Corning gives us incredible look at a glassfilled future

first_imgTechnology companies like making futuristic concept videos. Though we’d prefer to see them pour their resources into making the most amazing products that they can today, it’s always fun to see talented videographers’ concepts of what future devices could look like. Many companies have been known to produce these imagination-inspiring clips, including Corning, Microsoft, and even Apple (back in the 80’s).One of the most famous of those conceptual videos, Corning’s A Day Made of Glass, was released about a year ago. The company has now issued a sequel. It continues along the same lines as the original, so be prepared for touchscreens everywhere. Everything from transparent tablets to touchscreen bathroom mirrors are covered. There’s even a wall-sized multitouch classroom “chalkboard.”All of that sounds a lot like the original, but one of the biggest additions to A Day Made of Glass 2 is the use of augmented reality. In one of the most memorable scenes, children are visiting a national park, and enjoy watching augmented dinosaurs roaming around them. They even hold up their tablets to scan a footprint, and discover the breed of deer that left it.Another big addition to Corning’s follow-up is the use of 3D mid-air projections. Of all of the technologies used in the video, this is probably the one that we’re the farthest away from. If we do ever get to the point when we can project high-res images in empty space, then Corning has some great practical uses in mind. At one point in the vid, a doctor gets a real-time projected scan of a patient’s brain while he lies on the table. The doc simply flicks the scan into the air and it hovers over the table for further examination.Of course it’s easy to hire talented artists to cook up anything we can dream of, and say “look — it’s the future!” The technology of 30 years from now will make what we’re using today look primitive, but we have no way of knowing exactly what it will look like. Corning wants it to all be glass, Microsoft wants it to all be Metro, and any future videos we see will also be reflections of the companies’ ideals.You can see the original A Day Made of Glass from 2011 below:last_img

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