Basic Cinema 4D Integration in Adobe After Effects CC

first_imgThe new Cinema 4D integration in Adobe After Effects CC provides a powerful, but simple, 3D workflow. We’ll show you how to get started!For video editors and power AE users who’ve been too intimidated to attempt their hand at 3D in the past, now’s the time. Cinema 4D Lite, now included with After Effects Creative Cloud,  is a great introduction into powerful animation and 3D tools. These days it’s not enough to just be a video editor or motion designer. To be successful you need to have a good understanding of both.In this tutorial we’ll go over a few basics for integrating Cinema 4D into your After Effects projects. This roundtrip workflow makes it simple to include Cinema 4D files in AE. Highlights of the tutorial include:Prepping and stabilizing footage with the Warp Stabilizer in AE (see our previous tutorial for more details on stabilization in After Effects)Using the 3D Camera Tracker in After EffectsBasics of Creating Extruded Text in Cinema 4DAdding a Cinema 4D Object into After EffectsSet Ground Plane and Origin in After EffectsAre you using a Cinema4D and After Effects CC workflow?Share your thoughts and advice in the comments below![Best viewed full screen][color-box color=”gray”]This is Evan Abrams for I’m going to show you really quickly, how in Adobe CC you can stabilize, track, and then put in 3D geometry from Cinema 4D Light. These are brand new features and really simplify 3D work-flow. So, inside of After Effects the first thing I’m going to do is import the footage that we want to use. So here I’ve just called it “footage” and it’s footage of the patio outside of my building. So I’m going to take this and I’m going to drag it onto a new composition. It’ll create a composition of the same frame rate and frame size and duration as that original clip.Now, when I pan through here I want to find the segment that I’ve made specifically for this, and then I’m going to hit ‘B’ to set my work area, and then I’m going to move ahead for this example, hit ‘N’ to set the of the work area, and then I’m going to trim the composition to the work area. Because we’re going to be using a lot of automated processes, we don’t want to be having the software rendering and analyzing unneeded frames. So, you want to trim it off to the size you need.Now, you’ll notice here it thinks frame zero is frame 356, so I’m just going to go in here, change the composition settings, and one of the things I want to change is changing it from the start frame to being start frame zero; and it’s still 91 frames of duration. And then, instead of 23 I want to have that to be an even 24. And we’re going to find out why when we move into Cinema 4D, but it’s just because for now we’re using this because it’s a round number. You could keep it at 23.976 if you want; but then we’re going to be doing a lot of copying and pasting. So I’m just going to move it to 24 because it’s not that noticeable a difference, and hit okay.Now, this is set up to be smoothed out; even though I’ve done as good a job as I could out in the field shooting on a SLR camera using hand-held motion is going to have a lot of shaky jerky parts. So we’re going to use the warp stabilizer VFX, which is new to Adobe CC. The warp stabilizer was around in CS6, but this is an updated version. So I’m going to drag that out and it’s already going to start analyzing.While it’s doing that I’m just going to briefly describe what we’re looking at. So, we’re going to have the result here, which can either be smooth motion or no motion, which will lock it off. You can change the smoothness, and I think 50% is too much. I’m just going to have 5% smoothness, meaning it’s going to be 5% smoother than it was before. The method can be only position, position scale rotation, perspective, or the sub-space warp. And the sub-space warp changes things inside, so these are all linear, so this is just the position; this is position scale and rotation, and perspective starts to pinch and widen the top and bottom.But sub-space warp creates a much smoother look, but it’s not always the look you want. Sometimes sub-space warp makes a lot of mistakes. If you find it’s making a lot of mistakes, you just move up until you get something that looks good. Borders here, basically because it has to expand this a little bit what it’s going to be doing is, if we move to stabilize only, you can see there’s going to be a little bit of black bar, because it is having to move the comp around. So if you do a stabilizing crop, then it is cropping it down to be the aspect ratio, and then stabilize crop and auto scale is going to fit it to there. And then if you use synthesize edges it’s going to make up information to fill in those regions. But that’s only for times when you really cannot withstand scaling. For us, auto scale puts it at 104.3%, and that is within tolerable bounds for me. Basically 110 and higher is too much; 110 and lower is just fine, so that’s kind of our break-even point.And then there are a lot of additional things you can do here in the advanced, such as working out the reduction of the rolling shutter, which happens on SLR cameras. You can change its objective kind of thing here, and all sorts of advanced things. But for most of your work you’ll never have to touch those. You can just bring it on, say how smooth, and then define everything outside of the advanced. So, while I’ve been talking it’s been stabilizing and it’s done a pretty good job of smoothing things out. So now what we’re going to do is go back to our project here and change the title of this from being footage to stabilize, because this is the stabilized footage. We’re going to take that and drag it onto a new comp, and that comp we will be calling camera solve. The reason that we break these things up into multiple comps is because you can’t effectively apply a stabilization and a 3D track to the same comp, because it has to read the pixels off one to make the other; and stacking them is just not an effective way to do that. So it’s best to pre-comp it, so all of the pixel changes it’s making here to stabilize we can then make use of here in the tracking.So, we pull up the 3D camera tracker, and pull that onto the stabilized within the camera solve, and already it’s going to start working. So there are a lot of things you want to tell it to make this easier, and the first is, is this a fixed angle of view, or is it a variable zoom? I used a prime lens, so it’s a fixed angle. And within the advanced you can tell it things like what type of movement are you doing. So if it’s stuck on a tripod and you’re moving it around you should tell it that so it doesn’t assume otherwise. I’m going to say typical because this is hand-held moving around, nothing’s really set. So sometimes this will fail, and when it does fail you want to hit “reset” and just have it give another go. So it’s not that onerous for it to try again, and sometimes it makes mistakes when you start changing settings before it’s done.So, what are some other things in here? We’ve got method used; once it sorts itself out. And then it’ll tell you the average error, and that is how far off or how confident it is that it’s got this thing locked down. And then by tweaking all of your settings you’re going to improve its average error. So basically you want the average error to be as close to zero as possible, but there are areas of tolerance you can put up with just because nothing’s really perfect..So now it’s going to try to solve the camera, and it has put all of these little dots everywhere, and you can see when you mouse over it starts to make a target. And we know this is a good track, because when we put the target out there it seems to align with the ground. So when you scrub through you can see the points are very much stuck to things in the scene, and we’re looking at an average error of .23 pixels, which is pretty good. That’s going to be almost indistinguishable. Ideally you want this to be as low or as close to zero as possible. So, that’s really just the big thing.Now we’re going to add a Cinema 4D object to this scene. So what we’re going to do next is we’re going to go layer new max-on Cinema 4D file. And again, this is new in Adobe CC, but this is how easy it is to just add in a Cinema 4D project. You can import Cinema 4D projects as well if you’d like, but we’re just going to create a new one from scratch. I’m just going to call this ‘titles’, and then it’s going to open up Cinema 4D light right out of the application. So in here you can make some basic things, and I’d encourage you to learn from other tutorials how to make things in Cinema 4D Light, but I was going to show you really quick how to make text. So you go to spline, pull up some text, and then you type into its properties over here, something like; click outside, and you’ve created these splines. And you’re going to create an extrude [nerves], put the text here inside the extrude [nerds] like this, and then it creates this extrusion. Now you’ll save your work here, and then when you go back into After Effects it’s stuck it in here. S\So we’re back in After Effects and the bulk of this tutorial is about After Effects. So the first thing you want to do is make sure that this sticks into your scene. And in order to do that you need to have a camera. And we make a camera by hitting ‘create camera off the 3D tracker’ so it creates a camera that matches the camera we already made. But one thing I’ll show you real quick is that when I hit ‘create camera’ and then we go into the Cinema 4D here and we say, use the comp’s camera, it doesn’t look correct at all; it’s kind of like our 3D thing is floating off over here where it shouldn’t be. And that’s because we have not defined where the origin of the scene is. And the origin is, if we go back into Cinema 4D here, this point here where new objects are created it’s 000 on the [Cartesian] plane; it is at the ground at .0 and that’s where things come in. So right now that’s where this is, and that’s where it expects to be, but we haven’t defined in this scene where that is. So delete that camera, because it was wrong. Go back to our 3D camera tracker and then we’re going to select a bunch of points, and then we’re going to right click. I’m going to say, set ground plane and origin. So it’s going to say, use these points to say where the ground is, and from that we are going to then put a point on there that is the origin. So we say, define that; good. That’s done; now create a camera; perfect. And now is stuck down there on the ground. So that works out pretty well.And it’s actually done a good job of sticking it in there. So it’s pretty firmly where it ought to be. There are a few things that you’ll want to do just to improve how this looks. And one of those is going to be to go into your titles here, go to project, the thing you’ve created, and make sure that its frame rate matches the frame rate of your composition. So go to interpret footage main, and you’re going to want to conform its frame rate to, we said, 24 and then hit return. So now this 24 frames a second comp is matching the number of frames here. And if we go into Cinema 4D again, or Cinema 4D Light, you can see that it’s 0 to 90 frames by default, but if you go edit project settings, you can see it thinks it’s 30 frames a second, so change that to be 24. And then we’ll just change its frames to be 91, just like the comp. Hit save, and we go back here and everything is now lining up, so if you animate something you can count out the frames in the Cinema 4D file and then if you change some things in this project it’llline up for that number of frames.So that’s basically it for the basics of putting Cinema 4D things into After Effects using the new Adobe CC tools. We’ve stabilized footage; we’ve [solved] for the camera, and then we’ve brought in the Cinema 4D file. If you want to get deeper into Cinema 4D though I would totally recommend that you check out other tips and tutorials on It’s a great resource for all sorts of applications; Cinema 4D included. This is really just the basic overview about how to get things into Adobe After Effects, and to work with them in there. The big thing though, and I’m going to just stress this again, is make sure you’re frame rates and durations match, and also make sure that you’re using the correct cameras and that you set the origin and told the computer where the things are. A lot of frustration in the 3D integration comes from not setting the origin, because the computer can’t know until you tell it.Anyway, I’m Evan Abrams. Thank you so much for watching. Hopefully this has been helpful with getting you started into the Adobe CC and some of the new tools. If you want to learn more about Adobe After Effects and other applications stop by and check out the blog for those. And of course, come to Premiumbeat for all of your royalty-free music and sound effects needs. I’m Evan Abrams; thanks again for watching, and I’ll see you around the Internet. [/color-box]last_img read more

Tips for Rewriting Your Screenplay Without Starting Completely Over

first_imgThinking about burning that old screenplay? Consider the following steps for fixing your screenplay without scrapping it completely.Writing a screenplay is hard work. Not only is it time-consuming and labor-intensive, it’s also emotionally draining — pouring your heart and soul into a project will really take it out of you. And, the sad fact remains that the vast majority of screenplays never see the light of day. So to be successful, you’ll probably need to write many scripts in your lifetime.However, while it might be a daunting task, that doesn’t mean you should abandon all hope when you hit your first roadblock. Good screenwriting is actually just good revising. Here are some tips to revise and rewrite your screenplay — without starting over entirely.Recognize Your Strongest MomentsYour first step is to find your light. Evaluate your script to find your strongest, best, and brightest moments. If you can identify the best parts, you can pull those out and find ways to give them more life, elevating the rest of your script to their level.This also helps you recognize which moments aren’t as strong and may need to be tweaked — or changed completely. Find your light, then work to direct your energy on making it better. The rest of your script will follow.Tweak Your Lead Character(s)Image via Dallasetta.Many screenwriters start with their main character well before they put pen to paper (or keystrokes to computer). This is helpful in the ideation phase, but once you’re knee-deep in a project, you’ll need to train yourself to let some idealized versions of your characters go, thus letting the narrative take over.Just because you originally wrote your lead characters one way doesn’t mean they can’t change. Ask yourself If my lead changed, how would that affect the story? And what doors might that open up?Introduce a New Element EarlyA fun writing exercise for any script is to try throwing in new elements — early and often. Whether they’re ideas you’ve been tinkering with or just something you grab out of thin air, try throwing in some new wrenches to your narrative — early — to see what might fit.Does your lead character have a new flaw? Is there another relationship between characters that wasn’t there before? Is there another surprise conflict to overcome at the beginning? Try some things out; see what your characters can handle.Find Ways to Raise the StakesImage via Mark Poprocki.A good three-act screenplay should constantly be finding ways to raise the stakes throughout the structure. Yes, we all know to raise the stakes in the final moments of the third act, but strong motive and audience interest hinges on raising the stakes at every crossroad.If your screenplay seems to drag early on, it might just be that the motivation isn’t there — that there’s no push for resolution. Ask yourself How high the stakes are on the first page? And how much higher can they can go on every page after that?The Power of Voice and ToneFrom the outside, at least compared to other forms of writing and literature, the screenplay appears to be less artistic. It’s more straightforward in its direction and style. Your character does this, says that, looks this way, etc. However, for your project to really find life, you need to find the right voice and tone to tell your story.Yes, a script is a guideline for the actual production, but it also contains the lifeblood of the narrative. If it feels bland and lifeless, it very well could feel that way during (and after) production. Find your tone, your power, and your voice. If you can make your screenplay fun to write and read, you’ll be able to push through any rewrites (or revisions) to create the best script possible.Cover image by VGstockstudio.Looking for more on screenwriting? Check out these articles.5 Important Tools Every Screenwriter Should HaveHow to Overcome the 5 Biggest Obstacles to Writing Your ScreenplayAustin Film Festival Interview: Insights for Turning Your Script into a 90-Second PitchHow to Break a Script Down Into a Shot List6 Free Scriptwriting Resources for Your Next Screenplaylast_img read more

Chris Weidman tops Kelvin Gastelum in UFC college homecoming

first_imgAccording to the UFC, the show did a $1,088,332 gate. Goodman and Zaleski dos Santos received bonuses for Fight of the Night, while Albini and Oliveira earned Performance of the Night bonuses.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next FEU Auditorium’s 70th year celebrated with FEU Theater Guild’s ‘The Dreamweavers’ “I did it in the Nassau Coliseum. I grew up five minutes down the road,” said Weidman, who later pushed for a fight with current middleweight champion Michael Bisping. “Bisping has been running. I’m the champ. I’m the best guy in the world. I think people know that.”The bout headlined the 13-fight card in the first UFC event to be held at the Coliseum. Six of the 26 fighters were from Long Island, and overall, nine were from New York state.But there was not much a home field advantage, with Weidman, Chris Wade and Shane Burgos the only New Yorkers to win.Darren Elkins earned a split decision over Dennis Bermudez in the semi-main event. Elkins routinely used his wrestling to neutralize Bermudez in the first two rounds of the featherweight fight. Bermudez pressured Elkins in the third, but ultimately lost his second straight fight and his fourth out of sixth overall.Patrick Cummins earned a split decision over Gian Villante in a light heavyweight fight. Cummins suffered a gash over his left eye due to an inadvertent head-butt in the first round.Cummins was taken to a hospital for examination, but tweeted a photo of his face from an ambulance.No. 4 ranked bantamweight Jimmie Rivera kicked off the main card with a unanimous decision over No. 9 Thomas Almeida. The win was Rivera’s 20th straight, and might have put him in line for a title shot. During an in-cage interview after the fight, Rivera challenged former champions TJ Dillashaw and Dominick Cruz, who was working the show as an analyst for Fox.Wade beat Frankie Perez, and Burgos topped Godofredo Pepey.Junior Albini knocked out Tim Johnson 2:51 into the first round, Marlon Vera submitted Brian Kelleher with a first-round arm bar, and Jeremy Kennedy improved to 11-0 with a unanimous decision over Kyle Bochniak.Chase Sherman had a unanimous decision over Damian Grabowski, and Alex Oliveira knocked out Ryan LaFlare with an uppercut at 1:50 of the second round. Eryk Anders, a former Alabama linebacker, remained unbeaten with a first-round knockout of Rafael Natal, and Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos took a split decision over Lyman Good. Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ UNIONDALE, NY – JULY 22: Chris Weidman (R) lands a kick on Kelvin Gastelum (L) during their UFC Fight Night middleweight bout at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on July 22, 2017 in Uniondale, New York. Ed Mulholland/Getty Images/AFPUNIONDALE, N.Y. — Chris Weidman sat on top of the Octagon, his arms outstretched, his mouth agape.It had been a long time since he could experience that feeling.ADVERTISEMENT Robredo should’ve resigned as drug czar after lack of trust issue – Panelo McIlroy wastes fast start, rues ‘opportunity lost’ at British Open MOST READ National Coffee Research Development and Extension Center brews the 2nd National Coffee Education Congress Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim Trump strips away truth with hunky topless photo tweet Seven hundred and ninety one days, to be exact.“It feels like a championship,” Weidman said, after he submitted Kelvin Gastelum with an arm triangle choke at 3:45 of the third round Saturday night in a UFC on Fox event at Nassau Coliseum. “I can’t wait to tell my kids I won.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSWin or don’t eat: the Philippines’ poverty-driven, world-beating pool starsWeidman the former Hofstra wrestler fighting just across the Hempstead Turnpike from the university’s campus, snapped a three-fight losing streak to improve to 14-3. Gastelum dropped to 14-4-0 with one no-decision.The win was Weidman’s first since knocking out Vitor Belfort at UFC 187 on May 23, 2015. “This is a surreal feeling,” Weidman said. “This is an indescribable moment. I wanted to come out here and prove myself.”After spending much of the first two minutes feinting and circling, Weidman successfully wrestled Gastelum to the canvas. But with seconds left in the round, Gastelum landed a hook to Weidman’s chin that dropped the former middleweight champion before the bell rang.“Thirty more seconds and I could have finished the fight,” Gastelum said.Weidman then relied on his wrestling skills against the former Ultimate Fighter winner, setting up opportunities to land hard, accurate punches in the third. Following a sequence in which the two grappled alongside the cage, Weidman took down Gastelum and transitioned to the submission. After a few moments, Gastelum tapped out.Weidman hopped the cage and celebrated with 11,198 of his Long Island fans before returning to the octagon to hugged family and team members.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES View comments Church, environmentalists ask DENR to revoke ECC of Quezon province coal plantlast_img read more

Levy social media to stem “fake news” tide say UK MPs

first_imgLondon, Jul 28 (AFP) Britain should levy social media firms to fund efforts at stemming a “fake news” crisis threatening the fabric of democracy, a leaked report by lawmakers has said.It recommends using the cash to finance school classes on “digital literacy”, teach public awareness around the issue and better fund data watchdog the Information Commissioners Office.The proposal is one of many made in the House of Commons committee paper as it rounds on tech giants including Facebook, Twitter and Google.Such firms act “irresponsibly” over data collection, “influencing what we see” in an unregulated social media landscape akin to the “wild west”, the report claims.”We are facing nothing less than a crisis in our democracy — based on the systematic manipulation of data to support the relentless targeting of citizens, without their consent, by campaigns of disinformation and messages of hate,” said Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee chairman Damian Collins.”Throughout our inquiry these companies have tried to frustrate scrutiny and obfuscated in their answers.”The paper outlines recommendations for audits of social media security mechanisms and for the introduction of a new category of tech company that bridges the gap between platform and publisher.The committee hopes to force social media firms into assuming liability for harmful or illegal content on their sites — which they profit from but abdicate responsibility for by claiming they are only a “platform” according to the findings.”The light of transparency must be allowed to shine on their operations and they must be made responsible, and liable, for the way in which harmful and misleading content is shared on their sites”, said Collins.advertisementIt also renewed calls for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to appear before the committee to answer “questions to which Facebook has not responded adequately”, after he neglected to appear following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.The report was leaked online by Dominic Cummings, a chief official in the Vote Leave movement during the Brexit referendum campaign, who refused to appear before the committee to address concerns over their online efforts in the run-up to the 2016 vote He branded the report itself “fake news” which “knowingly/incompetently makes false claims” about pro-Brexit organisations.A government spokeswoman said: “The Government takes disinformation very seriously, as with all types of online manipulation and internet harms.” “We note the Committee’s report and will consider its final recommendations.” (AFP) KISKISlast_img read more

Video: Auburn DC Will Muschamp Got A 15-Yard Penalty For Losing His Mind On An Official

first_imgAn angry Will Muschamp after penalty.Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp is known for his sideline intensity. That intensity boiled over and got him in trouble just now during the Iron Bowl showdown with Alabama. After Auburn defender Jonathan Ford was penalized 15 yards for a late hit, Muschamp lost his mind on the official and was docked an additional 15 yards. Muschamp wasn’t done either. After the drive ended in an Adam Griffith field goal to give the Tide a 22-13 lead, Muschamp sought out the ref he previously blasted and gave him another earful. WATCH: Auburn DC Will Muschamp goes ballistic, has to be held back as he tells the ref: “I want a fair game.”— Alex Byington (@abyingtonTD) November 28, 2015He’s clearly very unhappy.last_img read more

Egypt vs DR Congo: TV, stream & preview

first_imgEgypt’s Africa Cup of Nations quest continues against DR Congo in Cairo on Wednesday.Their campaign got off to a solid but unspectacular start in their opening clash against Zimbabwe, with a single goal from Trezeguet sufficient to claim the win.Next up at the Cairo International Stadium is DR Congo, who are fighting for their lives in the competition after suffering a surprise 2-0 loss against Uganda in matchday one. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Can Mohamed Salah & Co. keep their momentum going? Game Egypt vs DR Congo Date Wednesday, June 26 Time 9:00pm BST / 4:00pm ET Stream (US) fubo TV (7-day free trial) TV Channel, Live Stream & How To Watch In the United States (US), the game can be watched on BeINSports and live and on-demand with fuboTV (7-day free trial) .New users can sign up for a free seven-day trial of the live sports streaming service, which can be accessed via iOS, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV as well as on a web browser. US TV channel Online stream beIN Sports fubo TV (7-day free trial) In the United Kingdom (UK), the game will be available to watch on TV via Eurosport 2 and available to stream via Eurosport Player. UK TV channel Online stream Eurosport 2 Eurosport Player Squads & Team News Position Egypt squad Goalkeepers A. El Shenawy, M. El Shenawy, Genesh Defenders B. El Mohamady, A. El Mohamady, Gaber, Hegazi, Ashraf, Mansour, Hamdy, Alaa Midfielders Ghazal, Trezeguet, Hamed, Soliman, Elneny, El Said, Emad, Warda Forwards Mohsen, Salah, Ali, Kouka Egypt have doubts over defender Ahmed Hegazi but otherwise have everyone available for their second match of the tournament.There has been some suggestion that Mohamed Salah could play as a striker in this clash. It was a move they considered before but it was felt he was still tired after his exploits with Liverpool last season.Possible Egypt starting XI: El Shenawy; El Mohamady, Alaa, Hegazi, Ashraf; Hamed, Elneny; Salah, El Said, Trezeguet; Mohsen Position DR Congo squad Goalkeepers Matampi, Mossi, Mandanda Defenders Mpeko, Muzinga, Ungenda, Tisserand, Moke, Masuaku, Luyindama, Shabani Midfielders Akolo, Mulumbu, Mputu, M’Poku, Bope, Maghoma, Mbemba Forwards Bolingi, Bolasie, Meschak, Bakambu, Assombalonga DR Congo have picked up no fresh selection problems since their opening match, although they are without defender Fabrice N’Sakala, who failed to make the squad for the tournament due to injury.Possible DR Congo starting XI: Matampi; Issama, Luyindama, Tisserand, Masuaku; Bokadi; Elia, Mbemba, M’Poku, Bolasie; BakambuBetting & Match Odds Egypt are 4/9 favourites to win this match with Bet365. DR Congo are out at 13.2, while the draw is available at 16/5.Click here to see all of bet 365’s offers for the game, including goalscoring markets, correct score predictions and more. Match Preview Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet Mohamed Salah Egypt Afcon 22062019Host nation Egypt went a long way to lifting the pressure on their shoulders ahead of the 2019 African Cup of Nations by recording a 1-0 win over Zimbabwe in their opening match, but the nature of their success does leave question marks over Javier Aguirre’s side.Although they dominated possession in that encounter, they struggled to break their opponents down while star man Mohamed Salah had an uncharacteristically difficult night and was wayward with the chances that came his way.Back at the Cairo International Stadium, they are determined to give a stronger account of themselves against opposition who are, on paper, stronger.“Our team was impacted by the pressure of the opening game and we aim to improve our performance against DR Congo,” Ahmed Elmohamady, the Egypt captain, said.“Playing at home and with our fans must be a motiviation and not be pressuring. We clearly dropped against Zimbabwe in the second half. Aguirre contemplated solutions with the players for this issue and the team will appear with an entirely different face against DR Congo.”Moreover, he has backed an improved display from Salah.“He deals very well with pressure,” the Aston Villa man said. “He experienced tougher situations with Liverpool and Egypt and his presence with us is vital due to his abilities and experience. He helps the players on the pitch greatly.”Indeed, the pressure is on a DR Congo side who were surprise losers to Uganda in their opening match. Although it would be possible to qualify with a third-placed finish in Group A, in order to stand a realistic chance of this, they cannot afford to lose for a second time.“We will work on not losing against Egypt and come out with at least a point to help us qualify against Zimbabwe in the last game. We’re going to enter the game looking not to lose and try to get a point,” coach Florent Ibenge admitted.“We will be able to handle Egypt and we have to be able to play under any conditions and temperature isn’t an excuse to losing against Uganda.”Both sides are seeking to show an improvement, but it is DR Congo who really must raise their game.last_img read more

Fair Trading Commission Developing Merger Review Framework

first_img The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) is in the process of creating a formal merger review framework through which various issues are to addressed before a merger takes place.Senior FTC Legal Counsel, Dr. Delroy Beckford, told JIS News that the process will entail legislative amendments; sensitising key sector stakeholders; and conducting ongoing consultations with the existing regulators.“So the FTC will look closely at the issues, conduct interviews with the parties and make [the] best efforts to ensure that consumers are not affected when an acquisition or merger takes place,” he said.Dr. Beckford noted that the Commission has engaged a consultant to assist with drafting the necessary provisions that will inform the amendments to be instituted, in order to fine-tune the framework to deal with mergers and pre-merging notification provisions.“So before this decision, regulators would have taken the view that they are in complete control of their particular sector and that the FTC would not get involved. So we have engaged stakeholders in the regulatory arena to inform them of this decision and the implications,” the Senior Legal Counsel pointed out.Additionally, he said the FTC is conducting seminars on the implications and the way forward regarding harmonisation of the legislation with what obtains in the CARICOM framework.The FTC’s Executive Director, David Miller, who elaborated on the necessity for the review framework, pointed out that while Section 17 of the Fair Competition Act articulates agreements that lessen competition, there is no structured pre-notification system in place for the Commission to examine and make recommendations before a merger takes place.“Right now, firms can go ahead and merge and if we hear about it, we speak with them and try to insert ourselves to have these conditions included. But with a structured pre-notification regime, the law says we (FTC) have to be advised before, we have to look at it (the conditions) and then have discussions with the merging parties,” Mr. Miller explained.He added that, “when entities go ahead and merge and there are issues with consumers, the process of addressing this is very long and arduous through the courts… the FTC may even end up taking these issues to the Privy Council, which takes several years; so the process is very long and drawn out and sometimes benefits are not properly addressed”.Mr. Miller informed that with the new regime, which it is hoped will be in place within a year, the entire process will take three months, from the point when the parties notify the Commission, to the FTC having discussions and delivering a decision.“The whole framework requires a complete set of provisions to be inserted into the legislation. A consultant has already drafted those provisions, and at some point within the next six months, we will be having discussions with the Chief Parliamentary Counsel to draft the legislation, the provisions and to properly fit it into the Fair Competition Act,” Mr. Miller added.Meanwhile, Dr. Beckford has urged the principals of entities considering mergers to be mindful of what now is and will obtain.“I want to disabuse anyone of any misconception that because of the absence of any pre-merger notification framework that there is no enforcement mechanism for mergers and, therefore, one can bypass the reporting process and go ahead and do whatever mergers they want without consulting with us. With this, they run the risk of the FTC looking at those agreements and unravelling them, as the Privy Council allows us to do that. Therefore, the first port of call in regards to mergers should be the FTC, to ensure that those agreements are consistent with the Fair Competition Act,” he stated. Senior FTC Legal Counsel, Dr. Delroy Beckford, told JIS News that the process will entail legislative amendments; sensitising key sector stakeholders; and conducting ongoing consultations with the existing regulators. Story Highlights “So the FTC will look closely at the issues, conduct interviews with the parties and make [the] best efforts to ensure that consumers are not affected when an acquisition or merger takes place,” he said. The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) is in the process of creating a formal merger review framework through which various issues are to addressed before a merger takes place.last_img read more

The Journey Back to Birchtown

first_imgIn the late 18th century, Birchtown, Shelburne Co., was the largest free black community in British North America and the centre of the Black Loyalist experience. Now it is the home of the new Black Loyalist Heritage Centre, a significant addition to the Nova Scotia Museum family. The heritage centre will mark its official opening on Saturday, June 6, with a celebration of music and a recounting of history in The Journey Back to Birchtown. “We view the opening as a universal invitation to people all over the world to visit the centre and participate in this celebration of community and equality,” said the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre’s Beverly Cox. Ms. Cox expects visitors will come from far and wide to experience The Journey Back to Birchtown, which will include performances by Juno award-winner JRDN, Jeremiah Sparks, Dutch Robinson, Shelley Hamilton, Cyndi Cain, Joe Sealy, the Nova Scotia Mass Choir, Shauntay Grant, Hillcrest Academy Djembe Drumming Group and many more. The program will also feature John Franklin of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and The Book of Negroes author Lawrence Hill. “The new centre beautifully captures our history and fills a gap in a story too few of us have known,” said Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage Tony Ince. “Birchtown is a treasured centre for freedom throughout the entire African Diaspora, and I know that it will soon become a draw for visitors from all over the world.” In 1783, over 3,000 Black Loyalists migrated from New York to Birchtown in search of freedom. Port Roseway was the first landing site of the Loyalist fleet that carried 936 free blacks. In addition to Birchtown, they went on to settle in other communities including Annapolis Royal, Fort Cumberland, Port Mouton, Saint John, the Guysborough-Tracadie area and Halifax. Eight years after their arrival, having struggled against harsh conditions and further discrimination, 1,192 Black Loyalists relocated from Nova Scotia to Sierra Leone. They became known in Sierra Leone as the Nova Scotian settlers and integral to the creation of a new nation by establishing Freetown. Those who remained in Nova Scotia persevered and developed their own communities, churches and unique culture. They have gained international attention for their achievements and role in the civil rights movement in Canada. The story of the Black Loyalists has drawn attention in recent years because of The Book of Negroes novel and the popular television miniseries. For details on the grand opening of the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre and The Journey Back to Birchtown visit .last_img read more

Jury shown video of offduty cop and alleged murderer embracing at Halifax

first_imgHALIFAX – An off-duty police officer was seen kissing and embracing Christopher Garnier at a downtown Halifax bar hours before he allegedly strangled her, a jury heard Wednesday.RCMP Const. Kyle Doane told Garnier’s murder trial Wednesday that he reviewed surveillance footage from the Halifax Alehouse after it was discovered Truro police Const. Catherine Campbell may have been dropped off there on Sept. 11, 2015.Doane identified the 36-year-old Campbell on the video as a woman in a dress with a black belt around her waist who enters the bar shortly after 1 a.m.Campbell arrived by herself and “had interactions throughout the evening with several males inside the bar,” said Doane.He said eventually Campbell and Garnier are seen on video kissing, embracing and dancing on the bar’s upstairs floor.“At one point they became quite passionate,” Doane said just before the Nova Scotia Supreme Court jury was shown the video footage.“The thing that stuck out the most was the point where her legs were wrapped around Mr. Garnier.”Doane said the pair are later seen on surveillance video leaving the bar around 3:30 a.m.The 29-year-old Garnier is accused of second-degree murder and interfering with a dead body. He has pleaded not guilty to both charges.The Crown alleges Garnier punched and strangled Campbell and used a green compost bin to dispose of her body in the area of Halifax’s Macdonald Bridge, where it was found days later. Crown attorney Carla Ball said in her opening statement Tuesday that it was a case “about a man who loses control.”Garnier, wearing a black suit jacket, sat quietly at a bench with his lawyer Joel Pink as witnesses testified, his family sitting in the gallery behind him. Members of Campbell’s family were also in the gallery.The jury also heard Wednesday from a former head doorman at the Halifax Alehouse. Bradley Randall said he was working that night and saw Garnier, who he knew as a former co-worker at the bar.Randall, 31, said he saw Garnier talking with a petite blonde woman at a table on the lower level of the bar for about an hour, and they eventually moved to the upper floor. When they came back downstairs, the pair were “a lot closer.”“She’s standing between his legs … as they talk. They start kissing, making out. Eventually she’s sitting on his lap,” Randall told the jury.“A few times I had to actually tell them, ‘You’re in a public place. Calm down a little’.”Randall testified that neither Garnier nor Campbell appeared intoxicated.Later Wednesday, Halifax Regional Police Det. Const. Scott MacLeod testified that he interviewed a friend Garnier had been staying with on Sept. 15, 2015, and learned a mattress from a pullout sofa and sheets were missing from the apartment.“I observed in the hallway of the residence what I believed to be a single droplet of blood,” said MacLeod.He also said that he checked the roof of a nearby business, and that a silver jewelry chain was found. The jury was shown photos of the chain.Mitchell Devoe, whom Garnier was staying with, said his friend had come over on Sept. 10, 2015, after a break-up with his girlfriend. They drank alcohol, smoked cannabis and eventually went downtown, said Devoe. He also made up a pull-out couch for him to sleep on.Devoe said he remembers being at the downtown bar Cheers, but does not remember anything else after that. He woke up in the drunk tank at a police station and was released around 9 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2015.Devoe said when he arrived home, Garnier was asleep on the sectional couch and he noticed the pull-out couch was folded away.He later noticed the mattress was missing and asked Garnier in a text message what happened to it, and Garnier replied that he had vomited on it so he threw it out and was ordering him a new one. The jury was shown screenshots of their conversation.Devoe said he was questioned by police on Sept. 15, 2015, and afterwards went to see Garnier at his workplace, and they had a 10-minute conversation inside Devoe’s vehicle.He told Garnier the officer had asked him about the mattress, but he said Garnier “kind of just laughed it off.”Devoe was also shown photos from inside his apartment, including a tray that was damaged.Under cross-examination by Pink, Devoe said he did not notice any blood in his apartment. He also asked if the tray could have been damaged from a party he had a few weeks prior, and Devoe said it was possible.The Crown has said it expects to call around 40 witnesses over the five-week trial, which resumes Thursday.Follow (at)AlyThomson on Twitter.last_img read more

Smirnoff Sound Collective

first_imgThe makers of SMIRNOFF™ Vodka announced today that Smirnoff Sound Collective™, the brand’s international music platform committed to becoming the biggest contributor to the inclusive electronic music culture, have partnered with Toronto Artists – Zeds Dead on a new documentary titled, “LEAP” which will be released on October 3rd, 2016.Dylan Mamid (aka DC) and Zachary Rapp-Rovan (aka Hooks) formed Zeds Dead in 2009. LEAP chronicles the ambitious rise of Zeds Dead from their early Toronto beginnings in the electronic music scene, to becoming a respected staple of the international touring circuit. “When you talk about a group like Zeds Dead, you hear the bass lines, you hear the drum and bass and the breakbeats that exploded here in the 90’s, the huge ragga influence, UK funky and the whole UK bounce stuff, you hear… Toronto” explains author and nightlife historian Denise Benson in LEAP. Facebook Login/Register With: Advertisement The latest musical contributors who are bringing Toronto’s legacy to the global stage, Zeds Dead are also celebrating their recent launch of their newest entrepreneurial platform – their own music label, Deadbeats – and the upcoming release of their new album Northern Lights on October 14, 2016. Featuring collaborations with Diplo, Rivers Cuomo, Twin Shadow, Pusha T and fellow Canadian singer Martina Sorbara (Dragonette), the new album shows off the depth of their success.“Toronto’s music scene is no longer our best kept secret. The Smirnoff Sound Collective™ has been committed to collaborating and supporting the inspiring work of Zeds Dead since early 2014. We’re thrilled that we can continue to support Dylan and Zack on this exciting next phase of their growing career.” said Amber Zwolak, Brand Manager, SMIRNOFF Canada.“Supporting the long-term goals and passions of unparalleled talents like Zeds Dead, is the vision behind the Smirnoff Sound Collective™. The release of the film – LEAP – is a continuation of our global goal to become the biggest contributor to electronic music culture. We believe this type of collaborative brand support is an important step in our continued commitment toward telling the diverse stories of artists like Zeds Dead.” said Justin Medcraft, SMIRNOFF Global Senior Brand Manager.Launched in 2014, Smirnoff Sound Collective™ brought their initiative to North America in March 2016 in Miami by transforming a South Beach Hotel and filling it with world famous line-up of exceptional electronic DJ’s including Zeds Dead, Gorgon City, What So Not, MK, Claptone, Tokimonsta and many others. Smirnoff Sound Collective™ celebrated International Womens’ Day by launching a documentary called “Tribes: Discwoman” which highlighted female DJ’s worldwide.  In June, they live-streamed and hosted a same-sex couple’s wedding during Insomniac’s EDC Las Vegas weekend, further promoting the inclusiveness of the electronic music genre.For more information, check out our Smirnoff Sound Collective™ social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.Smirnoff Sound Collective™ wants to remind music fans that whether you’re mixing music or cocktails, to be sure and do so responsibly.About Smirnoff Sound Collective™ The Smirnoff Sound Collective™  is SMIRNOFF™ brand’s international music platform that aims to become the biggest contributor to the inclusive electronic music culture. The Smirnoff Sound Collective™  will achieve this through the development of short-form and long-form content pieces that share inclusive stories told through music, artist collaborations and by hosting unique experiences that bring artists and fans together. The Smirnoff Sound Collective™  is also a sponsor of Mixmag Labs across the world in cities including New York, Los Angeles and Sydney.About SMIRNOFFThe SMIRNOFF brand that boasts the world’s number-one selling premium spirit and the top-selling flavored vodka in North America, traces its heritage back to 19th century Russia. As the most awarded vodka brand in the world, SMIRNOFF has always been known for quality and is enjoyed responsibly in 130 countries around the world. For more information, log on to DiageoDiageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands including Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Bulleit and Buchanan’s whiskies, Smirnoff, Cîroc and Ketel One vodkas, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Don Julio, Tanqueray and Guinness.Diageo is listed on both the New York Stock Exchange (DEO) and the London Stock Exchange (DGE) and our products are sold in more than 180 countries around the world. For more information about Diageo, our people, our brands, and performance, visit us at Visit Diageo’s global responsible drinking resource,, for information, initiatives, and ways to share best practice. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more


first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment ELIGIBILITY & APPLICATION Facebook PROGRAM OBJECTIVES & DESIGNThis program seeks to support Canadian feature comedies and teams with varying viewpoints, such as those of female filmmakers and culturally diverse filmmakers.This exchange is a part-time, individually-tailored initiative for three teams and their projects per year. It provides producers, writers and their creative teams with expert support, elevates a project’s creative and marketplace potential, and builds momentum across borders and within the international marketplace.CORE COMPONENTS OVERVIEWThe Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange is a high-level cross-border project and business accelerator for producers and their feature comedy properties. This initiative builds traction for comedy projects by offering producers, writers and their creative teams access to respected creative counsel as well as financing and packaging expertise from key decision-makers and comedy experts.IMPORTANT DATESApplications are now open.Application Deadline: October 16, 20172017/2018 Comedy Exchange: Late November 2017 to June 2018 (on a part-time basis) The Comedy Exchange is designed to:Deliver targeted one-on-one access to key comedy expertsAdvance the development and packaging of projectsProvide tailored marketing and promotional strategiesBroker countless creative and business opportunitiesHelp catalyze interest and investment in projectsIncrease audience engagement and distribution potential Login/Register With: ACCESSIBILITY FOR ONTARIANS WITH DISABILITIES ACTThe CFC is committed to providing accessible practices that are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you require accommodation at any stage of the application process or have any questions regarding appropriate accommodations please contact Deborah Fallows, CHRO, at: Advertisement Twitter Advertisement Advertisement APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN.Eligibility requirements:.PRODUCERS.We are looking for producers who ideally meet the eligibility requirements outlined in Section 1 of the 2017 Telefilm Canada Development Program Guidelines: must have demonstrated experience working as a professional writer, which includes credits for a produced screenplay, play, published novel; or who have episodes of produced work in TV and/or webseries: or who have secured development funding for prior film, TV or web based projects..DIRECTORS.Directors must have a minimum of 90 minutes of produced work that has either been commercially distributed, broadcast, or featured on the web as a webseries with a significant following..PROJECTS.Preference is given to projects that have received development support, whether it’s portfolio Telefilm funding or funding from another recognizable source. For example, if your project did not receive Telefilm funding but has received funding from another source, you are still eligible to apply..For any questions concerning the Telefilm Canada Feature Comedy Exchange, please email Nafisa Murji at read more

Nova Scotia government accused of meddling in wording of land acknowledgements

first_imgJustin Brake APTN News The Halifax Regional School Board became the third in Canada last year to make land acknowledgements in school mandatory.But APTN News has been told the Nova Scotia government may have been meddling in the wording of acknowledgements.They’re missing the word “unceded”, a term used by most Mi’kmaq to describe the land they never gave away.“It was the office of Aboriginal Affairs that directed us away from it, to start out anyway. And, as well as our lawyers. They told us there wouldn’t be any legal implications, but just because the word is so heavy and without the education a lot of people don’t understand what the word is,” said Jessica Rose, the school board’s Mi’kmaw representative.But some are pushing for the term’s inclusion, such as Rebecca Moore.“With the knowledge that is it unceded Mi’kmaq territory, because that’s something that’s still being challenged by the greater population of Canada, they will know the facts. And it’s a great educational opportunity, and that’s really what this is about,” said Moore.One school principal said it’s important for students to know the truth of where they live and learn.“Unceded lands of Indigenous Peoples — the more they hear that, I’m hopeful that the more they will appreciate our history and what has happened to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada,” said Robert MacMillan, principal of Halifax Central Junior High.MacMillan said he intends to bring his concern of omitting unceded to the school board.“Because it’s an important part of the whole reconciliation process,” he said. “The lands do belong to Indigenous people, and…we haven’t taken it from them — they still own it. We need to acknowledge that.”jbrake@aptn.calast_img read more

Cong has lies in its DNA Adityanath

first_imgLakhimpur Kheri (UP): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Tuesday charged that the Congress has “lies” in its DNA and asked how it will give “Nyay” when it has always done injustice. He also said there is no “dalali” in the BJP government and if funds are given under any scheme, they go straight to beneficiaries. Speaking at an election meeting, Adityanath said, “Congress has lies in its DNA. They say they will give NYAY (justice) …we ask you have always done injustice with the people here. How will you give NYAY now”. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss account details under automatic exchange framework Adityanath was referring to the “Ab hoga nyay” election tagline of the Congress. The chief minister said if five years of the BJP government are compared with 55 years of the Congress and if two years of the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh with 17 years of SP-BSP governments then the BJP will prove to be much better. He also said that during Congress governments, Pakistani terrorists used to behead jawans but now when soldiers are martyred, it is avenged by going inside Pakistan.last_img read more

First Nation asks court to stop National Energy Boards review of Trans

by The Canadian Press Posted Oct 27, 2015 11:21 am MDT Last Updated Oct 27, 2015 at 1:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email First Nation asks court to stop National Energy Board’s review of Trans Mountain VANCOUVER – A First Nation in North Vancouver has mounted a legal challenge that it says could send the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion “back to the drawing board” if successful.Lawyers for the Tsleil-Waututh Nation are asking the Federal Court of Appeal to stop the National Energy Board’s review of the $5.4-billion project, which they say began without their client being consulted by the federal government.“What we’ve asked the court to do is to recognize the flaws in the starting of the process, the process itself, the legal errors that the NEB has made and, really, to stop the process and send it back to the drawing board,” said Eugene Kung, staff counsel with West Coast Environmental Law.The Trans Mountain pipeline currently ships 300,000 barrels a day of petroleum products from Alberta to the West Coast. Its owner, Kinder Morgan, aims to nearly triple its capacity, enabling oilsands crude to be shipped by tanker to Asia.The Tsleil-Waututh are among various groups opposed to the project, citing environmental and public health risks and little benefit to the economy.Rueben George, project manager with the Tsleil-Waututh’s Sacred Trust Initiative, said the outgoing Conservative government created a “catastrophic mess” with changes it made to environmental oversight and he’s optimistic things will change under the new Liberal majority government.Many critics have slammed the regulatory review process for being skewed in favour of industry and for not taking into account the pipeline’s role in enabling more oilsands development — and the increased carbon emissions that would result.The NEB postponed hearings in August after striking economic evidence prepared by a consultant who was to begin working for the regulator starting this month. Steven Kelly won’t be involved in the Trans Mountain assessment, but the NEB nonetheless said it wanted to ensure no questions were raised about the review’s integrity.Kinder Morgan has said the project underwent “unprecedented” scrutiny inside and outside the formal review process and would add $18 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product over 20 years.“Trans Mountain deeply respects aboriginal rights and title in Canada and we acknowledge the Crown’s responsibility to consult with representatives of the First Nations. For more than three years we have been engaging in meaningful consultation and to date Trans Mountain has consulted with approximately 133 Aboriginal and First Nations Groups,” the company said in a statement.“Like the Tsleil-Waututh, Trans Mountain appreciates the need for a healthy Salish Sea, and we are committed to safe and environmentally responsible operations. As always Trans Mountain stands by our commitment to engage with First Nations and invites Tsleil-Waututh Nation to come to the table and engage in clear productive conversation.”George said what’s needed is nation-to-nation consultation.“Kinder Morgan’s a company. Who should consult with us is Canada. They have no business talking to us. It’s Canada that has to talk with us,” he said.NEB spokeswoman Tara O’Donovan declined to comment on the specifics of the court case.“Our decisions are subject to independent and impartial judicial oversight. That’s usually either through the Federal Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court of Canada. We are bound to act in accordance with the court’s decisions,” she said.The Tsleil-Waututh was granted leave to appeal in July, so that’s already been factored into the review’s hearing schedule, said O’Donovan.The panel will hear Trans Mountain’s oral summary arguments in Calgary on Dec. 17, with interveners having their turn in the new year.— By Lauren Krugel in CalgaryFollow @LaurenKrugel on Twitter. read more

VIDEO NBA in Banja Luka Jankovic beat buzzer from 28 meters

seha gazprom leagueSEHA leagueStefan Jankovic ← Previous Story BYE BYE DOHA: Siarhei Rutenka is free agent! Next Story → Siarhei Rutenka focused on Belarus: New club in January 9.Spartak Vojput11218280 : 3587 8.Borac m:tel11218275 : 3507 4.MVM Veszprem7610241 : 14719 5.Vardar9612293 : 24919 6.Nexe10406267 : 27412 2.PPD Zagreb9801289 : 21124 7.Vojvodina12228304 : 3958 10.Maks Strumica10028214 : 3232 3.Meshkov Brest10703313 : 25121 PHOTO: RK Borac, VIDEO: Bosnian champions RK Borac Banja Luka beat SEHA GAZPROM league leader HC Tatran Prešov 24:23 (10:14) in front of home fans in “Borik” hall with spectacular finish. Slovakians had a chance to score winning goal, but they lost the ball. Last chance had Borac’s playmaker Stefan Janković, who scored a spectacular goal from 28 meters shot.NBA finish in Banja Luka…RK Vojvodina beat RK Spartak 28:25 in the Serbian derby in regional competition.STANDINGS: 1.Tatran Prešov11902362 : 28027 read more

First LabGrown Steak Gives Foodies a Taste of the Future

first_img Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferNASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This Weekend Arby’s doesn’t have “the meats” anymore: A startup just unveiled its new lab-grown steak, which it claims is the world’s first ever cell-grown beef product.On Wednesday, Aleph Farms announced that it developed cell-grown minute steak, a new product that’s generated from growing different types of natural beef cells, extracting them painlessly from cows, and nourishing the cells into a full 3D structure that replicates regular meat, according to an Aleph Farms press release.This “meat” innovation isn’t your typical knockoff sirloin: Aleph Farms said the lab-grown steak’s appearance, shape, and texture are similar to conventional beef cuts. The lab-grown steak could be a milestone in cell-cultured meat technology, because it requires less resources than the current beef industry.Aleph Farms’ lab-grown steak is slaughter-free, antibiotic-free, and it doesn’t need land, water, feed, and other factors to raise cattle for meat. Cell-grown meat comes from a few living cow cells, and unlike other beef raising processes, these cells are gently harvested until they grow into a complex that’s similar to beef muscle tissue.However, creating lab-grown steak can be a challenging task. A major barrier with lab-grown steak is getting various cell types to engage with each other and build a complete tissue structure as they would inside a real cow. The right nutrients would also have to be present, because their combination would enable the multicellular matrix to stay strong and not break.Photo Credit: Aleph Farms/YouTubeThankfully though, Aleph Farms is working with the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology on a bio-engineering platform to efficiently make lab-grown steak. The company is combining six technologies that allow it to cut down the meat’s production costs, leverage an animal-free growth medium for the cells, and use bioreactors, also known as tanks, to help the cells grow.On a culinary scale, lab-grown steak could be an eco-friendlier cooking option for global eateries. Considering that it has the same look and taste of beef without the negative environmental effects, it could make its way to kitchens worldwide in the future.“For me, it’s a great experience to eat meat that has the look and feel of beef but has been grown without antibiotics and causes no harm to animals or the environment,” Amir Ilan, an Israeli chef, said in the press release. “Aleph Farms meat has high culinary potential – it can be readily incorporated into top-shelf preparations or served in premium-casual restaurants, trendy cafes, bistros, or other eateries.”More on Wednesday: ‘Yuck’ Becomes ‘Yum’ at the Disgusting Food MuseumScientists Shine Light on Bacteria That Causes Food PoisoningStudy: College Students Choose Smartphones Over Food Stay on targetlast_img read more

A Fourth of July Message from ASA President Ron Moore

first_imgNext week, barbecues, fireworks and parades will mark the celebration of our great nation’s independence.While we live in the finest country in the world, we can always strive for improvements–and here at ASA we are hard at work and continue to stand for America’s soy growers—who help feed, clothe and fuel our nation and the rest of the world.We will continue to press forward for policies that promote positive trade relations, working with the Administration and Congress to ensure our roads and waterways are a priority and that U.S. farmers have the tools and technology we need to remain competitive and successful.As fireworks light the sky next week and you gather with family and friends—I hope you’ll be proud not only to be an American, but to be an American soy grower. Remember what we have accomplished so far this year, but don’t ever stop advocating and helping to push the American agriculture industry to be the very best in the world.Happy Fourth of July and God Bless!-ASA President Ron Moorelast_img read more

TS is conducive for BJP growth

first_imgHanamkonda (Warangal-U): The political ambience in Telangana State is more conducive for strengthening of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), its national secretary N Indrasena Reddy said. Speaking to party cadre here on Wednesday, he said that it’s time to bolster the party from grass root level. He said that there is an imperative need to focus on inducting booth level activists who play a major role in driving the electorate to the polling booths. Also Read – Warrant issued against Renuka Chowdhury in cheating case Advertise With Us “Based on number of votes the party secured in the Parliamentary and Assembly elections, the seniors and the second rung leaders have a distinct role to play in strengthening the party base. The seniors need to focus on segments where the party is weak and struggling to make inroads. The other leaders have to try to address the shortcoming in segments where patronage to party is average and substantial,” Reddy said. Also Read – Parts of Hyderabad witness heavy rainfall Advertise With Us He told the cadre to give impetus on youth and women during the membership drive. This apart, the leaders have to sensitise the people of welfare schemes introduced by the BJP government at the Centre besides exposing the failures of TRS Government, he said. Warangal urban district party president Rao Padma Reddy, senior leaders Chada Srinivas Reddy, ravula Kishan, G Yadagiri Raio, Rao Amarender Reddy, K Santhosh Reddy, S Jagadeeshwar and Pasikanti Rajendraprasad were among others present.last_img read more

Accenture plans to offer 1 lakh jobs in FY16 invest 1 billion

first_imgBringing cheer to thousands of job seekers, global software giant Accenture said on Wednesday that would recruit nearly 100,000 people in its current financial year ending August 2016.The company also plans to spend about $1 billion on acquisitions, as it focuses on new technologies to boost its revenues.”Last year we hired roughly 100,000 people. Though the number isn’t set for this year, we expect to hire roughly in the same range,” The Economic Times quoted David Rowland, chief financial officer at Accenture, as saying. The scale of hiring outlined by Accenture is far above the jobs offers planned by the Indian IT companies for the fiscal year ending March 2016. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the country’s biggest IT firm, plans to hire about 65,000 people in FY16.Besides, the estimated amount to be spent by Accenture on acquisitions is a massive figure compared to that of domestic IT majors. It spent nearly $850 million on acquisitions in FY15.In January, India’s second largest IT firm, Infosys, had increased the size of its start-up fund by five times to $500 million, but it still remains well short of Accenture’s spend on acquisitions.Further, Accenture said that it would put more focus on three ‘new’ technologies — digital, cloud and cyber security. These technologies account for $10 billion or a third of its total revenue.The company earned a revenue of $7 billion from the digital segment in its financial year ending August 2015.Accenture’s headcount in digital space has now increased to 36,000 people, said its CEO Pierre Nanterme.”I would say that in our digital and operations business, we are the market makers. I spend a lot of my time looking at the competition, but there I would say we make the market. Our competition in digital is very fragmented and isn’t doing what we are doing,” said Nanterme.Analysts have said that Indian IT companies could remain laggards in the digital space due to “Accenture’s aggressive moves” in the segment.last_img read more