Fans of Sesame Street TV show to get lesson in peacemaking from

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO OF PROGRAMME On Thursday, the Secretary-General visited Sesame Street studios in New York City to tape a segment in which he arrives on the scene just as the show’s characters – Elmo and his friends – get into an argument over whose turn it is to sing the alphabet song. Stepping in as a mediator, Mr. Annan brought the dispute to an end by showing the value of compromise and they all agreed to sing the alphabet song in unison.After the taping, the Secretary-General was asked by a reporter about the reasons that prompted him to make time in a very demanding schedule – especially under the current circumstances – to appear on Sesame Street.”I think it is wonderful to be able to reach the young, and reach them very early, and try to give them the spirit of the United Nations – a spirit of understanding, sharing and working together,” Mr. Annan said. When Elmo broke in to add, “and love,” the Secretary-General agreed, stressing, “and love, and peace.” Asked if children had to be aware about world events, including war and terrorism, the Secretary-General said: “I think it is important for kids to know what was going on in the world, but we have to explain it to them. We have to get them to understand why these terrible things are happening, and what we have to do to avoid them, and be sensitive to what we should teach them, so that when they grow up they don’t make some of the mistakes that we all consider are abominable and awful behaviour.” The Secretary-General taped the Sesame Street segment – which is expected to air in February – as he was preparing to leave for Oslo, Norway, where he will accept the Nobel Peace Prize on Monday.

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