Watch PN always believed in the capabilities of the Maltese – Delia

first_img <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said that the Party has always believed in the capabilities of its workforce, on the occasion of International Workers’ Day.During an interview on International Workers’ Day aired on the party’s TV station, Delia observed how Malta, a small territory, lacked natural resources but has human resources who have achieved a lot both locally and abroad.Interviewed by Sergio Mallia, the PN leader started off that Malta is not built by the Government, which administrates the territory, but by the investors choosing to invest their money in Malta, the employers and above all the country’s workforce. Delia remarked that Partit Laburista has always feared challenges ahead mentioning that the PL was against Malta seeking its independence from the British Empire and later the country’s accession to the EU. He then commented that both events have a running theme, that of the Malta showing trust in itself.He reiterated that the PN has always been the party which stood for businesses, self-employed, SMEs and workers.‘Surplus… not equally distributed’Delia explained that the businesses which are now doing well were set up during the PN-led administration, however the current PL-led administration failed to diversify the economy and create new sectors. Delia further said that the wealth generated was not equally distributed and was not reaching everyone.Describing the cheques as an ‘insult’, when one factors in the amount people are paying in taxes. He also questioned the timing, describing it as dubious saying that such cheques were only distributed prior to an important event, such as an election. Further the Party leader remarked that a country is not led in such a manner, but requires a long-term plan.Delia also commented on the lack of spending power while comparing the surplus to the cake, he said one’s piece remains the same size, thus proportionally it ends up growing smaller.‘The government destroying farming’Delia claimed that the Government does not care about the Maltese farmers because they do not contribute so much to the economy according to Delia. The Party leader explained the European Union spends a lot of money on agriculture which can be used to assist further local farmers.The party leader stated that the PN wants to help farmers and the agriculture industry in Malta as well as ensuring that local produce is available, contrasting it to the Government policies which take up good agricultural land and destroys it in the process. He recalled meeting a farmer who shared his fears that the industry would come to an end.Environment degradation The PN leader spoke about environment degradation and referred to the statistics which show that the air quality has decreased and respiratory problems have increased. Delia asked whether there is the political will to take up the challenges associated with environment degradation.He observed that the Maltese environment has never suffered as much as it has done over the past few years under a PL-led administration.‘These elections are about EP and local councils’ The PN leader said that these elections were not about Partit Laburista and Partit Nazzjonalista but two elections one to elect representatives to the European Parliament and the other to elect local Councillors on all localities.He explained that the six MEPs will represent both the national party but will also be part of a European political family. Referring to the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats’ (S&D) manifesto for which the PL voted for and which includes references to pro-choice, according to Delia. He also referred to the proposal in S&D’s manifesto on tax harmonization saying if such a proposal would restrict Malta from structuring its taxation system as it deems fit.‘The government plays down the damning reports on Malta’Delia said that experts came to Malta and looked at the country’s system, referring to the Venice Commission report among others. He said that the government tries to play down the significance of such reports. He then spoke of the Government taking hostage key institutions such as the Attorney General and MFSA among others, saying that the PN needs at least 3 MEPs from the party at the EP which would defend Malta in Europe from the government. Delia remarked that the government is in favor of more centralization and therefore becoming more dictatorial, describing the government as hungry and greedy for power.The party is holding a fundraising marathon on Wednesday which will kick off at noon.Video – Facebook / Adrian Delia READ: ‘Economic model adopted by Government is leading to low paid jobs competition’ – PNWhatsApp SharePrintlast_img read more