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exhausted by World War II, sprawling biography of the silent film star Charlie Chaplin. the two legislators asserted they were devoted soldiers of the Congress party and cannot be bought. Harish Rawat. Even the so-called "Bharat Mata" concept is a repackaged and renamed version of Mother Bengal of Abanindranath Thakur? File image of Madras High Court Wikimedia Commons Now all of this can hopefully be erased from public memory via NCERT in times to come but as of now these facts exist in the public domain for verification To the chagrin of many both Chattopadhyay and Thakur have already made their respective marks and passed away hence they can’t be included in committees or given election tickets so that they can revise what they have already created It is unfortunate that non-Bengalis have taken as their touchstone of patriotism and motherland love a song that is not about their motherland but about a land where the major part is now known as Bangladesh That reflects a serious lack of imagination If that was not enough the high court has now decided that Tamils must demonstrate their patriotism and loyalty to the Indian Union by singing paeans to undivided Bengal and hence Bangladesh That must be a very weird test or demonstration of patriotism for one’s own homeland — especially so when the court in its judgment insists that they also sing a Hindi-pronunciation corrupted version of the song written by Chattopadhyay As is clear from the Madras High Court’s order it recognises that the song itself is not widely known in Tamil Nadu and for the song to be widely known in Tamil Nadu it has to be in Tamil Note how when the issue is about actually getting people to know something as opposed to excluding people from it Hindi becomes irrelevant in Tamil Nadu If the Madras High Court recognises this how come the Union government offices and institutions in non-Hindi states insist on Hindi I do not expect the Madras High Court to pass any order making the dominant non-Hindi language of a non-Hindi state mandatory in Union government offices of a non-Hindi state Courts are part of a system and do not stand outside the system The same court that has directed a Tamil version for Bande Mataram has not showed much inclination to make Tamil the language of the Madras High Court Neither has the Madras High Court ever directed the Union government to produce an official Tamil version of the Constitution of India without which there is no concept of a “national song” The priorities of the Madras High Court are quite clear Incidentally the official English translator of Bande Mataram the revolutionary turned ascetic Aurobindo Ghosh had called for this very song to be the “National Anthem of Bengal” Bande Mataram is only national when the nation in question is Bengal As of now no one has prosecuted Aurobindo posthumously for treason The court’s job is to give pronouncements according to the laws of the land From which law of the land do these singing frequencies of once a month or Monday/Friday originate What is a valid reason for not singing the song Is the refusal of a Tamil to compulsorily sing praises of Mother Bengal a valid reason The song is in Bangla Which article of the Constitution states that a Tamil must know a certain Bangla song If a Tamil doesn’t know a Bangla song (a Bangla song translated intoTamil is still a Bangla song) or refuses to learn it what article of the Constitution forces anyone to learn Bangla None as far as I know Now if this person is prosecuted is not the person being prosecuted for knowing only Tamil What about those Tamils who are illiterate and only know one spoken language — their mother tongue Why are standards on patriotism then different between Bangla speakers (who sing a song in their language) or a Tamil speaker a literate person or an illiterate one Why are such demonstrations of “patriotism” to be limited to schools given the huge drop-out rates of schools Why only two-days Why not every day Why not every hour or every waking moment Can constant demonstration of “patriotism” ever be a bad thing If so singing of Bande Mataram compulsorily how many times is good and when does it become bad if it is bad at all Why don’t all Indian citizens sing Bande Mataram all the time Why is the site of singing limited to offices What about work sites The domestic help’s worksite is the moneyed person’s home Shouldn’t the domestic help be singing once a month Should the woman carrying a load of cement doing contract work on real estate projects be singing once a month as she unloads May be the court should also pass an order which would direct employers that no salary can be deducted for "National Song singing time" given that most labourers have chunks deducted from their salaries for peeing for too long or arriving five minutes late or being sick like other human beings Should farmers in the arid lands of drought-hit areas and deserts also sing a song about some "Sujola Sufola (water-filled fruit-filled)" mother by taking a break from suicide contemplation What if West Bengalis start singing this song with the actual meaning of the song in mind Will they be prosecuted for partial loyalty to Bangladesh Or will some deeper test of deeper loyalty be devised then And mind you the order says nothing about compulsory singing in courts Prior to 1947 the British wanted natives to compulsorily sing God Save the King/Queen There was a compulsion because natives were not citizens but subjects The Indian Union has been a republic since 1950 How can any man-made Constitution force any citizen to be a certain way mentally as long as that is not causing any harm to any living being What if a person is not too enamoured by Mother India or Mother Bengal What is the kind of ‘love’ that one has to perform under duress You can answer that question The court order makes compulsory the playing and singing of Vande Mataram, “And wishing my INDIA, He got a Super Raid in the 34th minute of the match that put the game further out of the Thalaivas’ reach. 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