Browser bug turns Galaxy S3 into a data hog

first_imgThe Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most popular Android phones ever made, but it’s not without its flaws. Like the one discovered by UMass Amherst researchers in the GS3’s default browser.It turns out the Galaxy S3 can get a little overambitious and download piles of excess data when it’s surfing the web. How much, exactly? The team noted in its research paper that Wikipedia’s Internet Explorer page generally requires about 600KB of data to be downloaded. On the GS3, the number climbed to around 2.1MB.That’s not exactly the kind of behavior you want to encourage when you’re browsing against a data cap. A few too many page loads and you could be staring down a massive data overage charge at the end of the month.To make things worse, all the extra activity from the Galaxy S3’s browser is adversely affecting performance, too. As you can see from the Amherst chart, the GS3 browser makes a ton more HTTP requests than any of the other browsers tested. That leads to slow page loads — and breakage when some of those requests inevitably time out.So what’s causing this data leakage? The Galaxy S3 browser supports an HTML image attribute called srcset. It’s still a draft spec, but it’s been proposed as a way to help designers more easily deliver properly-sized images to different screens.In theory, browsers that support srcset should be able to figure out what they need to download given their situation. The Galaxy S3 browser, it appears, is having a bit of difficulty on that front.How do you avoid the GS3 browser data bug, then? Simple. Download pretty much any other Android browser from Google Play, like Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin.last_img

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