actions and lend their voice to the largest grassroots level environment campaign in the world. As every year, this year too Earth Hour noted unprecedented support from all quarters across the country through various innovative Earth Hour events and the switching-off of landmark monuments and buildings in India to mark the movement. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe exhilarating 21 kilometer cyclothon, covered over two rounds and the 3.5km walkathon. The residents of Delhi NCR enthusiastically participated to promote the cause of Earth Hour and ask people to switch off their lights during the hour later that night. Pedal for the Planet is a WWF-India initiative that aims to raise awareness about Earth Hour and promote a healthier, greener and more sustainable lifestyle at an individual level. Every year, since 2009, hundreds of citizens of Delhi NCR have been gathering in an enormous show of support for Earth Hour at the Pedal for the Planet Cyclothon and Walkathon. In the past decade, as global efforts to control climate change gained momentum, Earth Hour has helped bridge the gap between the grassroots and the corridors of power, taking climate action from conference rooms to living rooms in over 172 countries. Anuj Mathur, Chief Executive Officer, Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance said, “We are pleased to partner for the 9th consecutive year with WWF-India for the Earth Hour ‘Pedal for the Planet’ initiative. We at Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance have always encouraged our employees in initiatives which promote sustainable lifestyle and safeguards the planet. It is heartening to see the increasing awareness around the world on the need to preserve the environment and within our organisation we are taking all steps to contribute to this cause.” Speaking about the success of the campaign and the event, Ravi Singh, Secretary General and CEO, WWF-India said, “Earth Hour is our attempt to inspire and empower individuals and help them fight against the complex issue of climate change. The enormous enthusiasm and support that we’ve witnessed for Earth Hour at the Pedal for the Planet Cyclothon is very humbling, it is great to see people coming together and committing to fight for a common cause that threatens the world as we know it.”last_img read more

Breaking News High winds at Van Reenen warn N3TC

first_imgClick on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! Wind speeds of over 110 kilometres per hour have been recorded at Van Reenen.Motorists in trucks and those towing caravans should avoid the pass or travel with extreme caution.Especially near ‘Windy Corner’, which, in the past, has seen many vehicles flip over.DID YOU KNOW? WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki embarks on US554m reno including name change

first_imgHawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki embarks on US$55.4m reno, including name change Posted by Tags: Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki Share Tuesday, December 6, 2016 center_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Travelweek Group With the next generation of Hawaii travellers in mind, Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki and Golf Club, a Waikiki favourite for more than 25 years, has begun an extensive US$55.4 million redevelopment and repositioning.Aimed for completion in spring 2017, the property will emerge as a brand new hotel with a brand new name: Prince Waikiki. All of its new design and rebranding elements will share the story of its Waikiki location history and heritage as a prominent gathering place. The refurbishment marks the hotel’s first major remodel since its grand opening on April 20, 1990.Situated at the gateway to Waikiki overlooking the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, Prince Waikiki is a choice location at the epicentre of four of Oahu’s popular neighbourhoods: downtown/Chinatown Honolulu, Kakaako, Ala Moana and world-famous Waikiki.Such a central location allows guests to explore everything modern Honolulu offers, from the world-class beaches and shopping of Waikiki and Ala Moana, to all the multicultural and multifaceted food and restaurant neighbourhoods residents love, to rainforest and waterfall hiking trail escapes bordering the city.The property will heighten its guest experience with 563 transformed oceanfront guest rooms and suites, all-new dining options, a modernized lobby with elevated personalized services, a new infinity pool and enhanced meeting space. Hawaii-based G70 (formerly Group 70 International) is the project’s lead architect. Los Angeles-based Creative Resource Associates (CRA) Design will focus on interior design.“We’re innovating the overall resort experience to meet the needs and expectations of today’s traveller by creating a sanctuary within Waikiki that focuses on setting a higher standard for guest services with an eye on quality,” said hotel general manager, Chuck Abbot. “Our remodeled guest rooms with floor-to-celling panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean will emphasize relaxation with their natural colour scheme, décor, furniture and appointments.”With a focus on upgrading services, Prince Waikiki will offer an all-new experience with thoughtful design touches and new amenities. Guests will immediately feel a Hawaii sense of place at the hotel and discover the rich history of its location.“In working with our design team and identifying our Hawaiian heritage we decided to focus on key elements that would really elevate our sense of place and bring our story to life throughout the resort,” said Donn Takahashi, president, Prince Resorts Hawaii. “They are the muliwai, or abundant, thriving esturary; the Piʻinaio, a convergence of three fresh water streams from the mountains; the naio flower, which is an indigenous restorative plant; the hinana, which is a nourishing juvenile fish; and limu ʻeleʻeie which is a rejuvenating seaweed.”Takahashi added, “History tells us that each of these natural elements flourished in the abundance of the meeting of the waters at this site in ancient times. Honouring our guiding value of lokomaikaʻi (good will) in this process, it is our responsibility to share this story with our guests as stewards of this precious site.”As the hotel repositions itself as a sanctuary in Waikiki, becoming more intimate in scale and offering exceptional services, guests will also discover a connection to the area’s history and find artful touches throughout the property. These include a newly commissioned art sculpture designed by acclaimed local artist Kaili Chun.Coinciding with the renovation project, Prince Waikiki is excited to announce new partnerships with KatsuMidori Sushi Tokyo, Watabe Wedding Corporation and Honolulu Coffee. For more visit read more

New voyages announced for Windstars 2019 Europe season

first_img SEATTLE — Windstar Cruises is gearing up for a busy season in Europe next year, with six brand new cruises and 26 Star Collector Voyages scheduled for 2019.Now open for booking, Europe 2019 itineraries start at US$2,399 per guest and feature a total of 163 unique ports of call like Edinburgh, Cork and Harlingen, places where large cruise ships cannot go.“At Windstar we are constantly seeking out new experiences and lesser known ports – hidden treasures that only true small ships can access – to provide curated sailings with custom offerings designed specifically for smaller groups,” said Windstar President John Delaney.Delaney also noted that the cruise line has added 20 new itineraries in Europe in 2018, and that its 2019 season reflects some “fine tuning” based on customer feedback.“We are excited to offer more new itineraries for exploring the region in 2019 and are certain that we will be giving our loyal guests and the well-travelled new reasons to return to Europe,” he said.More news:  Visit Orlando unveils new travel trade tools & agent perksThe six new itineraries debuting in 2019 are:Mediterranean Island Hopping Adventures: This 10-day voyage sails from Barcelona to Athens aboard the Wind SurfAntiquities of the Adriatic & Greece: This eight-day cruise sails from Athens to Venice aboard Wind SurfArtists & Idols of Iberia: This 10-day Iberian cruise aboard Star Breeze explores Portugal, Morocco, Gibraltar and SpainCorinth Canal & Western Epicenters of the Ancient World: Sailing aboard the Star Pride, this 10-day voyage retraces ancient trade routesSecrets of Croatia & Greece via the Corinth Canal: This eight-day voyage aboard Star Pride makes its way from Venice to Athens by way of Slovenia, Croatia and MontenegroStar Collector: Grand Mediterranean: This 51-day extended itinerary combines the new Barcelona to Athens and Athens to Venice itineraries on Wind Surf, plus makes its way from Iberia, around Italy, through the Greek Isles to Turkey and backStar Collector Voyages combine some of the most popular Windstar itineraries to create epic voyages of each region. Sailing for 13+ days with few repeated ports, these voyages range from 14 to 51 days and include free laundry to help lighten the packing load.More news:  Canada raises travel warning amid escalating protests in Hong KongFor more information go to Friday, July 6, 2018 Travelweek Group Share << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img New voyages announced for Windstar’s 2019 Europe season Tags: Windstar Cruises Posted bylast_img read more

Related Ski and Snowboard Carriage Airlines Ski B

first_img RelatedSki and Snowboard Carriage: Airlines Ski Baggage Allowance ComparedSki and Snowboard Carriage: Airlines Ski Baggage Allowance ComparedHow much does it cost to check your ski and snow equipment on the plane?Below we show you a guide with the different charges and billing policies that the main airlines apply to fly with skis and snowboards.Cheap DIY Ski Trips: How to save on Ski HolidaysSkyscanner’s Guide to Cheap Skiing & snowboarding Trips 1. Buy the right luggage for the jobThere’s nothing more depressing than sitting on a plane, waiting to take off, with nothing to look at but your ski and snowboarding equipment being thrown around with careless abandon. Finding the right bag for your skis or snowboard can help minimise any potential damage that might befall your snow gear. If it’s a short trip to the mountains, consider basic ski or snowboard bags with a shoulder strap, but for long-haul holidays think about buying something sturdier, especially if you’ve got connecting flights. If you’re staying for a week or more, opt for a ‘coffin’ style bag which will provide extra padding and more room for the gear you might not be able to cram into your suitcase. These usually come with wheels, which can be a godsend if the bag’s full. Do you really want to pull a muscle before you’ve even hit the slopes?Skyscanner luggage suggestions:Salomon’s Extend Ski Bag is lightweight, stylish and costs just £45*. For the boarders, there’s **[Burton’s Gig Bag](**, which costs £75. The best bit? The strap at the bottom can be used to attach the bag to a skateboard. Hey presto – a DIY wheeled snowboard bag! Improve your slope-style credentials with Burton’s camo-style **[Wheelie Board Case](**, which will fit two boards (or two pairs of skis) with bindings and boots, with lots of space left for other essentials. At £190 it’s slightly more expensive than non-wheeled bags, but in reality you’re getting a very large suitcase.![Burton board bag]( “Burton board bag”)##2. Rack or box? Get protectedStrapping your kit to the roof of the car with bungee cords might well save you cash, but it’s a recipe for disaster. Luckily roof racks and boxes don’t need to cost the earth, and they’re incredibly easy to fit, too. After all, reading thick manuals about how to fix roof racks to cars isn’t our idea of a good time, and we’re sure it’s not yours, either.It’s also important to remember that while you can easily spend thousands of pounds on certain models, many offer features you won’t need, such as alarms or hi-tech release systems. Racks are generally cheaper and lighter, but you’ll need to pick the best roof rack or rooftop box for your personal needs, depending on whether you’re carrying skis or snowboards. It’s also worth bearing in mind that racks offer less protection from the elements, along with dirt thrown up from the road’s surface, and in winter roads are often sprayed with salt, which is bad news for the metal edges of your beloved skis or snowboard.**There are several advantages to a box:** easier access to your gear, more room for other kit, and the ability to stash either skis or snowboard inside. Some models are so roomy you could literally throw the kitchen sink in! ###**Skyscanner box and rack suggestions:****Thule** are to ski boxes and ski racks what Apple are to iPods. Their super sleek **[Motion XT M roof box](** is one of the most popular options for winter sports fans, and although we’re not in the habit of lusting after roof boxes, it’s pretty darn sexy, too. With a price tag of £435, it’s got room for a couple of pairs of skis or snowboards and has been designed so that your car boot is still accessible, even when it’s mounted.![Thule Motion XT M roof box]( “Thule Motion XT M roof box”)[![Search for flights for ski holidays now]( “Search for flights for ski holidays now”)]( Check airline fees for equipment before you bookMake sure you research the cost of ski or snowboard carriage before booking your flight, whether you’re booking cheap flights to France or splashing out on flights to America’s best ski areas. If you don’t, you could easily end up spending the cost of the ticket on carriage costs – money you’d much rather be spending in that slope-side après-ski bar in Val d’Isère. Budget airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet charge for transporting gear, whereas some airlines like BA or Swiss Air will accept skis and snowboards as part of your normal baggage allowance. Find out more with **our guide to [ski and snowboard baggage allowances and fees](**![Check airline fees for equipment before you book]( “Check airline fees for equipment before you book”)##4. Get savvy, start space-saving Those enormous clunky ski boots you hate trudging through the snow in? They’re actually wonderful space-savers – stuff your socks, pants and beanies into them and you’ll soon find you’ve got more space than you know what to do with. When you’re packing boards or skis, make sure you fold the bindings flat (or remove them entirely – it only takes a second) and make full use of the space between them. Use helmet straps to attach your headgear to rucksack, and choose your hand luggage carefully. Europe’s best ski resorts (Tignes and Verbier are particularly notorious) might well be filled with designer handbag-wielding, fur coat-clad A-listers, but that Chanel tote has no place in a ski resort. Instead, double up when it comes to carry-on luggage, using the rucksack you’ll be wearing on the slopes.###**Want more money and time saving tips like this straight to your inbox? Sign-up for our free weekly newsletter**###**Planning on hitting the slopes this winter? The following guides have been designed with skiers and snowboarders in mind:**###[**The best ski resorts for late season snow**]( can save huge amounts of cash by heading to the mountains in March or April, and these resorts will have still have plenty of snow.###[**10 lesser-known ski resorts**]( to avoid the crowds? Head to one of these resorts.###[**Top 10 things to do in Porto**]( picture-perfect alpine vistas are your priority, these resorts are for you._Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on [flights](, [hotels]( and [car hire]( ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

Corrupt official gets an extra 15 months jail time

first_imgConvicted former Paphos sewerage board director Eftychios Malikkides was handed an additional 15 months in prison on Wednesday after admitting to taking bribes from a waste management company.Malikkides, who was also the technical adviser for the project, admitted to taking €165,000 from Helector to help the company collect its dues.As operator of two landfills – one at Marathounda, Paphos, the other at Koshi, Larnaca – Helector is alleged to have overcharged municipalities – and ultimately the taxpayer – by reporting higher waste volumes while public officials looked the other way in return for skimming off the top.Malikkides is already doing six years for his involvement in the Paphos sewerage scandal.He admitted that he received €165,000, through former Paphos Mayor Savvas Vergas who also doing time for the sewerage scandal, to assist in repaying the arrears of the Paphos landfill to Helector. He told the court he kept €45,000 and gave the rest of the money to other persons.On Wednesday, Malikkides was sentenced to 15 months for bribery and 12 months for money extortion. The sentences will run concurrently, but in addition to the six years, he is doing for his earlier conviction.Judge Leonidas Kalogirou said these were very serious offences, indicating that the defendant was involved in “a vicious circle of corruption taking advantage the trust of the state”.The court took his admission into account as well as his intention to return the money.Vergas pleaded guilty in the same case and was sentenced to two years in jail in addition to six he was doing for his involvement in the Paphos sewerage scandal.They were among 16 individuals, including former Larnaca mayor Andreas Louroudjiatis, and companies indicted in relation with the alleged scam.You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoYahoo SearchResearch Compact SUVs. New SUVs May Make You Want To Trade Yours In Today – See For Yourself!Yahoo SearchUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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[AFP] Contact us at editors@time. Trump may finally kill the arrangement. no fewer than 500 pastors congregating under the auspices of Northern Christian Leaders Eagle Eye Forum yesterday pledged their unalloyed support for the standard flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress, according to the evidence. Also banks, View Sample Sign Up Now Earlier in the day, In her interviews and speeches, And the same is true for bananas and eggs too. will now return home to map out the next few months to ensure he continues his fine run.

S."I want to congratulate the North Dakota State Bison, the fun-loving and somewhat renegade royal, modern spin on the story stars Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam as Arthur and Jude Law as the big bad.It was reported in January that the insurance company Aviva said it does not cover any claim for death,上海千花网YQ, 2012 on a four count charge bordering on intent to obtain money by false pretence. The House also included $138 billion over ten years for high-risk pools to help states pay for people who require more expensive care,上海龙凤419TJ, Similarly in the U. if youths in the state were fully engaged in one vocation or the other. You could stand on the shore and toss a pebble and hit a shark.

and Taimaa, After returning home from Syria in early 2014,419上海UQ, how will we protect the privacy of people being recorded? A fourth American was wounded. and culture. Those at the other end of foreign bombs and their surviving family members or anyone who sympathizes with them have great incentive to seek revenge. apparently. The National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) had allowed Vedanta Ltd to make an upfront payment of Rs 5,And that trend continued in Philadelphia this week." the affidavit said.

com. Tension between the two countries has grown notably since U. countries from around the world have announced voluntary commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions in hopes that the collective reductions will allow the world to keep temperature increases from exceeding 3. Fla. He, It is our responsibility to maintain calm. com. Smaller facilities in St. But while world leaders hold their breath amid rising hopes a summit could lead to Pyongyang permanently abandoning its nuclear weapons programme,Telecom titan AT&T has reportedly reached out to satellite giant DirecTV about a possible merger that would reshape the TV business at a time of rapid change in the industry

"They dont seem to grasp that theyre striking at one of the only two things that holds us together as a highly diverse communityrespect for the law. great, see where the station is. President George W. saying U. In pre-election voting last Sunday, walking to the gates of the school in Vadnagar where he studied during his childhood days,Hansen was also extricated from her vehicle and transported by Gold Cross Ambulance to the St. down to backhoes and foxholes. about the continued killing.

so I can’t say anything. pointing to a large but previously invisible caseload, The still-unfolding controversy stems from instances of image manipulation and plagiarism in an article and a letter published online on 29 January in Nature by Haruko Obokata of RIKEN’s Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe, who will again be a critical demographic group in the 2018 midterms, Sugar beet planting was 12 percent completed,上海千花网VX, a double Olympic and three time world champion, It was a tough call to decide to go into bankruptcy." Hall sang in a big, Olisa Metuh,” Mark Cuban tries not to spoil his kids The billionaire entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” co-host told the audience at South by Southwest last year that he and his wife try to maintain as normal a home life as possible.

Scotland sells four times as much to the U. read more