Little experience of Taobao clothing station how to promote goods

ha ha every day to keep an article trying to write the article, the idea of his day through the article sorted out. Today is mainly introduced in this period of time for his clothing station ( the promotion of commercial experience, not pay attention to clothing site promotion experience, is a commodity promotion experience, Taobao is how to help the owner of the shop to promote products, get a small part of the commission.

In fact, I think

should have the experience than I should go to the people, the truth or a word, grasp the details, to seize the key, master data, data collection, data analysis, and finally to a practice of every thing to do, you will need to have these steps, if only want to catch the duck on-line, so I said before "gab station links and content importance, there are those just mentioned, in order to obtain a refreshing site, their purpose is not the content, in the rankings, mainly catch the key key a little heat ranking. Such as clothing, they may be published several articles on the clothing of the content using a blog program, then the top pages into Taobao OK, the hold is issued outside the company, free update A few articles, waiting to receive the money.

said today that we don’t do that, what should we do? We will make him good, so that users can continue to look back, I take a women, for example, I want to promote fair maiden dress, so what should I do?

one, may be the first to see the number of his product promotion, to see how everyone is promoted;

two, in order to see how much he is selling, it is best to choose more than 100, so there are a lot of comments on the buyer can view the comments to determine whether this woman is good;

three, the choice of the seller’s shop is the best crown, it is easier for buyers to buy at ease;

four, the Commission at around 10%, if the Commission is too low and we also do well, no income is too high, we are not a good promotion, no income, everyone is money, so it’s not suitable for, or to a more suitable proportion. Another point, if the Commission is too high may not be very good things, the seller is only in order to be able to walk in a short period of time, so fear of affecting the buyer;

five, the choice of women’s price, the price would be best positioned between 100 to 300, the interval is easy to accept, more people buy, if the dress is too much in the Taobao online price gap, recommended to choose to give up;

six, and their best sellers collude with them, take a look at the seller’s attitude is not good, adequate supply, which is conducive to the introduction of


seven, avoid all unsafe and illegal products;

eight, the best time to choose the product to see if the seller can sell this product for a long time, if it is sold on the end of the one or two week then we do not have much of a promotional significance.

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