Nigerians Want Ambassador Out

first_imgWhile Nigerians throughout the world may have been rejoicing over the news that their country now has the biggest economy in Africa, the situation in Liberia was totally different this week.Local Nigerians were staging a demonstration calling on President Goodluck Jonathan to have Ambassador Chigozie F. Obi-Nnadozie recalled.The Nigerians, who allegedly came from every part of Liberia for the protest instigated by the leadership of the Nigerian Community and Descendants Union of Liberia (NCDUL), on Wednesday, April 8, converged on the Nigerian Embassy in a protest intended to prevail upon the government of Nigeria to have Ambassador Obi Nnadozie recalled for what they termed as a “lack of respect and outright disdain for the welfare of NCDUL members.”The protesters said Ambassador Nnadozie’s continued stay in Liberia is not only unfavorable to the welfare, safety and security of all people of Nigeria and their descendants in Liberia, but harmful to the supreme interest of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a sovereign state.The Liberian National Police, upon getting hints of the situation, barricaded the Nigerian Embassy to ensure the Ambassador’s protection. The LNP arrested the organizers of the protest upon noticing the situation was beginning to get out of hand. They pushed the crowd away from the Embassy entrance until they had moved across the street.The Secretary General of the Nigerian association, Rev. Vincent Abuka, catalogued several grievances that the organization has against Ambassador Nnadozie.Rev. Abuka said the Ambassador has shown a clear lack of respect, if not outright disdain, for their organization, which was founded in 1948-a time when she was not yet born.He said she seeks to destroy the organization by forming a rival organization made predominantly of a handful person from her state of origin. According to him, this has caused her to sideline the majority of Nigerians and their descendants.The NCDUL stalwart said, “The Ambassador has on several occasions expelled from the premises of the Embassy, the NCDUL’s president and other prominent elders she invited to the Embassy for meetings.” “She also reported NCDUL’s President to the Justice Ministry accusing him of obstructing her functions as Ambassador. She instigated the detention of NCDUL president Elder Felix U. Ebeku. This is totally against the fraternity that we share as Nigerians.”He accused the Ambassador of denying and obstructing the return of corpses of deceased Nigerians back home for burial as custom demands, saying, “Her actions often compound the sorrows of relatives. Before her arrival this behavior was unheard of in Liberia.”He alleged that Ambassador Nnadozie is extorting money from her compatriots as registration fees at the Embassy; something they used to do free of charge.The NCDUL Secretary said: “Without any evidence, our Ambassador collectively branded Nigerians and their descendants in Liberia as terrorists and Boko-Haram insurgents, thereby threatening our security in the country. This is unacceptable; her newest statement against us supports recent claims by a top Liberian security operative that Nigerian businessmen in the country are Boko-Haram operatives.”When contacted for comments or reactions to the claims of the NCDUL leaders, Ambassador Nnadozie after answering unceremoniously, cut-off her phone. When this reporter called back a male voice answered the phone and started insulting him.“Why you people are not interested in promoting a good image of Nigeria and only choose to publish negative things about this country.” The man, who was speaking for the Ambassador, said that she had, at the time of the protest, gone to the launch of a new Nigerian business; something he said would promote better relations between the two countries rather than giving heed to something unnecessary.The NCDUL leadership told journalists that its members have begun to observe a week of fasting and prayer to seek divine intervention for the recall of the Ambassador, who they said has been “very insensitive” to the plights of the larger Nigerian community in Liberia.It is alleged that the protesters are all naturalized Liberians that should, thus, have nothing to do with Nigeria. It is rumored the protesters have yet to denounce their Nigerian nationality officially or legally. Rev. Vincent Abuka denied the claims saying they had no substance. “When issues like this come up, you become aware all kinds of people are willing to use propaganda. I can tell you that 99 percent of us here at the Embassy today are not naturalized and will continue to be Nigerians,” Rev. Abuka concluded.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Saudi Arabia to Islamize Liberia, W. Africa?

first_imgA very detailed article written by three Muslim “women’s rights activists” from the middle east describes an alleged plan by Saudi Arabia, the oil-rich Arab monarchy, to Islamize the entire world, the United States, Europe and Africa, using Liberia as fertile ground for its plans for West Africa.A 14-page, comprehensive and powerfully–written essay by three Arab women from Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia, respectively, one with a PhD and the others each with a Master’s degree, says the Saudis have developed a “game plan” to install a “Wahhabi-type Islamic regime in Syria that disproportionately disavows women, deprives girls of education and basic rights and darkens the prospects for equality between men and women in society. The article is entitled: “The Syrian War, Saudi Arabia’s Struggle for Global Influence and Control of Africa”.In addition, said the three female Islamic authors—Anahita Ghorbani, Iranian women’s rights activist, Yafiah Assouin, PhD, Syrian women’s rights activist and Shada Al Zahrani, Saudi journalist—the Saudis’ game plan “is not just limited to Syria.  It is also a broader and calculated drive to install Islamic political leaders and regimes in fragile regions of the world, particularly West Africa. It also aims to distort the way of life of the West through a full scale Islamization process—a process that enjoins men and the right to multiple wives and deprives women of humanity.The Daily Observer is endeavoring to contact Saudi Arabian embassies in the sub-region to get their reaction to these allegations.In his initial reaction to the article, Liberia’s chief Imam, Sheikh Kafumba Konneh, questions the authors’ understanding of the issues discussed in their article. “The document, although purported to be the joint work of so-called highly qualified female academicians and women’s right activists of the Middle East, notably Saudi Arabia MA, Syria PhD and Iran MA, [shows] their lack of knowledge of the thin and subtle line between Saudi’s domestic and foreign politics when it comes to religion and political leadership is unbelievable for their level,” explains Sheikh Konneh.“The document’s claim that Saudi’s agenda of supporting Syrian rebels ‘is about installing a regime that will torment Israel in the region’ further puts a serious hole in their credential and credibility of the three authors and their report alike because this theory is very contradictory to the Saudi’s open support to the military overthrow of President Mursi of Egypt, a Sunni (Wahabbi) Muslim.  Besides, there is no leader in the region that is more of a pain in the neck of Israel more than Assad. The evidence is clear to all ordinary eyes; it is therefore so unbelievable that so-called researchers know very little about their region and so much details about Liberia. The Saudi’s foreign politics is more of protecting the Monarchy and preventing the spread of the Shiite sect of Islam through creating allies mainly in the region and reducing friends of the enemy.Sheikh Kafumba Konneh publishes a weekly article in the Islamic column of the Daily Observer on the series, “Creating an Ideal Islamic Society”.The three Islamic women scholars say that because almost all the nations of North Africa are politically Islamic, the Saudis’ focus is on West Africa, where just eight of the region’s 16 countries, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Gambia, Niger, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, “are guaranteed to have political leaders who will always be Muslim.” The three writers continued, “Although Ivory Coast currently has a Muslim president, the secular nature of the country and the dominant influence of France and the Christian population makes it somehow difficult for the country to [become controlled by] Islamic laws.  Besides, the Ivorian President’s Western connection and marriage adds to the equation that he would not dare attempt to impose such dogmatic reality.”“The Saudis,” said the three writers, “are eager to influence Sierra Leone and Liberia with their experiment to install Islamic political regimes.  In Sierra Leone, they did not have that leverage when Tejan Kabba was president; even though he was a Muslim, his political party was predominantly Christian led.“In Ghana,” said the three authors, “the vehemence of the Catholic faithful, an evangelical landscape coupled with the country’s economic viability pose a challenge for the Saudis in any attempt to impose an Islamic political leadership.  Given some of these challenges, the Saudis’  plan is to identify the most volatile environment in the region, and so far, they have identified Liberia as the suitable test ground to begin installing Islamic political leadership in the rest of West African states that have no Muslim political majority and control.“The Saudis’ plan for Liberia,” said the three women Islamic scholars and activists, “is first to ensure that a candidate of Muslim faith and background contests and wins the Liberian presidency.  To do this, the Saudis brought the Kuwaitis on board to influence Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in identifying and supporting such candidate. The bottom-line is to make Liberia an indirect Muslim nation through the application of aspects of the Sharia law when at such time a Muslim becomes president. In their article, the three Islamic women scholars made a highly speculative allegation when they declared, “The Liberian president, who briefly became a Muslim by marriage and direct family ties, seems to be in agreement, but skeptical of a drawback from the Liberian people.”  The authors continued, “In exchange for the President’s implicit willingness, the Saudis have [provided] and continue to provide financial incentives to her and her administration through the Kuwaiti government and members of its royal family.”Daily Observer background: Shortly following her high school graduation from the College of West Africa in 1955, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf married Mr. James A. (Doc) Sirleaf. His father was Mr. Sirleaf who hailed from an Islamic background, but not much is known of him or his religion.  The mother, Mr. Sirleaf’s wife, had two sons for him, James, the elder and his brother Varsay, who became a medical doctor (Snapper Hill Clinic).  Their mother was a Methodist and so were her two sons.  That is why Ellen, though born a Presbyterian, became a Methodist when she married Doc Sirleaf.Sheikh Konneh concurs.  “I find the arguments on the secret triangular maneuvering between Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to be laughable, elementary and cunningly distortive. The so-called facts are nothing but misleading fabrications, and lack the basic criteria of research paper which is factuality or to be attributed to a group of academicians to say the least. The author(s) made an unmarketable and fatal faux pas in their desperate attempt to turn Liberians against one another by giving more credence to their story when they claimed that the President was once a Muslim when the facts and evidence maintain that the President, her children including her late husband, were and have been Christians throughout.“The Muslims of Liberia believe in the power of Allah the Creator,” the Sheikh continued, “the King of the Universe, who gives and takes away power. He gives it to whom He likes and takes it from whom He likes. When God is ready for Muslim leader to take over in Liberia, no amount of negative – either internal or external propaganda – can stop it or make it work.”Observer background cont’d: It is true that the Kuwaitis have been pumping money into Liberia.  Recently, Robert Sirleaf, the President’s son, whom she appointed ambassador to Kuwait, showed up one day recently with US$14 million which the government said was a loan from the Kuwaiti government.  The Daily Observer has editorially wondered what involvement either the Liberian Foreign Ministry or the Ministry of Finance, whose head is a Muslim, had in the negotiations for this loan.  The Liberian government has not yet responded to this question.Returning to the three Islamic women’s article, the allege in their article that “The feasibility of this plan [to install an Islamic successor to Ellen and other interventions in West Africa] is unlikely because the majority of people that adhere to the Islamic faith in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast are migrants from Guinea, Mali and Burkina Faso.  As such, the practicing Muslim population in Liberia is insufficient to make for a Muslim candidate victory unless a foul play was in the mix.  In addition, the Americo-Liberians and many tribal groups in the country have fundamental disagreement with the Liberian Muslim population who they see as immigrants and a violent sect with no real geographic base in the country other than a province Lofa County, Liberia, that is home to a group known as Liberian Mandingoes.  The Lofa Mandingoes are generally Muslims and also legitimate Liberians.  Besides this group, Mandingoes and other Muslim settlers in the other Liberian provinces are migrants or descendants of migrants from Guinea, Mali or Burkina Faso. The only way to impact the election in a significant way is to continue mass migration of Muslims from neighboring Guinea and Mali, who upon return and a brief stay in the country, seek Liberian citizenship through corruption and assistance from an organized political Muslim community in the country that is bent on increasing their population.”Said the three Islamic women scholars, “Key opposition alliance to the President’s elevation of the Muslim population in Liberia are cut across a cross section of the Americo-Liberian descendants and tribal groups from counties like Lofa, Nimba, Bong, Grand Cape Mount, Margibi and Grand Bassa, where friction between these groups and the Muslims, particularly the Mandingoes, have always run high. Generally, the Mandingoes enjoyed good relations with tribal groups in Liberia’s southeastern region (home of Sirleaf’s maternal grandmother) for several reasons, including due to the scarce settlement of the group in that area and the peaceful nature of the country’s southeasterners.”The three women Islamic authors say, “Some of the strongest underground and vocal critics of the Liberian President’s increasing elevation of the country’s Muslim group into key functions of government include her in-law, Estrada Bernard, confidante Willis Knuckles, opposition figures Benoni Urey, Cyril Allen and Mills Jones of the Central Bank.  The most vocal critics are Allen and Urey, both of whom believe the President is mortgaging the country’s future to Islamic intolerance and radicalism because she knows that she may not be around due to her advanced age, and that only future generations of Liberians will pay for her misguided efforts of Islamic-centered policy.  Other silent critics include former warlord Prince Johnson and few members of the country’s so-called progressive elements from the 1980s.”The three women Islamic scholars say the Saudis particularly dislike the notion that the Liberian Constitution and history maintain that the country was founded by African-Americans, based on Christian principles. In the past, they have funded processes and pseudo Islamic programs to dismantle that aspect of the country’s Constitution and history but met strong opposition from the country’s evangelical Christian coalition and right wing politicians.  With the country’s ongoing constitutional review, the Saudis are hoping to influence change and support from President Sirleaf, whose marriage to a Muslim connects her to the Arabs.”But here again, the authors are wrong because the President was not married to a Muslim.The three authors claim that “A senior Saudi official and member of the Royal family confided that Sirleaf is afraid of a backlash should she try to force a Muslim candidate on the Liberian people.  Therefore, she intends to create a political alliance with a Liberian candidate, notable Charles Brumskine, a lawyer and former Taylor supporter, to have him not only protect her interest after her tenure, but to carry her preferred Muslim candidate as his vice president so that in the interim that the president is incapacitated, then the Muslim vice president will eventually become president as per the Liberian Constitution.”According to the three women  Islamic scholars—and the Daily Observer has to make it clear that we do not know where the three scholars got their information—Sirleaf’s adult children . . . are split on this protocol, and the President has not discussed her plans with her closely knit family circle advisers that include her sister, brother-in-law and cousins.  In fact, the Liberian President’s former ambassador to the UK resigned from his position in silent protest because of the President’s elevation of the Muslim community in Liberia’s governance.”The Daily Observer has contacted the former Liberian Ambassador to the UK, Wesley Johnson, for his reaction.The three authors also allege that “Another plot said to be on the agenda for the Saudis [and others] is either to facilitate the assassination of credible presidential candidates with broad appeal, Christian support and background, or encourage the Liberian President and government to influence the country’s National Elections Commission (NEC) to eliminate strong Liberian presidential candidates and political parties on frivolous grounds. Specific candidates targeted are those with substantive Catholic background and support, and who wield broad based international appeal for their credentials and links to Rome, the United States and Israel.  The faces and physical addresses of the three female authors cannot be revealed for security reasons, says a clause at the end of the article, which was originally published on, a Nigerian news website based in London, on April 14, 2014.  Its publisher, Mr. Daniel Raymond, told the Daily Observer that he received the article directly from the authors. “Our only concern was the motive of the writers,” said Raymond, whose website has been publishing news of the extremist group Boko Haram’s activities in Nigeria over the past few weeks.  He said the section of the article concerning Nigeria, alleging that Saudi money was being used to fund charities that “indirectly funded Boko Haram” was of interest to Elombah.The article in its etirety is published at this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

LGE 2018: The start of a movement to take back Guyana – Jagdeo

first_img…criticises Govt’s vision for country’s developmentThe People’s Progressive Party/Civic’s (PPP/C) performance at the Local Government polls is the beginning of a movement to take back Guyana from the hands of the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government, according to the Party’s General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo.Jagdeo made the statement at the Party’s public meeting at Kitty, Georgetown, on Saturday. The meeting was held for five of their 13 constituency members contesting the Georgetown municipality to present their vision for their respective constituencies.Jagdeo told the gathering at the meeting that they need to understand the importance of the elections since it will send a clear message to the Government that the conclusion of their tenure in Government is near.He said the last Local Government polls gave the PPP a good win but called for a more convincing win to ensure that the message “Guyanese are fed up” gets across to the Government.“You’re part of a movement. You’re part of a movement not only to change the area which you live in but you’re the beginning of a movement to take back Guyana from the hands of the APNU/AFC disaster that we have running our country now. That is what is at stake here, this is the beginning of that fight…,” Jagdeo said.The Opposition Leader said the need to reclaim Guyana is all more impFrom left: Dion Younge (Constituency Five), PPP General SecretaryBharrat Jagdeo and Patrick De Santos (Constituency Four)ortant now because of how the Government destroying it.“If the results of the last three-and-half years are anything to go by, then we have to get them out very early because this country will slide to the depths that we have never seen before if they continue with this approach to management,” he noted, while identifying that Government has spent over $1 trillion in just three years.He explained that Government spending is supposed to boost the performance of every sector, as well as making the lives of the ordinary citizens much easier; but despite the APNU/AFC Government spending so much, they are yet to make an impact. He noted that every sector of the economy is rapidly deteriorating, and citizens are overburdened by unnecessary taxes.Jagdeo identified that during its short time in Government, the APNU/AFC Administration has introduced almost 200 new taxes in order to finance its extravagant spending. He accused the Administration of wasting taxpayers’ money on unnecessary projects such as repainting State House from white to green costing some $30 million as well as a green fence for the Ministry of the Presidency (Office of the President).“The tax collection from the Government going from $135 billion to $195 billion – $60 billion more per year they are collecting in taxation to finance this extravagance. So where do the taxes come from? They come from poor people pocket because they have increased taxes on 46 food items.They have put taxes on electricity bills, water bills, on baby diapers…,” he explained.Jagdeo told the gathering that winning City Hall is very important since the People’s National Congress, now APNU, has been rapidly declining the state of Georgetown. He promised no increased taxation and better transparency and accountability at City Hall if the PPP gains a majority there.He said the PPP is a national party since they are the only political party contesting all of the Local Authority Areas and has the interest of every Guyanese at heart. He noted that their list of candidates are diverse and every one of them resides in the constituency which they are contesting and would have decided to enter into the race on the PPP’s ticket after they saw the lack of development in their communities.CandidatesThe candidates who presented their plans for their respective constituencies were Mohammed Isfehani (Constituency One), Nalissa Ferguson (Constituency Two), Dimitri Ali (Constituency Three), Patrick De Santos (Constituency Four) and Dion Younge (Constituency Five).Delivering a fiery speech was Younge who is contesting the Sophia/Liliendaal/ Turkeyen/Pattensen area. He noted that under the PPP/C Administration, Sophia was scheduled to be developed but the APNU/AFC Administration just halted all of those developmental plans. He said the US$30 million that was set aside for Sophia’s infrastructural development under the PPP Administration is yet to be touched by this Government, while the living conditions of residents there continue to deteriorate.Collectively, all the candidates promised transparency and accountability if elected to serve on the Council. Additionally, they are campaigning on the promise of no parking meters, no taxation, citizen’s involvement, job creation and better infrastructure.last_img read more

Senior Canucks looking to help family of young leukaemia patient

first_imgDAWSON CREEK, B.C. – The Dawson Creek Canucks are trying to do their part after a young member of their community was diagnosed with leukaemia. Two year old William Robillard is currently undergoing treatment in Vancouver and the hockey team will be making a financial contribution to help with the family’s trips to and from the city.During the Canucks home game against the Spirit River Rangers on January 14 a portion of the admissions will be donated to the family which will be hosted at the game, and donations will also be accepted for anyone attending that would like to contribute.A Facebook post on the team’s official page was made to garner support and Canucks player and board of directors member Lincoln Carriere said the response has been outstanding so far.- Advertisement -“I didn’t expect it to do what it has but lots of people have gotten behind the family and are willing to help out. I’ve got some phone calls today from people out of town looking to donate because of what we posted. If any of us were in the same situation and someone wanted to help we’d definitely appreciate it so I think it’s fair we only do something to kick start something for this family,” he said.Various items will be put up for auction at the game where the funds will go to the family, and players and members of the club’s executive will be making contributions as well.last_img read more

Healthy Living

first_imgBusy lifestyles made up of long commutes and even longer days at work don’t keep San Fernando Valley residents from enjoying the Good Life. From moonlit hikes at local parks to reading programs at area libraries, there are plenty of ways to stay physically and mentally fit in the Valley, not to mention a wide range of opportunities to volunteer and help the young and old in your neighborhood. Casey and Andrea Brown walk their dog Blue through blooming wild mustard at Woodland Hills Recreation Center.. Photo by Michael Owen Baker / Staff Photographer AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORE‘Mame,’ ‘Hello, Dolly!’ composer Jerry Herman dies at 88160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgA man charged with false imprisonment and criminal damage at a house in Kilmacrennan is to have his case heard at the circuit court in December.Cathal Dobbin of Canal Quay, Coalisland, Co Tyrone, is also charged with assault causing harm at 6 Chapel View on February 6th last.Letterkenny District Court heard the book of evidence in the case had now ben served on Mr Dobbin, 27. The case was adjourned until the next sitting of the circuit court which begins on December 8th next.MAN CHARGED WITH FALSE IMPRISONMENT AT KILMACRENNAN HOUSE was last modified: September 21st, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Cathal Dobbindonegalkilmacrennanlast_img read more

Warriors Wednesday: This team is on a different level right now

first_imgThe first Warriors Wednesday of the year comes off one of the most enthralling weeks of regular-season basketball the Warriors have played in years. This team hasn’t just re-established itself as … When the idea for Warriors Wednesday — a weekly video segment that would break down the last week of Warriors basketball — was pitched to me, I was a bit skeptical.After all, would enough happen in a week to justify anyone watching the video?That, of course, was a stupid thing to think.last_img read more

Tough tests to come for Oakland Athletics in postseason pursuit

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — Rarely does the Bay Bridge series carry too much weight. The late-season meeting point for this round, though, adds a bit more oomph than in years past.Symbolically, the first two games act as a check-in point, of sorts. Both Bay Area teams meet at various stages of both likely and unlikely postseason runs, the local battle a test, of sorts, to see who’s for real.For the A’s, though, this trip across the bridge is a gateway to an absolute gauntlet. Oakland took on Madison …last_img read more

Mars Red-Faced Without Water

first_imgThe Martians are singing How dry I am.  Scientists have a new explanation for how Mars turned red without water: it’s just dry dust tumbling in the wind.  This new hypothesis was announced by Live Science, Science Daily, New Scientist, and, based on a presentation at the European Planetary Science Congress last week.1     This has been dubbed a “surprising” new theory.  Why?  Because for many years scientists thought that water was required to rust the iron in the rocks.  Lab experiments at the Aarhus Mars Simulation Laboratory in Denmark have shown that quartz grains mixed with magnetite in a tumbler turn red in a few months as the surfaces wear down and oxygen atoms bind to the magnetite, forming reddish hematite.  Because hematite is deep red in color, it doesn’t take much of it to color the dust red.  These experiments do not rule out water on Mars; they just remove water as a requirement for staining the surface red.    If this is the source of the redness on Mars, it has implications for the age of the surface. said, “since the process can occur relatively quickly, it could be that the thin red layer of dust on Mars is somewhat new.”  How new?  Jonathan Merrison said “millions of years instead of billions of years.”  His experiments, though, reduced the sand grains to dust in just seven months, and they turned red quickly when magnetite was added.1.  Merrison, Gunnlaugsson, Jensen and Nornberg, “Mineral alteration induced by sand transport; a source for the reddish colour of Martian dust,” Icarus (in press, published online 9/12/2009), doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2009.09.004.The moyboys should be red-faced (moyboys: those recklessly spouting claims about “millions of years, billions of years”).  Not only does this potentially undermine the astrobiologists’ hopes for water on Mars, it casts doubt on whether the surface is really billions of years old.  Remember, even 100 million years is a tiny fraction of the assumed age of the solar system (A.S.S.).  What color was Mars before?  Yellow?  Green?  Purple?  Why are we seeing the tail-end of a rapid process if Mars dried up billions of years ago and its sand grains have been tumbling around for eons?  The truth is, they just don’t know.  They weren’t there.  The fact that a hypothesis this radical can upset everything previously believed about a planet should give one pause before accepting the next moyboy pronouncement on faith.(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

More Early Man Troubles (Again)

first_imgBones have a way of whacking the stories made up about them.Several problems have come up in the news about human evolution.Homo naledi: John Hawks is frustrated that nobody has settled on a date for this South African cave dweller. The latest guess is 912,000 years, but that’s too young for many, given its supposedly primitive state. If it really lived that late, according to Charles Q. Choi on Live Science, paleoanthropologists will have to change their picture of human evolution. It would mean early Africa was a melting pot of species that lived around the same time, not one species evolving to replace another on the advance to modernity. This is not an exact science, mind you:Collard said he expected this new age estimate would draw a lot of skepticism from other scientists. “Their skepticism will be entirely understandable,” he said. “Even now, I remain a bit skeptical about it. I think it’s well-enough supported to put it out there, but I’m not about to bet my house on it. That said, I think it’s worth the field pondering the implications for our understanding of human evolution if the age estimate is about right and H. naledi is around a million years old.”Homo floresiensis: Evidence that modern humans were using fire on the same island as the famous “hobbit” humans only 41,000 years ago tosses new confusion into the picture in Indonesia. The “rather unexpected” finding, according to PhysOrg, might help explain why the hobbits disappeared, assuming the moderns drove them to extinction. But why modern, physically and mentally capable people would limit themselves to a life of building campfires from 41,000 years ago to 24,000 years ago without making cities and farms remains a conundrum (see 6/10/16). 17,000 years of that kind of simple life is longer than all recorded human history from villages to the space age.Homo sapiens in Borneo: A specimen found in a Borneo cave is “full of surprises,” PhysOrg writes. Why? “A new study of the 37,000-year old remains of the ‘Deep Skull’ – the oldest modern human discovered in island South-East Asia – has revealed this ancient person was not related to Indigenous Australians, as had been originally thought,” the article says. That’s surprise one. “The Deep Skull was also likely to have been an older woman, rather than a teenage boy.” That’s surprise two. In fact, the bones look like the people of Borneo today. So other than getting the gender, age, and relations wrong, is everything else hunky-dory? “Our analysis overturns long-held views about the early history of this region.”On The Conversation, Robert Foley from Cambridge asserts that “we have been looking at human evolution the wrong way.” Who’s we, paleface? you might be asking, looking at the photo of a museum ape-man at the beginning of his piece.Understanding exactly how and why humans evolved is clearly one of the most important goals in science. But despite a significant amount of research to date, these questions have remained a bit of a mystery. Of course, there is no shortage of theories – it has even been suggested that humans are just visiting aliens. However, most of the credible models tend to take something that is unique to humans – such as language – and show how all the other bits of being human derive from that.So does Foley have a better theory to offer? Not really; his ideas are a hodgepodge of gradualism, mosaicism and cooperation. He thinks most of our ancestors were small folk. “We may picture our ancestors as rugged versions of ourselves, tall and strong, but they were not,” he claims. “We need to start thinking of them as creatures that were as unique as ourselves, but in different ways.” If we need to “start thinking” of them differently, it implies we (that is, anthropologists) “have been thinking” of them incorrectly. His conclusion: more research is needed.Why do we listen to these guys? They keep changing their stories. They don’t know what they are talking about. The long ages are concocted to keep Charlie’s story going, facts or not.Collard wants us to be skeptical, so be skeptical. Take a look at the record book. It makes perfect sense. People don’t sit around in caves for hundreds of thousands of years. They spread out and achieve great things. It’s what we do today; it’s what humans have always done. (Visited 58 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more