PRI in Person: Natixis IM CEO on empirical evidence in ESG investing

first_imgNatixis CEO Jean Raby addresses the PRI In Person conference“In this sense I feel, and I hope it’s not the case, that ESG has not become the means to an end but an end in itself,” he said.‘What are our objectives?’He urged investors to “go back to the basics”, adding: “Let’s ask ourselves ‘what are we trying to achieve?’, ‘what are our objectives?’, ‘are we getting any closer to these objectives?’.”Raby acknowledged that the impact of responsible investment on “real world sustainability” was difficult to assess, and that “the timeline is long”, but that it was important the industry knew by what measures of success it wanted to be judged.He argued that “collaboration and co-operation” between the financial sector, governments and regulators was “probably the most powerful tool we have to fight some of the most pressing issues of our time”.“Short-termism” also needed to be fought, said Raby.“The issues we are tackling are a long time in the making but also a long-time in resolving,” the Natixis CEO said. “Alignment is required not only on substance, but also on timeline.”He also argued that, although there were positive aspects to the plethora of initiatives that had emerged over the last few years “to mobilise our industry” over a range of environmental and social issues, “I do believe that the time has come for the industry to better channel its efforts”. ESG investing has become an empirical target for investors rather than a means to achieve other outcomes, according to the chief executive of Natixis Investment Managers.Addressing delegates at the PRI’s annual conference in Paris yesterday, Jean Raby suggested there was insufficient progress on a range of environmental and social issues despite rapid growth in funds “launched by us asset managers to fulfil demand for strategies driven by the incorporation of environmental, social and corporate governance [ESG] and non-financial factors, broadly speaking”.“Perhaps we focus too much on trying to demonstrate empirically the answer to the question of the relationship between ESG and performance,” Raby said.“I don’t need empirical evidence to convince me that if […] I make an investment in an entity that destroys the environment, doesn’t treat well its workers and has a governance that is full of conflicts of interest, then I cannot see that as a reasonable assumption of long-term sustainable performance.” After giving a few examples for where “the winds of change” were not yet visible, Raby said the question he was asking, “with no pretence of having a comprehensive answer, is why are we not making as much [of] a difference as we should given the current state of the world”.He said that “a lot of effort has been pushed on measuring what we do in terms of exclusionary approaches” – or using ESG factors as a risk management tool – “and perhaps not as much on investment that actually enables positive steps towards the goals we are pursuing”.There was a lot of focus on “headline statistics”, such as the percentage of assets under management run in accordance with ESG-related strategies, or the number of engagement instances with corporates.last_img read more

Townsville region is primed for a housing recovery

first_imgNow is a good time to buy a home but have your finances in order first.DESPITE the state of the world we currently live in, there are plenty of buyers in the marketplace that understand the good opportunity that Townsville provides. After more than a decade of subdued activity, our region is primed for recovery and I believe we’ll be coming out of the gates strongly as restrictions start to ease and the worldwide situation continues to improve. Put simply, it’s an opportune time to buy your next home or investment property.Yet if you’re in the market to buy, it’s important to have your finances in order. Why? Chiefly because those buyers needing a longer time to get their finance approved are missing out on homes they love to others with shorter finance terms. This is largely (and understandably) due to banking business practices being modified and overloaded. However, in most instances, it comes down to preparation.So, what does preparation look like? In all markets (but especially in the current one), financial preparation is about understanding your overall fiscal position. A lack of understanding and preparedness will prove costly if information is incomplete or missing, and at times finance applications fail on what seems like a trivial item. Unfortunately, I see this happen all the time. Once you’ve made the decision to buy, the next step is to contact your bank or finance broker and spend time preparing to make an offer. More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020Make it clear that you’re serious, and request that you begin the application process prior to finding the right home, so they can request all relevant information from you, scrupulously assess it, request more details if necessary and give you the best possible advice on what your budget and lending capacity should be.In taking these steps, you’ll not only be well-informed before you begin to browse the marketplace, but you’ll also have much of the preparation work completed prior to sending your bank or mortgage broker contract documents. And by doing this, you may also find that you’re in an advantageous position when making offers. You are more likely to beat the competition for the home you love, either because you can achieve a shorter finance term or because you’re informed and confident to make an offer when you find the right home.last_img read more

BOEM gives more time for public input on Hilcorp’s Liberty project

first_imgThe U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has extended the period for accepting public comment on Hilcorp’s Liberty project environmental impact statement (EIS) draft.BOEM said on Thursday that the comment period would end at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, December 8.The Bureau published a draft EIS analyzing the potential environmental impacts of Hilcorp’s Development and Production Plan (DPP) in August 2017.BOEM is seeking public comment on the draft document, to help inform the preparation of the final environmental impact statement.To remind, Hilcorp submitted the development plan for the Liberty project to the U.S. offshore oil and gas regulator September 2015. Hilcorp proposes to build a small artificial gravel island in the shallow federal waters of the Beaufort Sea, about 20 miles east of Prudhoe Bay.To be located about five miles off the coast in Foggy Island Bay, the 36,400 square meter site would be similar to the oil and gas producing artificial Spy Island, Northstar Island, Endicott Island, and Oooguruk Island currently operating in the area’s state waters.Hilcorp plans to install a “pipe-in-pipe” subsea pipeline to deliver oil to shore. Onshore, the pipeline would connect to the Badami pipeline which further connects to an existing oil and gas infrastructure at Prudhoe Bay.The plan commits the company to several actions to minimize disruption to subsistence activities, including whaling, which play a vital role in the lives of Alaska Native communities along the Arctic coast.Offshore Energy Today Stafflast_img read more

Reggae Girlz secure spot in second round of U-20 Championship

first_imgSAN CRISTOBAL, Dominican Republic (CMC) – Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz have progressed to the knockout phase of the CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship after a 4-1 win over El Salvador in their Group E fixture here on Monday.Jody Brown was quick out of the gates at the Estadio Panamericano, with goals in the second and 11th minutes that gave Jamaica a 2-0 lead.El Salvador fought back to make it a one-goal affair right before halftime, thanks to a score from Mara Rodriguez. But Jamaica’s class came to the fore in the second half, as goals from Lacey Murray and Chantelle paced them to the victory.The group’s other game saw Guatemala and Canada battle to a 0-0 draw.Guatemala put on an impressive defensive display in limiting the dangerous Canadian attack, thanks also in part to the heroics of goalkeeper Ashley Avalos.The day’s results leave both Jamaica and Canada on four points, while Guatemala have two points and El Salvador have zero.Action resumes in Group E today with Guatemala taking on El Salvador, while Canada square off against Jamaica.last_img read more

Rapper reinvents himself with new comedy series

first_imgFollowing that, Burd was hit with a follow-up question about his 2018 collaboration with singer Chris Brown, who was charged with felony assault in 2009.  “DAVE” is currently  on Hulu and new episodes will premiere Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FXX. “DAVE” is similar to FX’s “Atlanta,” which follows two cousins’ experiences in the Atlanta rap scene. Burd acknowledged the show as an inspiration for his own, which has been in the works for about six years. The show’s relatability shines through as Dave, the character, also experiences the awkwardness of seeing a doctor about a possible case of herpes that is actually only razor bumps. With considerably raunchy moments like these, the show also presents itself as an opportunity for the real-life Burd to take some creative liberty in telling his own life story.  “I really believe in my moral compass,” Burd said. “I think it’s clear that in anything I make, I’m not remotely anti-Semitic.” “I just feel like it’s bizarre to address me as Lil Dicky,” Burd said to the audience in the Ray Stark Family Theatre. “I love my rap name. I hate it as well. But I think I’m supposed to hate it, but I love it, too.”  Before the screening, Oscar Ramos, a first-year student in the film and television production MFA program, expressed his interest in the rapper but was unfamiliar with Burd outside of his musical endeavors.  (Vincent Leo | Daily Trojan) “You guys work for ‘Atlanta?’” Burd joked when the crowd applauded his praise of the show during the Q&A.  “Why would I tie myself to reality when I can do anything?” Burd asked the audience.  Burd and Schaffer joined the audience for the screening, and Burd said he enjoyed watching the viewers’ enthusiastic reactions to the episode. Although Lil Dicky has a reputation as a comedic rapper, as hinted by his title, the show reveals a side of him that most fans may not know.  “As a society, we have two choices: We can never hear from him again, or we can allow him to use his talent for good,” Burd said. “I want you to know that I really respect that question. That’s the first time I’ve ever even been asked that question, surprisingly, and I don’t know how I’m not asked it at every moment.”  Ironically, earlier in the conversation, Burd admitted to being tone-deaf and said he hopes that comes through in “DAVE.”  Lil Dicky (center) and “DAVE” creator Jeff Schaffer (right) chatted with SCA’s Alex Ago (left) about the new FXX series. (Vincent Leo | Daily Trojan) Inspired by Burd’s real-life journey, “DAVE” revolves around a goofy Jewish man who goes viral on YouTube and plans on becoming rap music’s next big star. Juggling his kindergarten teacher girlfriend with his hectic lifestyle demanded by his career pursuits, he is extremely talented and confident, yet ill-prepared.  “To be honest, I came for Lil Dicky, but I’m hoping that’s kind of an introduction to Dave Burd,” Ramos said. “I don’t know much of his outside work aside from his rapping.”  Ramos got what he hoped for. Both the show and the Q&A that followed introduced the audience to Dave Burd, the person, and Dave, the subject of Burd’s comedy.  Throughout the night, Burd proved that more than just his music is comedic. With each question and crowd reaction, Burd offered a clever response, much like his not-so-far-fetched character.  “You’ll just see kind of the most tone-deaf, narcissistic version of me … but I certainly am narcissistic, and I’m honestly tone-deaf a lot,” Burd said. “But I think it’s slightly hyperbolized for the show. I really want people to see that — see me for me.” Olga Khaminwa-Joseph, a freshman majoring in narrative studies, was initially familiar with Burd’s music career alone but noted similar themes between his rapping and the show.  Most students may have expected Dave Burd’s first appearance on campus to be as rapper Lil Dicky, possibly performing at USC Springfest. But in a departure from his rap career, the artist and activist visited the School of Cinematic Arts Tuesday night to screen the pilot episode of his new FXX show “DAVE.”  One question after the screening regarded Burd’s use of a Jewish slur in his 2013 song “All K.” Burd stumbled through the beginning of his response but later argued that he took control of the typically offensive word and that, for the sake of a joke, its use was permissible.  “He’s very vulnerable but in a way that it doesn’t feel like vulnerability. It just feels very natural,” Khaminwa-Joseph said about the show. “And I think you kind of hear that in his music, too. It’s sort of self-deprecating, but I think in the show it’s not too self-deprecating — it’s just fun.” Created by Burd and Jeff Schaffer, the “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” director who also attended the screening, the show captures audiences with its witty dialogue and Burd’s comic delivery. last_img read more

Student-athletes need more class time

first_imgIn the argument of student-athlete compensation, one side generally defends the current system saying that these athletes are getting their tuition paid for and that is a huge sum of money. Of course, not all college athletes are on a full-ride scholarship, but for those that are; their scholarship doesn’t achieve its full value.Photo courtesy USC Sports InformationBusy schedule · The men’s golf team has a busy November, playing on Monday and Tuesday before hitting the links again next week for three days. It’s just one instance of an athletic team tied down by a rough schedule.Student-athletes continually choose their sport over school because the Pac-12 and their school force them to. How can anyone expect student-athletes to put their academics first when their governing bodies refuse to do the same?This debate is especially relevant given all the attention that Thursday night football games have been given and their impact on the minutes football players spend in the classroom, but it isn’t just about football players. Once again the massive entity that is collegiate football has overshadowed the non-revenue sports that suffer from this problem just as much if not more.The men’s golf team has two consecutive weeks in November in which they have a tournament during the week. This week, the team played on Monday and Tuesday and next week they will be on the links Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.That means they are missing the equivalent of a full week of school from just two tournaments.The women’s volleyball team also plays a significant number of times during the week. This week they played in Tucson on Wednesday night and again in Tempe on Friday, meaning they will miss Tuesday through Friday this week.“On Tuesday we travel, Wednesday we play and Thursday we travel to Tempe,” women’s volleyball head coach Mick Haley said to the Daily Trojan before the team left. “Then we play early Friday at 6 p.m., but we can’t get out that night, which is terrible because we have to get up early to get them back by 9 the next morning on Saturday.”This atrocious schedule leaves very little room to achieve academic excellence. In the same interview, Haley said he thought the team would only be in school for eight days in November.It doesn’t matter how many administrators and coaches come out and say academics are the priority for their teams if their actions speak differently.This isn’t a new problem either and the NCAA in all its resplendent glory is aware of the problem.The organization has conducted a study in order to gain insight into the experiences and well being of student athletes. This survey, “Growth, Opportunity, Aspirations and Learning of Students in College,” was conducted in 2006, 2010 and most recently in 2015.The findings are disheartening, considering the word student comes first in student-athlete. In Division I schools, athletes reported dedicating a median of 34 hours a week to their sport in-season, a two-hour increase since 2010. Not surprisingly, football players spent the most time, averaging 42 hours a week. The other sport that struck the 40-hour mark — that of a full-time job — was baseball at 40 hours per week.The silver lining is that athletes also said they are spending more time on academics than they were in 2010 with the number of hours per week rising from 35.5 hours to 38.5 hours while they are in season. Across the board, female student-athletes said they spent more time studying than their male counterparts.Fifty-nine percent of male and 66 percent of female Division I athletes said they want to spend more time on academics during the season. The three sports who consistently reported they spent significantly more time on athletics than academics were football, baseball and men’s golf.Student-athletes are missing class at very high rates as well. Ten percent of football players reported missing three or more classes a week during their season, and this was the lowest number among of the categories the NCAA provided for Division I athletes. Nineteen percent of baseball players, 21 percent of men’s basketball players and 22 percent of women’s basketball players — all limited to Division I athletes — reported missing three or more classes a week during their season.Between the time spent traveling or working out and the time spent pursuing a degree, the life of a college athlete is far busier than most average students. Unfortunately, most of the student-athletes surveyed were not dissatisfied with these time commitments during the season.By promoting a culture of athletics taking precedent over academics, these athletes are being done a disservice by their universities.According to the NCAA, just 1.6 percent of NCAA football players go on to compete in the NFL. 1.1 percent of men’s basketball players make it to the NBA and for baseball players, 9.7 will be drafted by a Major League team.By taking athletes out of the classroom for such a significant time, the University is taking away valuable preparation for a world beyond athletics. This isn’t to say that college sports should be done away with, there just needs to be some reform in the amount of time that these athletes are expected to contribute to their schools when what they are receiving in return — their education — is being taken away from them.Hailey Tucker is a junior majoring in broadcast and digital journalism. She is also the sports editor of the Daily Trojan. Her column, “Tucker Talks,” runs Thursdays.last_img read more

Chelsea open up seven point gap

first_imgEden Hazard and Branislav Ivanovic got the goals as they came away from Aston Villa with a 2-1 win.Hull led away to Manchester City, only for James Milner to equalise in stoppage time. Southampton’s Champions League hopes received a massive boost –  after their 1-0 win at QPR.  Tottenham are up to fourth after Harry Kane’s brace saw them come from behind to beat Arsenal 2-1 in the North London derby at White Hart Lane. The Gunners had been leading 1-0 at half-time and Manager Arsene Wenger says they didn’t pose enough of a threat to their rivals.Leicester remain rooted to the bottom after their 1-0 defeat at home to Crystal Palace. Sunderland secured a valuable point in their battle against the drop – Jermain Defoe struck again in their 1-1 draw at Swansea.last_img read more

Roger Penske buys Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IndyCar

first_img LIVE TV INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the IndyCar Series have been sold to Penske Entertainment Corp. in a stunning announcement that relinquishes control of the iconic speedway from the Hulman family after 74 years.Tony Hulman bought the dilapidated speedway in 1945 and brought racing back to 16th St. and Georgetown Ave. after a four-year hiatus following World War II.The speedway spun off multiple other subsidiaries, including the IndyCar Series and Indianapolis Motor Speedway Productions, which are also part of the deal to Penske Entertainment. That group is a subsidiary of Penske Corp., which is owned by billionaire Roger Penske.Penske is the winningest team owner in Indianapolis 500 history with 18 victories.The speedway announced a Monday news conference to discuss the deal.___More AP auto racing: and Associated Press Television News Written By First Published: 4th November, 2019 20:14 IST 10 months ago MMA: Tito Ortiz is confident about defeating Alberto El Patron 10 months ago Lewis Hamilton considers prospect of winning 6th F1 title ‘unreal’! SUBSCRIBE TO US 10 months ago Under Armour’s strong numbers drowned out by investigationcenter_img COMMENT 10 months ago Ukraine postpones 2nd stage of weapons pullback in east FOLLOW US 10 months ago Ferrari raises earnings forecast on strong deliveries WATCH US LIVE Last Updated: 4th November, 2019 20:14 IST Roger Penske Buys Indianapolis Motor Speedway And IndyCar Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the IndyCar Series have been sold to Penske Entertainment Corp. in a stunning announcement that relinquishes control of the iconic speedway from the Hulman family after 74 years. WE RECOMMENDlast_img read more

Cowboys vs Bears fans brawl after NFL game, hell breaks loose in Chicago

first_img Written By COMMENT Danish Ansari SUBSCRIBE TO US Also Read | Dallas Cowboys Vs Chicago Bears Live Streaming Details, Schedule, Team News, PreviewLooking at the footage, it was clear that Chicago Bears fans had outnumbered their counterparts who were supporting the Dallas Cowboys. However, it is difficult to ascertain as to what had caused the incident and the reason fans were triggered to get involved into a street fight especially after watching their home team pick up a huge win. Cowboys vs Bears – Fans blame the refereesThe game itself was a clean one, featuring no controversy. However, several fans on Twitter called out the referees for missing several face mask calls that should have gone against the Dallas defence. Check out the reactions:Also Read | Dallas Cowboys Kicker Brett Maher Sets Unwanted NFL Record During Loss Against Bears Last Updated: 6th December, 2019 17:44 IST Cowboys Vs Bears Fans Brawl After NFL Game, Hell Breaks Loose In Chicago NFL 2019-20: Cowboys and Bears fans got involved in a massive fight in a concourse at Soldier Field after the Dallas Cowboys lost vs Chicago Bears 31-24. Bears kicking the shit out the of Cowboys on the field and in the parking lot (via IG/blakeheisman)— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) December 6, 2019 Chicago Bears bagged a big win against Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football after Mitchell Trubisky led the Bears (7-6) to a 31-24 victory. The Bears were far ahead on the scores before winning the game. This was their fourth successful showing in the five games they have been involved in, whereas the Cowboys have lost seven of the 10 games after an impressive start (3-0). And while the struggling Dallas Cowboys may have again failed to bring much action to the game, their fans were involved in a bad brawl after the NFL game.Also Read | Jerry Jones Net Worth: Where Did The Dallas Cowboys Owner Make His Money?Cowboys vs Bears fans brawlThe Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys fans were involved in an all-out brawl in a concourse at Soldier Field after the game. There was no sign of law enforcement when the incident took place, however, the fight did break up quickly. Barstool Sports has shared footage which shows the two sides getting involved in a physical altercation, apparently after exiting the play on Thursday night. Check out what exactly went down: According to the refs, the Cowboys did not commit a face mask here, but the Bears committed a block in the back. You decide.— Patrick (@EaglesPMC) December 6, 2019center_img Also Read | Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Says Jason Garrett Will Coach In The NFL Next Year First Published: 6th December, 2019 17:44 IST LIVE TV Earlier during the same play another Cowboy back pulled on the mask. The one at the end was the second. Horrible officiating.— Bill Waterbury (@billdubs) December 6, 2019 WATCH US LIVE The officials have missed two facemask penalties on the Cowboys defense. #Bears WR Anthony Miller and TE J.P. Holtz both have had their facemasks grabbed after catches.— Adam Jahns (@adamjahns) December 6, 2019 FOLLOW USlast_img read more

Digitain granted B2B licence from MGA

first_img Betby receives green light from MGA August 10, 2020 Related Articles Why reliability of service is an integral part of TVBET’s strategy August 6, 2020 Submit SBC Webinars and Digitain present Finding Value in Untapped Markets July 14, 2020 Share StumbleUpon Share Sports betting and casino platform provider Digitain has been granted a B2B Critical Gaming Supply Licence from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), expanding its presence across the European market.The new licence will allow Digitain to supply a wide array of Tier 1 B2C operators across Malta, as well as extending its global player reach. Digitain will also be authorised to form strategic commercial partnerships in addition to its 100+ partner portfolios covering 65 sports, 7,500 leagues, and over 3,000 markets.Suren Khachatryan, Chief Commercial Officer at Digitain, said: “This new licence deepens our access to a key market, giving further recognition to a market-leading portfolio that received a host of prestigious industry awards last year.“As well as being an important milestone for the company, the news affords more operators the chance to take advantage of our best-in-class sportsbook and casino technology. From highly advanced turn-key and white-label solutions to our premium quality in-house game collection, we’re on track to deliver another record-breaking year.”In December 2019, Digitain was given the green light to expand into Romania after gaining a Class 2 licence certification from the Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJN).The certification allows Digitain to roll out its full range of services across Romania’s regulated space, while licensed digital and retail operators in Romania will gain full access to Digitain’s entire product portfolio and software including the latest Random Number Generator (RNG) from ID Quantique.last_img read more