HP launches Pavilion 14 Chromebook for 330

first_imgThe HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook was leaked just a few days ago when the company accidentally posted a PDF to its website. Today, the laptop was officially launched and it’s now the largest Chrome OS system you can buy. How much does it sell for? HP has priced the Pavilion 14 Chromebook at $329.99 and it will go live on HPdirect.com later today.So far, Chromebooks from Acer, Samsung, and Lenovo had been launched with 11 or 12-inch displays. The 14-inch display on the Pavilion will certainly be an attractive feature for some shoppers, but it might also be a negative. It requires more juice to run, and that limits the Pavilion 14’s appeal as a portable.With a battery that can provide  just over four hours of untethered use, the Pavilion 14 doesn’t offer the kind of all-day life that Google touts as one of the cornerstones of the Chromebook computing experience. One other aspect of Chromebooks Google has been bullish about is portability. The Pavilion 14 doesn’t stand out there, either. It’s pretty much exactly the same weight (four pounds) and thickness as its Windows cousins.And at $329, the Pavilion 14 isn’t substantially cheaper than some of HP’s similarly-sized Windows laptops. For an extra $70, shoppers wind up with a 14-inch notebook that can run way more than Chrome apps and a browser. They’d also score twice as much RAM and a 500GB hard drive to store files on, all while not giving up a significant amount of battery life — or perhaps even gaining a few extra minutes.While it’s difficult to imagine the average consumer being very interested in the Pavilion 14, schools certainly might be. The $329 price tag will be more attractive to IT administrators who need a slew of easy-to-maintain systems to roll out to, say, an entire grade level at a middle or high school.More at Google Chrome Bloglast_img

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