Game Boy cosplay is actually playable

first_imgSome people love their video games, but others take it to a completely different level and become the game. This is the case with one cosplay aficionado at Ohayocon 2014 who dressed up as a Game Boy. That’s not all — he was a working Game Boy with swappable cartridges and everything.The costume consists of an LCD plastered to the front of the suit right where the Game Boy screen would be, and a Raspberry Pi behind the scenes. The Pi is running the emulation software and accepting input from the buttons mounted on the suit. When cartridges are swapped, the game changes without any intervention from the wearer. He even holds up his hands to prove he’s not controlling anything.You can tell the carts don’t actually have the games on them — Dr. Mario keeps on playing after the cartridge is removed from the back. Only when Tetris is inserted does the Raspberry Pi load up the next ROM. Well, at least the games are made to the proper scale. You have to admire the attention to detail.This same Game Boy fanatic has been experimenting with the handheld costume for the last few years. He’s also seen in a video from Ohayocon 2009 with an earlier version of the Game Boy suit, though it was made from cardboard and used a full-size laptop to run the emulator. This is exactly what the Raspberry Pi was made for.last_img read more