TwoHeaded Sharks Are Freaky And Researchers Are Seeing More

first_img Watch: Great White Shark Feasts on Dead Whale in Cape Cod BaySurfer Lands on Massive Shark, Gets Bitten at Beach in Florida Stay on target If two-headed sharks look and sound bizarre to you, unfortunately, it’s something you may want to get used to. Not only are they real, but they’re becoming more and more ubiquitous, according to researchers.National Geographic published a piece a couple of days ago on November 5th stating that two-headed sharks are, in fact, real, and there are a whole lot more of them discovered here and there. Many seem to be relegated to embryos or infant sharks, but there have been several recorded instances of adolescent sharks as well.The blue shark seems to be the species most likely to spawn two-headed offspring because female blue sharks can carry up to 50 babies at once. Unfortunately, there’s not much to explain the phenomenon further beyond overfishing being a cause of some genetic abnormalities such as these bizarre two-headed beasts.This isn’t a new trend, however. It seems it can all be tied back to 2008, when a fisherman caught a two-headed blue shark embryo while fishing off the coast of Australia, and the instances sort of spiraled out of control from there. Following that incident, a group of fishermen in Florida in 2013 gutted a Bull shark to find a two-headed shark fetus in its uterus.It seems that the shark population is dwindling down, and that means the gene pool is shrinking as well. This gives way to a higher risk of genetic abnormalities, like one-eyed sharks or the two-headed creatures we’ve been seeing so much of lately.Of course, there are those who say this isn’t a growing trend at all: Dr. Felipe Galván-Magaña, for instance. The rising numbers of two-headed sharks reflect, in his opinion, the fact that there are simply new and more numerous scientific journals to publish these findings in.Whatever the case may be that’s bringing us more of these unfortunate abnormalities; one thing’s for sure: they sure are creepy.last_img

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